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  1. 5 hours ago, olympe said:
    5 hours ago, Astreya said:


    There was a "foreign country report" on n-tv yesterday where they showed the situation  in the US and a doctor in an overwhelmed hospital in either Florida or Texas said something along the line that he considered his country people so stupid that he didn't know how they managed to survive their everyday life.

    It was Texas, according to what my mom told me. (She currently watches news channels a lot.)

    i wonder how people manage their every day life here too sometimes.


    1 hour ago, Daydreamer09 said:

    Thankfully my workplace hasn't had any scenes with stubborn customers.

    if we've had any scenes, i wasn't working when they happened.....

  2. i know, right?


    on my way home from the dentist (mind you it's a few counties over) i got all these pop-up showers on one of the highways north.  home from the dentist is basically north for a little bit, and then west for another little bit, this was on the north route there were about 4 pop-up showers.  it was fun XD 

  3. so i posted this in another thread yesterday - 


    i work in retail, and i've been told that i can mention to customers about their masks if they're not wearing it over their nose, but be gentle about it.  so i've decided to point to my nose and move my finger downward a little and say "oops, i think your mask slipped?"and point to my nose again.  one guy laughed, joked his nose was too big, but moved it to cover his nose.  i had a lady who, when i mentioned that, gave me a look that said "what does that have to do with the price check i asked for on this item?"  and another lady said she couldn't breathe, and i told her that the masks have a metal strip in them that can fit it around your nose.  but then she says "besides, they're not mandatory."  to which i said, "hmm, i'll have to look that up" - but they ARE mandatory in businesses in my state.  


    i had a scheduled dentist appointment today, really the only extra difference from the last time (aside from the masks) was that they didn't use the sonic scaler or the electric polisher when they cleaned my teeth.  my in-laws are only like 5 minutes from the dentist, but even if i had the time i wouldn't have stopped in - they're 78 and 80; and i work with the public three days a week.


    my county - not sure when these numbers are from, maybe yesterday?

    Total Confirmed Cases: 5,704

    Recoveries: 4,039

    Deaths: 510




  4. 1 minute ago, Lagie said:

    Some people always find things to criticize. Cleaning should be considered a good thing right now.

    agree and agree.  this manager that did the criticizing is very cranky all the time, actually.  and - my co-worker in question has diabetes... so the cleaner the better in her mind.


    fair enough for no fireworks.  i heard a few on the 4th here, but my cats don't seem to mind them, actually.