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  1. I love this game (but like you I haven't played it forever). I had all the Bonus eggs exept for the largest one which I found impossible to find. mellow.gif

    the last one is in the spaceship at the end of insane mode

    so yea you can only get it by beating the hardest mode



  2. I had the gamecube version

    and i currently have wild world and city folk i like wild world more


    I restarted recently so I am not very far but here's my info


    Name: Kitsune


    town: midori


    native fruit: peaches


    friend code



    my favorite activity is bug hunting after all I can catch a lot of bugs I would never see around my house biggrin.gif


    fun facts: the Gamecube version is not the first they made an n64 one but it was only released in japan


    the series is known as animal forest in japan

  3. I don't have a vuvuzela but I have something that can be almost as annoying




    I want a vuvuzela but I doubt my family would allow it in the house as I already annoy them with my conch horn

  4. I'll admit I once played on Neopets.


    they sold the company.


    Then they sold out to assorted other companies and became a massive advertising machine.


    Then they broke every single promise they ever made.


    Then I quit.



    oh and Lythiaren adam and donna dont work there anymore

    as soon as they sold it they left (so did ollie)


    last time I checked the following happend


    adam and donna got married! donna made ollie change out of his famous orange shirt (or so he says) now hes the olive shirt guy,

    they set up a new company called meteor games

    (and said on the meteor games forums they regret selling neo to viacom)

    adam has a new favorite veggi Leeks

    (so no more asparagus jokes)

    they currently have 2 facebook games up and running

    (an island farming game and a fish tank one)

    they also have a MMO a vamp game and possably a new pet site in the works

  5. in my opinion there are 2 things that if they did this game would rule


    1. make the catching quests optional its monster hunter not pokemon it shouldnt have any catching as far as im concerned


    2. mounts,

    I cant help but think it would be cool if we could tame mounts I would so ride a baggi or great jaggi around i suppose i would have to catch it first sad.gif

  6. I had a dream last night that TJ made a dragcave MMO it was awesomesauce...


    you played a human and you started with a single radomized egg which would always be one of old commons (red,green,water,mint,grey, etc..) and you would go on quests to get stuff to help it hatch & grow then it would become your battle partner and you could then go in dungeons and you would get a new egg for beating it ( the harder the dungeon the more likey to get a rare egg ) and you could switch between different dragons as you earned them

  7. my cave


    I offer 1 free flood to any DC members who want to join the flood club


    Floods btw are a a sub-breed group about zombies/halo

    (I am in it for the zombie part)

    we are quite the friendly group and its easy to join you only need to acquire a flood waja from someone's infection chamber and then make a post on our official thread over on wajas and our glories leader gravemind will add you to the list


    The offical flood thread


    flood waja examples ( these are NOT for sale/trade 2&3 are part of my flood breeding stock though):


    user posted image

    user posted image

    user posted image

    user posted image


    these Flood wajas are for sale/trade/giveaway though

  8. sig banner please

    Colour schemes: what ever looks good

    Size:small (like the kirby one)

    Shape: rectangle

    What do you want the banner to say: something like chickenhound's scroll or my scroll

    What pictures would you like me to use: I want a picture of Rex from Cartoon networks show Generator Rex with his sword with the "falling" nanites from the shows opeining as the backround

    Other: if you can't find any good images of Rex (it is a pretty new show after all) then I want one based off this web comic http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f278/kat...ch/comic153.png

  9. This really epic review made me seriously doubt whether I really want this game.


    Warning: the review has lots of mature content.

    personally that guy seems like a moron that is lead by his **** rather than his brain

    though the vidio is funny I dont think you should listen to him..


    I mean why is he monologuing about harvest moon in a monster hunter review

  10. Hmm... Great Jaggi is pretty easy. Make sure you trap him when you see him limp off, he'll make a strange sound too. Don't use the trap until he switches areas after limping, because it could waste the trap if he limps past it, when he's trapped throw two tranquilizers and that's it.

    I know that but the little jaggi keep getting in the away when I am trying to throw the trani bombs so he ends up breaking free

  11. was gonna post this on KRP but i will put it here..


    team midori has decided to start at the Indianapolis speedway because the Indianapolis 500 was today and it would be easy to kidnap and hide a chicken/magikarp among the drunken chaos

  12. I will help recuse kip its my job!

    *flashes rescue team badge and promptly morphs into a jolteon*


    Team midori to the rescue!

    *grabs her partners lucario and shaymin and runs off*