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    10 on 10-10-10

    *makes special clucking noises at the eggs*
  2. chickenhound

    10 on 10-10-10

    took me forever but i now have 2 of each
  3. Username: chickenhound Pokemon to use: lucario, jolteon, meowth,ninetails flygon Base pokemon:lucario What do you want me to do with them?: lucario body (but no spikes)nintails head on it with meowths coin on the forhead , ninetails tails, jolteon's ears and flygon wings and make it all flygon colors extp subute red accences for yellow Versions of sprites: Diamond/pearl Other: Can you make it duel wealding a pair of sporks the on in the left paw glowing with white fire and the one in the right giving off a effect lie gaslys mist
  4. was mining and ran into a nest of 7 zombies (only 6 are in the pic the 7th is to far down to get it in the shot easily there must be a dungeon near by but i don't see any cobblestone yet. Edit there was a spider too thank notch for bow and arrows also found gold at the bottom!
  5. sorry but you have to pay to get survival mode but on the brite side its on sale for a one time payment of 13.50$ us dollers (it will rise in price as the game goes into beta and its final form)
  6. REMINDER: Accounts of illegal activity are banned as per the board rules. If you have illegally downloaded minecraft or have a cracked version of minecraft, both of these things are illegal. If you admit to accounts of illegal activity or encourage others to follow in your footsteps, your post will be removed and you will receive a warning. Man i did a search and could not believe we did not have a minecraft thread yet Anyway i just restarted cus i havent got a decent map yet and bam i got an epic spawn point with tons of caves and both a above ground lavafall and a waterfall and tons of coal I am so building a shelter behind the lavafall this is my soon to be base so far all ive done is contaned the lave slightly and hollowed out a space full of gravel
  7. chickenhound


    two words cheat codes alt+shift+c pulls up the cheat code box there are a bunch but the ones i have commited to memory are adddna (gives more dna) refillmotives (fills all stat bars completly) i just spammed this one to fly though them lolz moremoney (adds money)
  8. I know some of my mints are inbred but i forgot which (doesnt matter i dont breed them) the only two who i can rember is inbred are my first green/pebble Pine scented death and one of my vampires Oni Ouroboros
  9. Ha! like I would share my secret to being one of the first to get event dragon eggs.... but I will share how I got my non-event rares Slivers: got uber lucky and snagged one off the ap! Gold : was a trade for something else (I think it was a vamp back when vamps were rare) Chickens: were a 2 for 1 for a trio egg Trio : used my event egg secret to snag some during the first release Paper: snagged the old fashioned way dinos: snagged the old fashioned way/ traded trios/slivers for cheese: see trios
  10. another l4d2 fail I was in a two-man campain with someone and a tank appered and we set it on fire and when it came after me instead of running off and hiding and letting it go after the cpus I panicked and started running around in circels nothing bad happened expt i looked like an idiot..
  11. my first time playing the passing campain I had no idea where I was suppost to go and ended up running around in circles in this one building (the correct path was to climb out a window and across a board) I also did pretty much the same thing as Vexx but on windwaker in the forsaken fortress
  12. I am allergic to dust,tree pollen, cockroaches, several medicines, and axe body spray (getting near someone wearing it sends me into an asthma attack) oh and leaf mold (so fall is bloody hell on my sinuses)
  13. probly a dead dragon that got revived
  14. I would be honored if you put one of my dragons in your comic I think Pine scented death would make a good bit part character (like a neighbor or something) He is a very grumpy dragon and tends to attack pretty much everyone (though he would probly get along well with Drache) but his most odd behavelore is he is addicted to the scent of pine and often rolls in pine needles or rubs up aginst pine trees so is often covered in needles and sap or if you really want sillyness you could use brrl brrl brrl my vampire who thinks she is a watermelon or my zombie George A Romero (backstory is i wanted a zombie named for the creator if the modern zombie flim but the only one that turned was a girl) George was a unnamed but prissy pink in her real life and is quite angry over her murder and being turned into a living rotten corpse not to metion the whole being given a boys name
  15. to those talking about the vines getting a give flowers BSA Lythiaren already shot down a fruit one becuse picking fruit/flowers would cause the vine dragon pain it would be like me coming up and ripping off your right arm
  16. when it comes to L4D2 Characters I say this nick is a jerk and ells makes a rock look smart rocelle (or however you spell it) is a stereotype and coach is a flat cardboard cutout I say my favorite character is that guy driving that boat i like the level with the incoming storm/hurricane aka the sugar mill set its so awesomely well put together i wanted to cry the first time i played it personally i think it would of been better if they just packaged it as a level add-on and reused the organal characters (kinda like what spore did with galactic adventures) i do like the new infected me and a friend had an interesting chat while playing once about chargers we hypothesized that chargers are actually tanks that are only halfway evolved/transformed ...
  17. Alert! Parents should check this link out Snopes.com just posted this true story about a hazerd when it comes to wearing silly bands Snopes.com silly band injury warning
  18. speaking of bangles you know what should be a fad? these awesome bangles i have they are like clear plastic tubing (but tinted differnt shades) with water and glitter bits instide so the glitter moves when your arms move my favorite are my red ones with star shaped glitter
  19. I have some but i bought them before they were called silly bands,or marketed to kids, or worn on wrists, and they came from an office supply store and where simply novitly rubber bands I cant help but find this wearing rubber bands on your wrist thing moronic at least the money from the livestrong bands went to help pepole in need.
  20. first make sure you are near a wi-fi source your DS/DSi can communicate with then go into the town gate (the big stone arch thing) and talk to copper (the dog on the right) he should ask to connect to the nintendo servers and will then assign your town a code or in other words talk to this guy V
  21. I was lucky and was one of the first to get an egg so I took a screenshot and then promptly fogged it for 24 hours as an egg King epic didnt get sick but did go ER as an egg as a hatchling he was sick about 3 times man it was stressful.. I dont think they are harder to raise but like metallics they do require more views then say a mint
  22. more on animall crossing 3d heres a quote from nintendo power I guess they finally gave tortamer the ax
  23. Did you guys hear? they announced that one of the release games for the DS 3D will be a new animal crossing im looking forward to it alrought they changed the way the humans look they are taller and have wastes (does that mean we will have changeable pants?)