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  1. Thank you Jazeki. I grabbed the Nebbie for a gift for someone who doesnt have a Thuwed and the black stripe for me...
  2. Oh My Gosh - I just laughed out loud at the Grumpy Cat! Scared my DH out of a sound sleep lolol. He gave me the same look the cat has! Thank you spriters - what a wonderful event! You always make this week so much fun!
  3. I really love the changes to the Holly and the male Horse - and the male Nilia - but I kind of prefer the original sprite to the new female. I loved the old sprite and I kind of wish they'd just flipped it around and kept it for the female. The both the curve of the neck and the back on the new female sprite aren't sitting so well with me. Although - I am not a spriter and it really could be an anatomically correct pose - I think it is just that she seems hunched together. Maybe she's getting ready to put on a burst of speed or pounce though. Love the updates over all though!
  4. This - and I have to say, I love the new Heralds - but I also love that I've been able to finally catch some Xenos and other uncommons on my own. Before this release, I had a really hard time with the Xenos because I completely missed the initial drop. I love that the Herald's release has been kind of easy. Yes, we have the 'brain teaser' portion and the first day of the Bronze drop was challenging - but we've all been really able to catch our fill of each color. I am glad to have some variation in types of rotational dragons... I love that the Seasonals change -but that only happens 4 times a year. This is great because it happens several times a month. I do get why people are frustrated. I'm spending far more time on the site than normal and I really, really want those silvers! The good news is that, according to the most popular theory, the new eggs drop around the 21st so you only have another week or so left (counting catching/hatching time). We're almost through it and then life can return to normal. Also - for those upset about the potential to not get new eggs between now and March - remember, TJ has dropped new eggs in October before (outside of Halloween) - the Harvests, for example were an early October release and we still had the Halloween release that year. He may choose to do that yet. If he does, I hope it is a nice and simple one or two egg release (or a Hybrid or new BSA would be cool too!). Speculations aside, I'm happy with this release and so glad the Silvers will be here soon. Since I have my goal of CB Golds - I'll be concentrating on other things if those do drop tonight. I love that I'm not stressed about it because normally, I would be.
  5. This - and remember that the Harvest dragons were released October 10, 2010 - and we had a Halloween dragon that October, as well. The likely-hood is that we wont get another dragon before Halloween - but that doesn't mean that we wont. TJ has been known to throw curve balls before. We are essentially getting 4 new dragons in one with this release - so it may be that TJ counts the bronze/blue/silver variations as September Dragons and drops a new dragon in early October. Maybe, maybe not.
  6. Didn't someone theorize at one point that the drop would be tomorrow night? I thought I read that the New moon phase only lasts about 24 hours and that the eggs change when the New moon changes to the next phase? Please correct me if I'm wrong... I was hoping for tonight because well - these 8pm drop times are hard to schedule around. I just wish we knew what day we would get new ones because I feel like AP hunting and I don't want to re-lock myself, just to have a drop come on.
  7. You're welcome. My hatchie gendered male instead of female (I probably screwed it up, lol) so it worked out well for both of us. I am really thinking I want a blue x bronze lineage - or maybe one with all 4... hmm. This is seriously one of my favorite releases (even with the unpredictable nature of the drops changing - the timing isn't great for me) but I love, love, love the adults. Especially when you scroll past them really fast - their wings do this dragonfly-type-flutter illusion. Really cool.
  8. For predictability's sake, I hope you are right - but I still have an egg or 3 that will hatch late this evening - so I am hoping more that it is a midnight change-over. Ultimately - after these initial releases, I hope the pattern is a 2 week-ish rotation (i.e. all four variations within 2 weeks) so that we have a chance to hoard them a bit before Halloween madness sets in. It is possible if the Golds weren't dropped mid-cycle. I wouldn't whine about a 4 week-ish rotation either because that is easier to track...it just means we wont get as many new babies before the holidays set in. Hmmm... I think these beauties will pair beautifully with many of our Christmas dragons! I want armies!
  9. I don't necessarily think that the next phase will wait until the Bronzes grow up - but I doubt that TJ would release the new phase until at least the first portion of flood eggs has a chance to hatch. There were 4 days between the Golds and Bronzes so I'm hoping that we wont see new eggs before tomorrow night.
  10. I sincerely hope that the Fates (TJ in this case) wouldn't be so cruel as to finally release a flood of the Bronzes to immediately turn around and release the Blue or Silver variations. If he did, the Bronze flood would then be pointless... It took me forever to catch my 7 so they hatch over the next 2 days. I'd like to hope it will be Saturday night before the next batch releases. I had more miss-clicks with this release than ever (and I do mean ever)... but when I finally got the Bronzes - it was really satisfying - like YES! That said - I wouldn't want to have that stress at every release. LadyL - these are beautiful and every time I settle on a favorite, I end up liking another variation even more!. Also, I love the back story and although I get why they aren't, I do wish they were more trusting. Seriously - rodent eating, ethereal, magical dust-radiating dragons would be a welcome addition to my household! I have enough squirrels in my neighborhood to keep a small family group happy for years! Edited for grammar. Ugh!
