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  1. it would seem no because other players on stream dont ever believe me when I say im 22
  2. I must be pretty luck my family takes an annual car trip up to Maine from our home in Indiana and I have yet to see a perticulay gross gas station bathroom I have smell a few foul ones but that cant be blamed on the bathroom itself I have also seen graffiti but only names written in sharpie really.. I guess the closest to a truly gross one was was a rest stop (the kind that is a gas station several fast food shops and a lame gift shop rolled together) one of the toilets was busted and there was potty water over about 25% of the floor (but at least there was someone working on it) oddly enough the best bathrooms over all are at Mcdonalds worst tend to be at the other kind of rest stop the kind that are just an info booth and vending machines (I am looking at you Pennsylvania, new jersey and new york) because they tend to be clean but missing stuff like toilet paper or towels or have broken stuff Edit: on a side thought the other day I saw pocket lysol sanitizer (the stuff used to clean bathrooms/kitchens not hand sanitizer) for sale I though it was funny and only a total hypochondriac would buy that but looking back I suppose if you often ran in to gross bathrooms you might want it..
  3. its one of the gym leader cards its called koga's ninja trick they did manage to release a english version with an altered symbol after heated talks but really its just silly the size of the thing is itty bitty and its not like any kid would care
  4. Nintendo released a statement saying that the 3D mode of the upcoming 3DS is dangerous to small children saying it may damage their eyesight.. this makes me worry some crazy and stupid parents may try to ban it after they dont hear this and let their kids play it anyway like that pokemon card that was never released here becuse the japanese verison had a "swastika" on it (really it had the buddest luck symbol on it that the swastika was corrupted from) or the 3 episodes that had jinx in them becuse a bunch of parents thought jinx was racist and lude... and those are just the pokemon bans I know anyone else have any thoughts on the subject? source
  5. lol my quickest time yet for gettting event dragons! which is good as A. I have not been sleeping well due to privet reasons so now i can go to bed instead of being up to 2-3 am trying to get a egg B. although unlike other events its mutiable days i cant be on for long the other days due to family vists
  6. here is mine I had just started to eat a big bowl of red beans and rice (which is basically kidney beans and sausage over rice) and the phone rang so I went to get it and when I came back the dog was on the table and had eaten the whole bowl the gross part being that the food must of upset his stomic because he had diarrhea all over the kitchen floor.. it was so gross and stinky I nearly vomited mutiable times while scrubbing the off the floor (at least it was on the wooden kitchen floor and not the carpet upstairs)
  7. I have two i figure the first was worse but the second is funny On the first day of summer break also the first day my mom decided I was old enough to be home alone all day i was lieing on the couch in our sunroom when I accidentally kicked out one of the big windows ended up with two gashes on my foot and panckedleaving bloodly foot prints all over the house trying to stop the bleeding ended up calling my mom at work so she came home and took me to the er and i ended up with 16 stitches in my foot and couldn't go swimming the whole summer worst summer ever then in high school I was carving wood in art was enraged because of a bullying incident last period and missed and caused the chisel to go into my hand was like crap called the teacher over figuring i needed first aid teacher freaked out took me to the principal who also freaked out both were panicking (I myself was calm but angry with myself figuring it wasn't worse than the foot indent) I ended up calling my mom she came took me to the ER and i got 5 stitches in my hand I should note that I was quite accident prone as a child
  8. I drink a lot of tea hot wise I love peppermint and Irish Breakfast but I like most tea expt red teas that stuff tasts like black licorice to me *blech* (with mint tea i just add some splenda but i like to add skim milk to the Irish breakfast) my most favorite form of tea though is taro flavored bubble tea<3 sadly bubble tea is fatting so I cant drink it everyday so usually when im drinking cold tea its diet snapple peach
  9. although those are creepy I do feel you are missing a key part of this thread this is for the sharing of non- horror bosses I am sure we can all agree that dead rising and Resident Evil are both of the horror gene and are not to be shared here
  10. fought the brood mother for the first time in dragon age today and........... O__________o the horror the whole thing leading up to it is awful also it is sooo much more disturbing in person when you are fighting it and its trying to rape your team with tenticals need less to say the whole expeance was disturbing and not some thing i thought I would see in a WRPG perhaps a JRPG but not a WRPG
  11. i would like more emoticons i want a disgusted one and a :3 would be nice
  12. ugg forgot about mimi and her disturbing transformation... and blaf I have dragon age but I havent gotten that far yet dont know if I want to now..
  13. omg forgot about dead hand yea he is distributing he belongs in a horror game not a game like zelda *shiver*
  14. not sure if this counts but on the subject of creepy kirby bosses ... in elementary school i was scared of kracko I think it must of been because as a child I was terrified of thunderstorms and he is a living thunderstorm cloud and no i am not scared of him anymore
  15. never heard of spleef sounds fun..
  16. at the momant the only non-horror boss that scared me that I can think of would be in monster hunter tri early on in the game theres a mission to gather red coral and while doing that mission the boss monster (who you are totally not reay to face) lagiacrus swims up and chases you.. it certainly scared me I was like OH !!! i had to take a breather to calm down before i could finish playing.. the boss itself isnt that scary its just the game has it set up so powerful doesnt useally apper till you are ready for it so the game makes it seem safe to swim but in theat one mission bam boss after your ass (also note its dragon sized and can eat you in one bite) bosses aside i am terrified of the redeads from Ocarina of Time and twilight princess not so much their cel shaded counter parts i suppose its the whole loud scream followed by face rape thing..
  17. things I have eaten that would be considered strange (according to most western diets) alligator jerky fish eggs takoyaki (octopus) dragon fruit *tastes a lot like kiwi* Cherimoya/custard apple soapberry/lychee fruit mangosteen(dried) (cant get enough of the following so they are are normal in my family but they are not that common here) mochi bubble tea Azuki beans
  18. its a fake mob someone made some fake screenshots and a convencing pasta about how notch had a brother who died and now haunts the game herobrine for the most part is kinda the minecraft version of DC's lag and data monsters if something bad or weird happens in game it gets blamed on herobrine you know saves/items dissappering poofing epic chunk errors etc
  19. I <3 roon's work im gonna have to buy some! good timing too i need some new long sleeve tees
  20. heres some old fails from my childhood i remembered during a conversation today twice I fell asleep while playing on my gameboy and caused the batterys to run out first when gold and sliver came out i spent hours trying to catch a singal Sneasel lost a bunch of pokemon and levels second time came while playing zelda orcical of seasons had to do 2 dungeons again *headdesk*
  21. HAX! *throws a computer monitor*
  22. lol good thing the almightly TJ is adding both teleport and renaming becuse now I will have to rename I can haz teleport
  23. Omg!x15 Unlimited Renaming and improved Egg/Hatchling Limits *Does the super mega happy dance then propmly spazes out and faints*
  24. lolz reminds me of this one time on cvillation: beyond the sword I was slowly squashing everyone else and had nukes and was also singel handedly causing global warming with them when in my sidequest to build all the epics i built the un building needless to say they all hated me voted someone else leader and banned nukes *headdesk*