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  1. my cb yulebuck Nutcracker first non-holiday would be my male silver by the name glittering moonlight off the AP
  2. the whole point of infertile eggs rather than freezing eggs is because freezing an egg would be like KILLING the baby inside! And a lot of us are unhappy with that..
  3. I imagane that the cheese the cheese dragon(s) are made of is under a sort of motafied stasis spell for those it may consern I got the idea from the works of my favorite author diana wynn jones basically stasis spells cast apone a food keeps it perficty fresh in till the wizard or magic user wishes to consume it then they simply remove said spell and eat it
  4. actully its more like oops your dragons didnt make a real egg this time but here's a free sprite you can drool over
  5. I love the idea of infertile eggs I would love to collect "frozen" eggs but as with hatchlings I would feel guilty freezing a regular egg
  6. last time i checked there are not normally leaves in caves so yea...
  7. *pokes pile of dead eggs hidden shamefully at bottom of her scroll*
  8. I made squibys only tagged adoptable of issun from okami
  9. when it comes to vacation theres a action for that its called don't pick up/breed any eggs ahead of time
  10. I am for it i wanna see dc dragons duke it out
  11. how about we make it so the mints BSA is to gather egg shell parts that we can make into frozen eggs?
  12. Just wanted to say I love the scroll status banner I have been wanting some thing like this and the fact that it even auto updates rocks my socks
  13. I for one would like to neuter my mint amry
  14. I had a dream/nightmare last night where I was at a lake house and found a tiny toy coffin on the shore and inside was a disassembled toy plastic skeleton puzzle and when I assembled it I found it suddenly had a wind up key in its spine and when I wound it up its eyes glowed red and it ran off and began doing horrible stuff in the neighborhood I knew I had to destroy it before it did something really bad but nothing I did stopped it this included things link crushing it with a hammer and setting it on fire so finally I relised that I had to throw it in the lake and was about to head out in a boat when i woke up I have a feeling watching this flash series right before bed helped spawn it be forewarned this series is weird and has adult content and language sometimes
  15. I shall now spam 28 0f my 153 squibys (none of which are past stage 1)
  16. I like the idea of sticking egg pieces back together over freezing, the idea of freezing is nice but I foresee that causing a lot of commotion and problems
  17. I would love to be able to remove my mints from my breeding lists
  18. I desided to help im incubating 3 pinks as we speak two cbs and one off the ap
  19. i myself would like some more pinks but there aways seem to be more intersting eggs there when im hunting course i was just at the ap and there wasing even one pink the ap was oddly filled with greens
  20. I would totally buy a dc plush you know on the whole hatchling/egg idea? we could do it like these dolls i alreay have i have a little plush pokeball that has a zipper un zip it and turn it inside out and it becomes a gingar pokemon i also have a egg to togpi one we could could do it with eggs and hatchlings