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  1. I got a brilliant radiance one I remember this one being worked on laugh.gif

    the green speckled one seems familiar too



    of less interest I also caught a poor lowish time white hatchling that was getting bounced around the AP

  2. I noticed Alucard was a Geode today.. Part of me died inside when I saw that. I want that name for one of my soon to come Vampires =x=p


    Alucard does not sparkle, why is he a sparkly crystal dragon. WHYYYYYYYYYYY!



    It could be that Alucard was born before vamps had bite the owner in a state of no vamps+ hellsing crazy fit and ended up giving it to a random dragon

    and doesnt know that the name can be reused if hes released


    on a related note Count Alucard is taken by a gold

  3. My males are:

    Real vampires dont sparkle

    reverse vampire (named by my sister its a tv reference)

    supreme darkness

    Psychopomp Kharon (fun with google)

    Asanbosam (fun with google part 2)

    Everlasting Danger

    The only thing to fear

    Crimson scarf (as you will be wearing a crimson scarf of blood if bitten)

    Count scales (curse you creativity block)

    Vehrattod wect (saurian for forbidden gold)


    females are

    Oni Ouroboros (oni means demon and ouroboros is a "evil" dragon)

    brrrl brrrl brrrl (the sound a vampire watermelon makes)

    Lady Fangblood

    Sihjo ev u kxeijudt vcenohj (means Curse of a thousand flowers in saurian)

  4. I have dreams about dragon cave...


    In my dreams its like this city/town on one side of it is this great looming cliff (where the CBs are) with a cave in it of course and the rest is surrounded by thick magical woods(the wilderness) which protects the residents of town and the cave dragons from most evil ...

    TJ is of course the king and lives in this grand marble building with a gold dome roof

    but no one ever sees him instead his announcements are posted on a sign in town square by a shining blue dragon

    genallry my dreams are about me and my dragons romping though the city together and having silly adventures like last i had one about getting in trouble because one of my reds was chasing some of my mints because he was mad at them and damaged pokemonfan13's dragon hospital

  5. I love most studio Ghibli

    films with the exception of this one...

    as howl's moving castle was written by my absolute favorite author

    and they complty !@#%#$ it up


    First they compltely chop out the first couple chapters out

    Then they go and make howl likeable in the book he is a total jurk

    He doesnt turn in to a giant bird monster

    nor does the castle have legs its suppost to hover!

    Calcifer is suppost to be blue/green

    "Markl" is a babelfish type error his name is Michael and he is suppost to be a teenager!

    There's no war!


    there is more but i don't want to spoil the real plot anyway




    I just hope they don't decide to also butcher the two sequels

    Castle in the Air & House of Many Ways




    my favorite Ghibli movie is a tie between My Neighbor Totoro and Princess Mononoke