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  1. I have a question. I thought TJ made a post stating that the end of the event the forts would all be repaired before being saved for us on our scrolls. Did I dream this?
  2. I loved the original snow Fort wars and also this one. I prefer the events when we do something rather than traipse all over the event - back and forth and in endless circles. Thank you so much for the extra 4 days. I appreciate them and the effort the crafters went to to make this happen for us. Happy Holidays and have a great New Year!
  3. Thanks, I was checking both areas . I saw one but my computer seemed to stall rats!
  4. I have yet to see the eggs. When are they dropping? I assume in the Halloween habitat.
  5. Have not seen any. I will keep looking and trying. Thanks for the second release!
  6. HEEDLESS, you go to the event choose your puzzle size and then click on the piece you wish to move into the blank puzzle frame and click again when it is where you want. You can pick individual pieces up out of the puzzle by clicking on them and dropping them back where they belong in the inventory or you can clear the entire puzzle by clicking on the put all pieces back in inventory Usually you will have to realign the puzzle pieces - at least some of them to make them fit into the puzzle make a right click while on the piece and it will realign itself. Right click again if you need to turn it again. Keep turning until you like its orientation and drop it where you want it in the puzzle. I chose a small puzzle and ice. Choose what you'd like and try. You can try over and over until you succeed. Some people are great at this. Me not so much, but practice allows you to win. You can do another puzzle after turning one in and waiting 15 minutes. Good Luck!
  7. I don't see the eggs! Eep! Where are they?
  8. I just love the Holiday events. Thank you to all who make it possible. The eggs look gorgeous. I hope I will like the hatchlings and adults equally well. Merry Christmas! and Seasons Greetings to all of you fellow Dragon Cave fans!
  9. Thank you to all who made this Halloween event possible. I enjoyed it more than I have any other event in quite awhile. It appeals to my likes as did the Snow Fort and cave with a pool event where we collected items. I don't do well traipsing all over the site trying to find items or people as we have been doing a lot lately. So I am very happy with this event. Thanks to all of you.
  10. If it is breed only, How might that work? Thanks for the info.
  11. Okay I have had issues with my computer and it seems the site has been having issues also. When did the lovely greens appear in the caves? Are the new eggs uncommon common rares or what? When does that info usually appear? I saved 2 spots on my scroll, but then my computer decided it didn't want to catch any more eggs on Saturday. The few times I managed to get on DC since then I haven't seen any new eggs. Can anyone bring me up to date on the September egg info that isn't in the lovely info provided by Bella and repeated by Ghost? Thanks!
  12. Why can't I do this blasted game. I have yet to do the post office thing and deliver to Gladys I caught 5 cats but the 6th one is escaping time and time again I managed to do the sled race in 17 in seconds Nothing else. Sighs. I can't manage to do these things. I liked the snow fort event and trimming the Christmas tree. I could do those and enjoyed it, especially the snow fort. Next year could we have an event geared for those who like me have problems doing these follow the directions and do quest events. Not everyone is enamored of games like this one or the Minecraft thing which was also an exercise in frustration for me. I look forward for months to these events and get so frustrated when I can't do them. Not everyone is good at video games of any sort. Please! To me this is a week of frustration. I can't even manage to follow the cheat sheets. Sighs. People in charge and artists - I love the eggs. They are beautiful. I know the event took a lot of time and planning but between my very bad luck with games like this and the glitches and time lag. Argh. Thank you for trying to give all of us a wonderful week. I know many people are joyful and happy with the game and everyone seems to like the eggs. So my thanks for your work. I know it took a lot of time effort and brilliant thinking and careful work. It is just me, my no see it brain and clumsy fingers and lack of computer skills. Thanks you.
  13. Hopefully I'll manage to pick up a few soon. Thanks for a September release of 2. They look awesome.
  14. The Biome Background art is awesome. Thank you. I have missed the original pink dragons and frills. It is great to see themlively once more. I can't wait to see everything else when I get lucky. Another birthday/anniversary celebration. Has it really been 10 years?
  15. Thought I'd forgotten, well it is mine.