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I accept IOU's at my own riskI am willing to be put on waiting lists for a 2nd gen shimmercapricioust.pngI am open to IOUs for trades and I am willing breed any and all of my dragons for a 2nd gen shimmer

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    - salmonbaby- I paid one even 3rd gen Holly for a 3rd gen shimmer egg.

    - Coyote- I received two 3rd gen tinsels for 8 - 12 shimmers. I have sent 3 golds, 1 silver and 1 bronze. Have sent 2 more 4th gen golds (pending pick up)

    - tjekan- 1 egg from Grave dreams walking and 1 egg from Silas Royal Blue for 2 shimmer eggs 1 from silvermint's line and one from Lianhumcao

    -Hisa- I owe her 1 egg from Lucent (sent transfer link waiting for pick up)

    -shovedtbh- paid all of the eggs owed for a 3rd gen egg from crazy hug monster // new trade that I owe lots and lots of eggs for a 3rd gen Holly

    -Legry- I owe her and egg from Grave Dreams Walking (have egg pending pick up). I have paid an egg from Seians Mystery, Gilded Ninjas, Haku, Keglunq and Jewel of the Mysfytt
    I have received a 3rd gen shimmer from Queen's line

    - Pokemonfan13 - paid 4th set of new release eggs (to be on the list for 3different 3rd gen shimmer eggs) I have sent new release eggs from 4 drops as follows 6, 4, 6 and 6 waiting to be picked up and I have received the first 3rd gen shimmer.

    - Crockturtle566- paid 2 Holly's waiting for a 4th gen from this line http://dragcave.net/lineage/fx76U

    Looking for 2nd or 3rd gen Shimmer Scales. PM me if I can breed anything on my scroll to trade for 2nd or 3rd gen shimmer scale.