  11. I am really hoping (REALLY REALLY) that the eggs simply follow moon phases (one per) and that the phases do not separate. I.e. one egg color each week(ish) per month. All this talk of one moon waning while the other is waxing and the possibilities of which eggs are available when makes my head hurt (I get it - I understand how lunar phases work - it is the correlation of those phases and what it could mean for egg rarity that I'm not thrilled with.) I missed the Xeno release and I've only ever managed to catch/trade for a breeding pair of each since. I don't want eggs that hard to catch right now. I am hoping (given that Holiday releases are right around the corner) that we don't have overly difficult eggs to catch. I love the idea of different eggs being available at different times of the month - but I just don't want it over-complicated. I do wonder whether the eggs will switch color on the day of the next lunar phase or if it will be on the day following the end of the current lunar phase. (For example - the Earth's moon will switch from Waning Gibbous to Last Quarter on the 5th of September and then Waning Crescent starts on the 6th). If Valkemare's moons follow the same phases as Earth's moon (again - big assumption I know), will the new egg colors switch on the 5th or the 6th? And, if the new egg colors don't switch until the new phase, will those 'between days (last quarter/new moon/full moon etc) have no eggs or continue with the current color egg? See - I wanted simple, lol. Edit for spelling.
  12. Ohhhh - I love these hatchies! I hope that they will change weekly like the Earth's lunar phases and that they'll be fairly easy to grab. I have tons of ideas for them already! I love the rainbow wings - absolutely beautiful. The 3am drop time is difficult for those of us that love sleep - but I prefer the night-time drops to mid-day so I wont complain lol. Having kids and their sports etc, days are devoted to them so I am very glad that we've rotated back to night-time drops, at least for a while. So long as these stay as easy to get - I'm going to be a happy hoarder!
  13. I love stripes! I will give this one a good home. Thank you!
  14. Thank you! I love this and will take good care of it.
  15. Oh my stars... All the stages are beautiful, but that brightest coloration is phenomenal. Absolutely my favorite coloring of any dragon we have! Such amazing work!!! I wish that they would change hourly throughout the day so I could see that coloration more often - but I'll take what I can get.
  16. Yay! Thanks for the new release! I missed the last one completely and I'm still trying to get a CB breeding pair of each of the Xenos so I'm thankful that there seems to be one species this time. . I was able to nab my 6 (and a miss-click) on the 5 minute drops so I hope everyone is able to grab theirs without too much trouble.
  17. I missed the original release due to family and work commitments and I have never, ever had so much trouble hunting eggs. I came on last evening to find the new eggs and I've seen 2 papers, 3 Cheeses, 2 Coppers, a gold and silver and a Leetle Tree... but I have only managed to grab 2 pygmies and one each of the others - after the better part of 12 hours. I normally go with the flow and accept if things are more challenging but it seems there is something strange going on. In the last hour, I've seen one pygmy and nothing either the Forest or Dessert. I just want a breeding pair of each so I hope it re-balances itself at some point. I'd hate for these to go so rare like the Coppers did...
  18. Thank you. I love the waterhorse! It will have a good home!
  19. Thank you so much!!! This is my favorite feature so far! I've slacked on updating/naming lately because the sorting process took so long! I love, love, love, love, love it!!! Is there a limit to the number of dragons we can move at once? Just curious (definitely not a complaint!)
  20. I was able to get all 7 of mine in under an hour between 1pm ET and 2pm ET - focusing on the 5 minute drops (I ended up missing the first 15 minutes of the release due to a cranky 2 year old that wouldn't take his nap...) While I still prefer the midnight releases (that time is my own and i don't have family obligations to juggle in with releases or worry about whether I will even be home)... so my vote goes for staying at midnight. That said, once I was able to get to the release - I didn't have any more problem getting eggs than normal (discounting the fact that I couldn't be here as soon as they started dropping). I didn't notice more lag or a significant difference in how many clicks I missed... To me, it was a normal release, except for the fact that there was daylight outside! Thanks TJ and spriters - the eggs look amazing!
  21. I try to just go with the flow, but since you are trying something new, I assume you want honest feedback. So as a mom with small kids and family obligations, this time (mid day) is actually very hard for me. At midnight, my time is my own, but at 1pm, I belong to the kids lol. If you are taking a poll I vote for midnight...
  22. I love the new dragons and the gifting event - I wish we could have a garden of all the flowers once it is over! If anyone has a dragon head flower to spare, I'd love to have one. I gave all mine away - but that wasn't one I received. Please and thanks! (scroll: smilygirl)
  23. Here's my fort - although it needs some editing. Too busy/too much white, I think.
  24. LOL - I'm still trying to get on the list...I have never managed to be online at the right time! Darn my rotten luck. Congrats to all with the pretty new eggies.
  25. Love these babies! Thank you TJ and Spriters!