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  1. I made my own pony and just finished coloring her I figure sents this is the pony thread

    this would be a good place to show her...




    user posted image


    Bobbin is a traveling merchant who sells and makes plush toys

  2. I would be for it only if the items are not usable and are just fun decorations on your scroll. Especially if it is just RNG luck getting you these items. I think adding usable items opens a big can of worms and does have the potential to be a draw away from the dragons.


  3. I am a tad worried

    I own a corgi-sheltie she is a cuddly ball of orange fluff (note to self post photo later) mix and have a question about a bizarre behavior she exhibited today I had been eating roasted pistachios earlyer and I guess I must of dropped a few shells anyhow she picked up and was chewing on the shells I Immanently took the shells from her but I can not imagine why she was chewing on them in the first place..


    I dont think she wanted them to chew because I give her plenty of chewbones/rawhides

    could she need more sodium or somthing?



    (for those wondering my family owns 4 pets by the way the said corgi mix a german shepard and 2 adult tabby )

  4. if you got to pick any video game sidekick to be your real sidekick and why...


    I used to think I would want navi as a sidekick as I could use someone to help me stay on task but with a recent update to my game libray I found someone better...

    meet pinky the sassbot



    user posted image

  5. YES!


    never at con or anything would love to though just halloween partys

    I love handmaking my costumes


    one of my personal bests was my sly cooper one ( iwon first place in the costume contest)

  6. *shakes fist* Now I have another want! D: I hadn't heard of those before, but I love, love Servals, and those things are beyond awesome....


    Another thing to add to the "someday" list. *wistful*

    I am not surpirzed you havent heard of them they only became an official breed

    in the past decade and are kinda rare

    though wikipead says they are gaining a lot of popularity in the UK


    (I also feel I should note the 1,200$ price tag is something I read in cat fancy a few years ago and its for a "f2" or in DC terms a gen 2

  7. a Savanna kitten (they grow up to be huge dog sized cats btw)


    user posted image


    why I cant:

    they are like 1,200$ , I already have a cat, and if I was to adopt a kitten I would get it from a shelter



    these giant dolls they sell of entei Suicune and Raikou

    why I cant:

    they cost over 100$ too much for a doll/decoration (not including import fees)



    a subscription to a MMO

    why I cant:

    I would never do anything productive ever again

  8. I had this dream where I needed to boil water for tea so I got a pot and was boiling water (which is kinda weird as I own a electric kettle) but the pot turned into a wooden bowl and I was like "OH NO the pot will catch fire!" and when I pulled it off the stove the water suddenly turned into gravy and spilled on a letter that was next to the stove and I was like "OH NO now theres gravy on moms letter from uncle jon" then my mom walked in and said "great now I dont have to go to that concert with your dad" and suddenly there tickets attached to the letter. then I woke up


    also I once dreamed all the closets in my home were filled with squirrels and i mean so full that there was no space in them and the squirrels kept spilling out of them like the Cleshe joke you see in kids cartoons when they cram everything in the closet


    conclution: I was sick when I had both dreams therefore me+germs= weird dreams