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  1. Thank you for creating this thread natayah! And now my brief introduction: Who Are You? I am Jennifer (aka: miss1nformation) and I've been here since late 2008. My favorite thing about DC is the large variety of dragons and the awesome members I've had the chance to chat with. My favorite lineages are EGs and creative inbreeding. I also enjoyed themed lineages. I gift because I know that a gift can go a long way, and can even turn a bad day into a good one. I remember the first Shimmer I received was a gift, and I received it on the day I was laid off from what I thought was my dream job (which also happened to be a few days after my birthday, which hadn't been a good day either). So just knowing that someone took the time to extend a friendly offer to me and I didn't have any Shimmers at the time, so it meant all that much more. What is your favorite Threads, Events, Practices, Habits, Tools or anything else when it comes to Gifting and Helping in the world of DC? My favorite thread is the Departures Board (linked in my signature). I enjoy gifting and receiving gifts via that thread. It's full of lots of fantastic people who breed lots of lovely babies for everyone! If you've not given it a look, do yourself a favor and check it out. What advice would you give to people who wanted to become more involved gifters and/or gift more or nicer items than they feel they currently have? Or is there a question you have about Gifting and Helping? Would you like someone you can PM for various ongoing questions related to this? The only advice I can really think of is to remember that just because you don't think what you have to breed is valuable, that doesn't mean someone else will think that. And always be nice to other members, even if they aren't always nice back. Life is too short to be upset by a game of pixels. Is there something you would like to post about for a discussion point for feedback or just an opinion? Can't think of anything right now, but I'm very sleepy. Maybe after I've had a chance to read through the pages I'll have something. Are you thinking about trying something bigger beyond what you do now that involves gifting and want some advice or assistance? I would absolutely love to do a lotto for a baby from the dragon in my signature (though it's first offspring is reserved), but I haven't the time right now. When classes let out for the summer, I'd love some help getting a lotto or two set up! Have you had difficult experiences with gifting and/or helping that you found a way to overcome? Or just an experience you need help overcoming? Can't think of anything right now, but again, I'm very sleepy.
  2. Thanks! I suppose I'll toss it up for "offers" and see what happens as I'm not really in the market for anything.
  3. I have 5 of the old pinks (named after the Pink Ladies from Grease), all CB.
  4. I ordered a mug too (hated to pay that shipping cost...and the price of the mug tbh, don't drink much from mugs), but the Gotham mug was just too cute to pass up! Which ones did you order?
  5. Procrastination is my favorite pastime!
  6. Terribly sleepy, but I really want to watch the first episode of Fuller House before I go to bed.
  7. It's been super windy the past few days. Knocked down some power poles yesterday and we lost power for a few hours (I was at school at the time, but got a notice that we had an outage through our security system). Other than the wind, there's been intermittent "rainy" clouds that have thankfully produced no rain, and it's generally lovely outside (though a little chilly still).
  8. Support + infinity for the original and additional suggestion!
  9. The link in your signature has some extra characters in it. http://%3Dhttp//dragcave.net/lineage/~removed~ It's possible you'll get the egg back. I lost a silver 2nd gen from Chrono a while back and it was returned. Good luck!
  10. Glad to see it's not all teleports in general then. Have you tried it on a different egg, or just the one?
  11. Have you tried giving someone else one of the links to see what comes up for them? When you click on the actions for the dragon you're trying to teleport (not the Magi trying to perform the teleport) does it show available actions or take you to the teleport page? ~*~*~*~*~*~ In regards to the multiple CB prize owners, I didn't realize there were so many (counting the two that were on the burnt scroll). Wow.
  12. I love some shipping! Most of mine are TV, some movies, and Harry Potter. TV Whedonverse Buffy/Angel (OTP)Buffy/SpikeAngel/SpikeAngel/FaithBuffy/FaithXander/AnyaGiles/JennyWillow/Oz (loved Tara, but Willow/Oz was one of my strongest OTPs from that show!) Others - TV Sailor Moon (Usagi Tsukino/Neo-Queen Serenity)/Tuxedo Mask (Mamoru Chiba/Prince Endymion)Brian/Justin - QAFDean/Castiel - SupernaturalBooth/Brennan - BonesHodgins/Angela - BonesStabler/Benson - SVUPeter/Olivia - Fringe Movies Tony Stark/Bruce Banner - MCU (Science Bros! love that even RDJ and Mark R support this ship and even know what it is )Jay/Silent Bob - hetero lifemates Books (HP) Harry/Hermione (HMS Harmony ftw)Harry/Draco (my guilty pleasure)Draco/GinnyRon/Luna
  13. Listening to "What If God Was One Of Us" by Joan Osborne, but I suddenly remembered a song by Jane Child "Don't Wanna Fall In Love" that I plan to skip to next (and then probably skipping to "I Touch Myself" by the Divinyls). Listening via Spotify. I miss the songs of my childhood/teen years!
  14. It looks like you have URL's attached to each one of the banners. Since they all go to the same place, you could remove all but one of them and just have the URL encompass the entire set. And that one URL you can shorten using something like is.gd or another tiny URL generator. I think the only way you'd be able to get them all into your signature would be to shorten the URL on all of the image links as well as the thread URL. And even that might not work since there are so many. But by shortening the URLs of the ones you do want to use, you can fit the maximum amount in while still pointing back to the credit/origination thread.
  15. This question is regarding prize dragons. I know of one user who won the prize dragon lotto twice. Were they the only one or were there more? Not looking for names of any player(s) who won multiple times (at least not publically anyways, but privately I'd be happy to know if such a person/s exist), just curious if it happened more than once? Thanks!
  16. Misread a PM yesterday. Thought it said a 3G EG Val '09 from a Purple Nebula checker, but it was the Purple Nebula from a Val '09 checker that they're after. It's not a big deal, but I got all excited when I finally traded for the 3G Val, only to realize I'd goofed and the breed I need isn't a holiday at all.
  17. I may be mistaken, but if it's just an offspring (child of) a dragon, killing said child would only be viewable in progeny view or if you were looking at the lineage of the killed dragon. There will be a tombstone to represent the dead dragon. If you were to kill a parent dragon though, that would show up in the child's lineage view.
  18. Because I'm a life-long Panthers fan and we're going to the Super Bowl! #KeepPounding
  19. Thanks for the replies! As for the Lunar Heralds, I think I may try to make my own button of sorts (no rotating images or anything showing the current cycle though). And as for the code writing, that's way over my head I'll figure something out for the scroll stats/link, or maybe I'll just keep it outside of the signature area all together? idk yet
  20. I don't know if this is the right place to ask this (or if there even is a right place??), but I need some help with a signature I am working on. The overall signature will comprise of several blocks pushed together to look like one larger image (see blank template below, I have already obtained permission from the person who did the original style to re-work and use it myself). What I'm wanting to do is to add a link on two of the blocks using an image that will change (the Lunar Herald cycle icon and the scroll stats banner), and I don't know how to do that. I am using Paint Shop Pro X2 (I have PS, but don't like to use it, so please don't suggest I use it). would go here [iM G]http://eatw.net/sig/2/miss1nformation.png[/img] and would go here [iM G]http://leviathan.thorngale.net/lunar/shoko.png[/img] If this isn't the right place, please direct me to the right place to ask about this. Thanks in advance!
  21. This yummy little hatchie was successfully sent to Echithan11 after it somehow wandered back to my scroll after the trade for the Pyro was accepted.