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  1. I actually heard about the site on a MUSH (text-based real-time rpg). I heard that someone was giving away bred eggs. I asked about it, they told me the site, and I came here. It took me 2 days to make an account, but after I saw some of the sprites, I just had to have a scroll. Now I have left MUSHes and moved on, but I still play on Dragon Cave, just not as obsessed as I was.
  2. I made one for Pets Galore Spa. Go to http://www.petsgalorespa.net/dragon-cave-tools In the middle of page you will see: Then just enter the female dragon's code and the male dragon's code. Click on Check Lineage. It will show you the lineage of the child from that breeding, with the generic question egg from the cave for said child. It will also tell you at the top whether or not the breeding would produce an inbred child.
  3. Hunting the Cave: 1) Use Firefox. 2) Turn off images and Javascript. 3) Do NOT use an auto refresher. It waits until the page is finished loading before it starts it countdown to refresh. You can refresh faster manually. 4) Put the cursor over the last egg. 5) Refresh like mad. 6) Memorize key words for eggs you want. Go in with only 3-5 eggs you are willing to pick up. Leave anything else behind. Hunting the AP: 1) Use Firefox. 2) Turn off Javascript. 3) Put cursor over top left egg. 4) Refresh like mad. 5) Memorize the looks of the eggs you want. No more than 5. I have yet to catch any CB metallics or blacks, but that is because I haven't seen any when I am hunting. However, using this, I caught probably 15 CB reds and 10 CB whites before Christmas for Christmas breedings. I have also caught dinos, cheese, paper, vines, etc very easily.
  4. Renaming at last! Woohoo! *goes off to rename a bunch*
  5. Um, 2010.01.02 has already passed.
  6. With learning to code, the only real way to learn is to do it and learn how to fix mistakes. It took me years to figure out code on my own, eventually multiple languages. Still, what is given on the first page is a start.
  7. You can start with a free host, but realize that you may get asked to move (or simply shut down) if it starts getting too popular. However, it is a good place to start and to learn. That is how I originally learned to code. Eventually though, I needed to move to paid hosting due to increasing traffic.
  8. In addition to this, I think the simplest way would be to change the background color of the page. Instead of the dark brown now, it could be blue for sea, green for forest, etc. It wouldn't put any extra time into loading the page, but it would be a clear indication of what biome you would be in. My two cents.
  9. I suspect it won't be locked. They just won't be able to give the codes anymore. They can still post when they are abandoned to give people a heads up for when they will show up on the AP. There is the possibility that they will use Teleport and post the trade link. The first person who uses it, gets it. Me personally, I don't use the thread that often. Only once in a great while (like once a year), as I don't breed just to drop usually. I stopped breeding every week. Yet if I wanted to announce a giveaway that wouldn't go the AP, I would post the trade link and the first person that goes to it would get it.
  10. My opinion, don't promise what you can't give. One of my friends promised to give Yulebucks away last Christmas, and they got zero eggs from both dragons. Even with holidays, during their breeding, there is no guarantee that they will produce eggs. Though if you get multiples, not being able to transfer more than one can be upsetting, yes. So I see both sides. You can't control that they will get the egg with the current AP trading either, though. It is quite possible someone else will grab it first, especially with holiday lag.
  11. Well, all I can say is that it worked on my personal site, but not on PGS. The API access works though. So maybe he actively blocked out sites with not API access from scraping? Still, for someone starting a Hatchery, I wouldn't suggest it as an only option. Sorry, that is what I was trying to mean. Edit: Since that made little sense, the scraping I tried before I got API access and was denied. With the new API, I was given access and haven't tried scraping since.
  12. @Soti I tried page scraping and TJ has blocked all access that way. @Sheriziya No, you do not need to have API access to start a hatchery. You can have them manually enter the codes and someone would have to go in and manually remove them. You won't have any of the neat features of getting a person's dragons by their scroll name, or posting what time they have left, etc. Until recently on Pets Galore, that's how we ran our hatchery and er. People put them in, we had to go in and clean them out at least twice a day, preferably more often. The images you just use the html code for the image and replace the code from the database so the image loads.
  13. I'm not going to say it isn't possible, but personally I would rather start small. Adding things like terrain and such can be done later.
  14. No, I could put in an option that you have to choose whether you will allow those dragons to spar only with other dragons on your scroll. Like having an indoor arena at your stable to practice jumps with horses, except in this case all you are doing is refusing to transport the dragon off to an arena elsewhere. Of course, this could be done on a per dragon basis or a per day basis.
  15. I was thinking just using the current sprites. As for how it would be text-based, the player would have no input except clicking "allow dragon to fight" or something similar. All other text would be generated. One question, should this be allowed to be multi-player (as in one person's dragon against another person's dragon) or within one person's scroll only? If it is to be multi-player, it would be easier to code to where you click "allow dragon to fight", it is entered into a system and matched randomly with another dragon in its range. That way the human has no choice on which dragon fight which. I would even prefer this if it were on one person's scroll only. What I mean by range is like Beginner, Intemediate, Advanced, Expert. The more battles the dragon wins, the higher their range. So like 1-10 is Beginner, 10-30 is Intermediate, 31-60 is Advanced, and 60+ is Expert.
