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  1. *cry* I cant beleve this some ****hole stole my forum account over there i have also been having issuses with my minecraft account I think they were trying to steal it as well so i changed the passcode but it still pisses me off someone took the forum one
  2. I also eat meat but dont want animals suffering we are onmivores we were built to eat meat just look at the way our teeth are shaped those flatish incisors and fang like canines are designed for the breaking down of flesh \ i always remind myself this when i feel gultly about eating meat also there is no freakin way you would get me to eat a insect blech..
  3. I made a minecraft fail comic ... yes this actually happened and its a fail because at the time I had the difficulty at peaceful (no monsters)
  4. Pokepark wii the mini games are fun but none are as addicting as that old sushi eating game from the organal stadium.. I wish they would just release a game that's the mini games from stadium and stadium 2 on the v-console I would buy it just to have that sushi game again
  5. you can do it without diamonds actually just do what i did make a mold out of dirt pour bucket of lava into it dump water so it flows on to lava and repeat till you have a frame
  6. Fixed finding any pumpkins can be hard but they often spawn in patches of 7 to 10 they tend to appear in field biomes (brown-greenish grass with few trees) had my first run in with a ghast today i saw one from a distance and was like I want to get a look at it tried sneaking up on the beast when he spotted me and scary as heck firefight broke out between us then while fighting i ran out of arrows and was quickly set on apone by a second one so i shat a brick and ran to the portal with my tail between my legs (and with most of my health gone) unfortunately I forgot about the fact the portals are glitching right now so now I am lost in the middle of nowhere... Oh and if we are sharing skins my custom skin I have a custom skin someone made me that looks like my namesake chickenhound from the book redwall
  7. heres a map of my current save i have like no snow lolz
  8. you would be correct (the lyric are differ depending on the contry so i am using the usa version) Ring-around the roses: (refers to the rash victims would get) A pocket full of posies; (refers to the fact that ppl carryed herbs and dried flowers to try to keep it away) Ashes ashes ( a corruption it used to sneezing sounds another symptom ) we all fall down (refuring to the death of the victim)
  9. yawn` * so tired... I did however... to... catch.... an...egg....*collapses*Zzzzzzzzzz..
  10. havent got the new egg but say hi to MaxBrooks and Flesh Eater Dibbun
  11. i too am taking a break and starting fresh on halloween biomes ftw
  12. there however has been much prodding and poking of the all powerful notch on the subject of keeping permanent peaceful mobs by eather fencing or branding and he is considering it howevr dont get your hopes up as if he is gonna add it its probably low on his list of stuff
  13. ppl have attempted and caputered zombies in cages but they do end up despawning later if you leave the area same goes for peaceful mobs too
  14. 78 out of 92 got to go take a break I need a shower : P
  15. *steals the pie * that's my favorite dessert!
  16. that would be a doctors plague mask they would fill the "beak" with herbs to try to keep the plague away from them
  17. im now having issues with the images of treats not loading on this thread..
  18. why is there a jar of Vegemite among the treats
  19. T.T tell him to stop i think 91 may be plenty... (personally i wish it was 90 cus that paint pumpkin annoys me with its smugness I hate that webcomic actully as it gave me a headache trying to read it and like everyone i know makes refernceces to it in a annoying meme way)
  20. to stay on topic so far out of the ones i have this is my fav in other news I have been horribly ill today but i say luck balances out for me as theres a dc event so i have an excuse to lye about with my laptop playing dc and watching monthy python instead of going to class
  21. a little help with this one it appers to be a rat but is going on with it is it dead? plaugle infested? zombified?