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  1. After nearly 8 years this December of being on this site, I finally got my first gold! <333 Congrats to everyone in the thread, btw. EDIT: Two... This is just strange now.
  2. I Have Caught Way Too Many (And Here Are More.) Each word is its own link. These aren't even all of the nice ones! I just posted the first few I ran across.
  3. IT'S NOT JUST A PHASE MOM (It was so hard to pick just one. And I'm glad you liked that! )
  4. Dark Train. Sounds like it could be a horror film... Fuse with pie!
  5. Geez, these houses are all amazing! I'm starting to not feel as confident about mine anymore! http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/Pollie55
  6. http://dragcave.net/lineage/BkWBA Epic Handcuffs
  7. I love this! This is amazing! Thank you so much, TJ...
  8. Dakaynota turned to look at him. 'Awake already? With those wounds I thought you would have been unconscious for a longer amount of time.You're safe now. Just rest.' Dakaynota walked outside and sat down, deciding it would be good for her to sleep as well.
  9. Once they reached the village, Dakaynota walked over to one of the nearby abandoned houses. 'I hope you don't mind if we watch over him here... the people who live with me are really light sleepers and they've been sleeping little enough as it is.' Dakaynota gently placed Velsor on the floor of the building.
  10. 'I think that's all of them...' Dakaynota backed away to watch as some of the minor wounds slowly began to heal. 'Let's get him back to town.' She began to lift him as gently as possible. 'Come help me!' Telphion was lying in her bed, ready to fall asleep. Strunno was curled up at her feet, trying to take up as little space as possible. "Good night, buddy." Telphion said. "Good nigh, Tel. Tomorrow we begin preparations for tomorrow's journey." Telphion nodded and fell asleep, Strunno just a few seconds behind.
  11. Dakaynota grabbed the pouch tied to her wing and began applying the herbs inside to his wounds as she responded to Karina. 'Really? I thought he enjoyed inflicting physical wounds on himself.' Dakaynota's voice was laden thick with sarcasm. 'Here. Take some of these and put them on any wouunds you find.' She held the bag out to Karina. Strunno turned to Telphion and whispered. "Hey! Why don't we go prove we can be useful?" Telphion brightened up at this. "Yeah!" Telphion looked towards her house and saw her mother sitting out there. She looked like she was asleep, but Telphion knew better
  12. Dakaynota walked a little closer. 'Let's take a look.' Walking closer, she noticed it was indeed a dragon. 'Wait a second... is this Velsor?!' She looked him up and down and noticed many wounds. 'If so, what did he do to himself?' Strunno and Telphion sat under a tree, mopping over the facts about themselves that were just handed to them. "I mean... I won't learn how to fight until I go into battle!" Strunno shook his head. "And just because I can't fly doesn't mean anything! ... does it?"
  13. Dakaynota looked around when she noticed something a little ways away. 'Karina... is that a dragon?' Eledras and Rinee sorted out what members of the Order were going to search and sent most of them on their which places when Strunno and Telphion burst out of the bushes. "Where do we search?" Strunno said, hope gleaming in his eyes. Telphion was beside him looking just as hopeful. Eledras shook her head. "Nowhere. You're staying here." Their faces fell and Strunno's lower lip began to quiver. "B-but why not?!" Eledras looked at the both of them, a no nonsense look upon her face. "A girl
  14. Dakaynota shook her head. 'Beats me... I think whatever it was is over in this direction.' She pointed towards the southeast side of the forest. 'Let's go investigate.'