  16. Can't see the link, since it says it was blocked. Strange since I'm in the US.
  17. Seasonals could have seasonal magic. Spring = pollen attack, Summer = monsoon rains, Autumn = idk, Winter = blizzard.
  18. I think at the very least the dragon images would need to be used. So you could see black X red results, with their names under their images. No new images should have to be made though. It could worse or better. It really is up to you guys how to take that. I would say humans had technology the dragons couldn't defend against, like guns. That doesn't rule out magic though, so... *shrug*
  19. Well, since I am thinking about how to code this, I can say it will NOT be like Pokemon and it WILL be optional. Unless TJ overrides me of course. I got out of Pokemon when they came out with the next set after Red, Blue, and Yellow. This is supposed to be for fun, not as a chore.
  20. I would go through the list of dragons and look at their descriptions. When I went through my dragons, I found only 5 breeds that had some sort of fighting in their descriptions. Blacks, Storms, Magi, Red, and I forgot the other. There are others that would fight, but wouldn't move, like the Vine. Other specifics: What type of combat stat system should be used? Strength, Endurance, Dexterity, Speed, Intelligence, etc. What would the base stats of each fighting breed be? Blacks have 40/100 Strength, 2/100 Speed, etc. How much would you be able to "train" each stat by "battling"? Blacks could train Strength to 80/100 but only 10/100 in Speed, etc. What would happen when a dragon's stats are maxed out? For that didn't fight, what about some type of training in dragon games? Flying races? Land races? Would these be based on a Speed stat? A lot of questions, and there are still more that I can think up, but these are a start.
  21. Just requoting this, even if we discuss this, TJ09 stated here "3rd party" which means we need someone to do this. We can talk all day about how we're doing it, but we need to find someone who can do it. I know. Unfortunately, I don't know how to access the API at the moment. The only access I have is to petsgalorespa.net, but I know how to code and could do something. However, it is kind of hard to code something without knowing what you are going to be doing. I need more specifics actually. I have just been waiting to ask specific questions to see how well it was going to go over first. If you would like me to ask, let me know and I'll come up a bunch of questions.
  22. I understand the reason, but those dogs used in dog fights are usually raised for the purpose, or injured prior to the fight to make them aggressive. I only know from what I have seen on the net and tv. As it is, I watch my cats like a hawk to make sure they are just playing and not fighting. My opinion though is that the not-so-intelligent dragons may actually want to fight more, and not necessarily in an arena-like environment, because they don't know any better. It doesn't necessarily apply to dragons on a scroll since I am assuming the "owner" would've raised the dragon to at least stop aggression on command. I think of the these dragons like dealing with a 2 year old constantly. Always testing the limits, and always needing to be watched. Wild dragons on the other hand, may not know any better. (Re: Random Tangent: Imagine just the amount of food and poo! rofl)
  23. It may be simple sounding, but may take a while to code. Someone said those that weren't as intelligent would be less likely to fight. I have to disagree. I would say that those that are less intelligent would be more likely to fight. I mean we don't fight as often because we talk it out. However, a lot of animals fight for dominance, usually the males. In many cases, it is a fight to the death, or ends in death from infection later. Of course, usually it based on age. The older animals get beat out. Anyways, this is going to take some thought. I have been working on other code for my site. The fewer the stats, the easier it is code wise. Fodder for discussion.
  24. I wouldn't like this as a BSA. Currently all BSAs affect dragons in some way, usually with the eggs and hatchlings. A battle system should not affect the core game of collecting dragons in some way. I would equate it to a lineage. I ignore lineages, so if you don't want to battle, just ignore it. This was my second idea. However, I won't be able to truly formulate any plan until after Christmas. Though it will have to be in short steps. Possibly implement something where black dragons on your scroll can battle each other as a test. Battle, as in hone skills. The only thing I can say I had in mind was a win or lose would be based on skill but also on a random. So there would be a chance, like 2%, that a new dragon could beat a skilled dragon on the first try. As well, the spars would only be for stats. Each breed would have to have their own base stats that you could then "improve" but only to an extent. Like a black might be able to train "strength" 50% over base, but speed could only be trained 10%. Oh, and you couldn't spar/train again for at least 1 day, which could also be randomized. Edit: There are some that mentioned it might lag DC. If there is a way to put it off-site, but you had to be registered to that site to use it (so no one could battle your dragons without your consent), would anyone be interested? If that is not what you meant by third-party developer TJ, please say so.
  25. I prefer only caveborns or purebred lineages. I don't care for Dorkfaces. In fact I didn't even know what they were until I picked one up, didn't like all the different dragons in the lineage, and reabandoned it. So would I battle if it were available? Yes, at least to try it once. Would it make my dragon any more valuable to me? That I don't know. In all honesty, if I picked up an egg from level 100 parents but it wasn't purebred, I'd abandon it. We are talking about an option here, and I don't see it any different than participating in a lineage. Some go nuts over it, but some don't. If it weren't required, then you could ignore it if you wish. Now, I am trying to formulate a plan on how this would work from a coding point of view. With the fact that only 5 dragons have something about fighting or opponents in their description, I went to go check my own dragons, my original idea is out. The only thing I can figure is it would be like 2 like-minded people that get together and spar with swords for fun and honing skills. Which reminds me, I need to start training with that broadsword again.