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  1. it apppers that one of the treat artists likes Mspaint adventures (look at the design carved on this pumpkin)
  2. looks like a half eaten cadbery cream egg to me..
  3. aside from treats my 4 pumpkins produced 9 eggs lolz
  4. any ideas to how many items there are yet? so far i found a scorpion (why is that a treat?) what i think is a bat gummy and a cookie
  5. did you guys hear about the new version they mad a heavy metal version of the game but its app only
  6. well i dont know for sure but i heard a lot of storys about the attackers doing other bad stuff but not beating up anyone else and the victim was known for being a nice kid (and was the only African-American kid in the neighborhood)
  7. I can vouch for that too i am in my 20s and when im on stream (L4d tF2 etc) or another live chat type place ppl don't believe me when i say im an adult because of my behavior @Qwackie being an aspie is not an illness its just like our brains work differntly kinda like your brain is computer runinng windows and an aspe brain is a linix or a mac you know? Edit just to be clear i don't mean the windows as an insult to any one reading this its just windows is the most common operating system so it kinda makes sense normal ppl are windows
  8. i have never been racially attacked but i witnessed one once i was walking home from school with my mom (i was in like 2 grade or so at the time)these high school kids were beating up a African-American grade school kid and my mom saw them and she knew the attackers and she ran over there and was like OI! I KNOW ALL YOUR MOMS I WILL TELL THEM! and they all took off running (the kid was fine btw bruised up but not seriously injured ) and later my mom did call all their moms and they got in trouble.. (to clarify i lived in a prominently cacasun community when it happened)
  9. yea the official minecraft forums are all in a tizzy someone attacked the site! and half the forum thinks it was 4chans doing
  10. i am an aspie and proud of it i was diagnosed way back in grade school I may come off as semi-normal here on the internet but if any of you met me in person you would see my many qurks
  11. if you find yourself getting lost then here is a tip going around the minecraft forums for not getting lost in tunnels what to do is mark the tunnel leading towards the exit there are three ways to do this a. mark the tunnel you came into the crossway with redstone torches b. mark the tunnel with an archway of cobblestone c. only place your torches on one side of the tunnels so you can keep track or which way you have been going (has a small failure rate if the tunnels loop back around)
  12. I dont really know but I would say its 64 blocks down from sea level as you can only build up to 64 blocks in the sky from sea level
  13. for clay build a boat and ride around the shores to find it clay only appers near both sand and water (its also looks almost identical to smoothstone) redstone tends to hang out at the same levels as diamonds so you have to dig quite deep
  14. Im not sure where else to place this but It is not a good idea to display dragons in your sig in the fourms there inless you dont use any hatcherys and watch them like a hawk they can accumulate views in large deadly sperts i lost 5 experimenting with my sig so yea..
  15. you can also hunt down reeds and use them to make paper which can be used to make books which can be used to make bookshelf blocks
  16. you dont need coal for glass just a furnace some wood and some sand
  17. I know but it was my fist rare ore so i was excited i desided my map/house were not all that great so i have restarted and now im building a castle and a pit to the bottom of the world
  18. chickenhound

    10 on 10-10-10

    fuuu~ the "yellow" egg isnt what i was hoping it would be..
  19. i would buy a tee with any of roons DC art on it