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  1. ran magikarp used splash though an anagram solver

    here are some (amusing) results


    aargh masks supplied

    asparagus held skimp

    damask slug sapphire

    harass plagued skimp

    lumpish dark passage

    paprika sludge smash



  2. I'm lost. All I know is that the main site isn't working and that TJ is scaring me. blink.gif Can someone fill me in please?

    Evil super magikarp have attacked and disabled the server

    and TJ is batman

  3. Pssh, TJ's to cool to be Superman... He's more like... like.... Oh! Wolverine! Yeah, TJ is totally Wolverine...


    Hmm or Deadpool^^

    no way tj's too brilliant to be them clearly hes batman


    time for a super tag team!


    GO! Arceus and Einstein!

    *sends out her event arceus and her dialiga*


    Evil magikarp jumped up high


    *Arceus used judgment*

    *Einstein used roar of time*

    attack missed!


    Evil magikarp used bounce!

    its super effective

    critical hit!

    Arceus and Einstein fainted..

    Chickenhound whited out


    **** must be this magikarp (video clip)


  5. I, on the other hand, was around for that drop, and for many many drops before that. I've been playing for something like 3 years now, I think, and I prefered the three week drop. However I like more the week-ish drops we used to have for commons. And I'm really raging about this one and MM. I'm extremely disappointed if this was intentionally cut short, especially considering many people have expressed discontent with the last drop and the population of MMs in the "Return to enough already?" topic in suggestions and requests. I'm truly hoping this is just a glitch..



  6. I am happy one of my floods gave birth to 3 bouncing baby zombies today

    and my second female flood is due later tonight

  7. I tryed kh1 but only after much pestering from my friends it was ok but i dont really care for rpgs I have neve played the others due to lack of interest


    But I feel they really should make a black cauldron level

    or at least a summon (would totally play if she could summon gurgi)

    problem being is Disney kinda likes to pretend it does not exist

  8. Is there any way I can be notified when enrollment opens back up? I'm very interested in taking this class and I haven't yet seen a feature where it notifies you on this site when someone responds to a thread that you've responded to/started. Maybe I'm just missing it.


  9. I managed to breed a sunsong but my other 3 refused and I dont want to bother for cbs till the craze dies down so I am raising some AP blacks becuse I need a female alt thanks to the dimorphism

  10. Hehe, while everyone is busy spazzing over the new eggs, and abandoning their rares to get the new ones, the abandoned page has plenty to choose from.

    acully compared to earlyer in the day the ap is normal (and low)


    im looking right now at a little over 2 lines mostly blacks and few mints/vines/pebbles