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  1. ((Hm...I'm also at fault, but it seems like most people have vanished...should I remake this sometime in the future? It seems like it's dead...))
  2. ((Since Akira's the only student that has a player, I'll just throw in a few NPCs) One student, after carefully reaching up past the boundary of the safety area replied, "There is energy, streams of it. I think some of them are stronger than others." "Very good," Ms. Fong confirmed. "Most of these streams are relatively slow- if you were to fall in, you would still be able to remain in place. Now then," Ms. Fong waved her hand, and the platform slowly drifted close to another stream, a larger one, much faster stream that strangely occasionally had shots of almost-white purple running through it. "You may wish to take note of this stream. This one will bring you to the Duel Spirits' World. Feel free to touch it, however, the current is strong, I advise you to have your Familiars anchor you to the raft if at all possible."
  3. Ms. Fong stood on what appeared to be a spontaneously generated dark purple platform. It was big enough to hold most of the class and seemed to be floating on nothing. Goyo Guardian stood besides her, using the end of his grappling hook to test for any abnormalities. "Welcome to the Void," Ms. Fong said. "Take a good look around- what do you see? Don't be shy, feel free to stick your finger over the edge of the platform." The Void was, at first glance, just emptiness, purple emptiness. To the inattentive observer, there would be nothing- not even gravity, although the platform seemed to be exerting some sort of grounding force. But actually, if one looked carefully, they would start to notice that there were streams of energy, in just barely noticeable different shades of purple and black, zooming around haphazardly. In fact, if one were to dip their fingers in, they'd feel the energy moving. There were a myriad of these streams, and all of them were different.
  4. ((Sorry for long absence! I had midterms. >.< I see you, akiraa. I was trying to see if there were any other high-level students lurking around, but I guess there isn't, so, let's get this thing going.)) Ms. Fong motioned for her very few students to follow her into the void. She waited for them to come through- this lesson wouldn't be much good if she just showed it to them. They would be zinging around the Void quite a bit today- it seemed like the currents were at slightly higher activity than normal, so a little turbulence was to be expected. She held some slightly modified "Hero Signal" spells sheets- this would be what they would use if they got lost. --- Stella was confused. What was going on? Was the lesson over? But she couldn't stop looking around warily. Was the professor going to come back out now? Those dragons were still there...
  5. Stella set her jaw. She had her deck, yes, but she didn't feel at all inclined to use it right then. Something told her it might not work the way she wanted it to. Now that she thought about it, her Nobleman of Crossout did look kinda strange...not like a magic card that was first printed by Pegasus' company...but almost like it was a neatly-cut piece of parchment from a spellbook or something. Her hair was standing nearly straight up- she could tell that something huge would come soon, and it was either her suggestion or theirs. If they went with hers, nobody could attack- that was the side effect of Misfortune. The she noticed they had a new classmate. Stella was starting to feel a little panic rise. "Um, Ms. Hera, I think we have another friend here..." she discreetly nodded at Glace. "And, um, guys, can we, y'know, hurry it up a bit? We're getting kinda close to D-time..."
  6. "That works too," ceded Stella. "Er...Chaos, I can't remember what my aunt said about discard effects in this school..." "Cast power gets used up, dummy. Geez, don't you even pay attention to Sayomi?" Chaos berated, although with somewhat less tension now that he was sure that they wouldn't all get vaporized. It might not be a bad idea to do a little damage killing the current menace, however, if we choose to allow Blue Eyes Ultimate arrive, either we go with the spells or we attack- we can't do both. Dummy, you're lucky Paladin and his smart player are here with us and not in another class." Stella didn't make much of a reaction to Chaos- she was too used to his insults, and he didn't mean half of them anyways.
  7. ((Oops, sorry about that akiraa -then again, that's what I get for posting while half-asleep lol. I fixed it.)) Chaos stood defensively in front of his Summoner. His eyes were narrowed, a dangerous expression on his face. "Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon if we wait too long, or that Metal Darkness now and a swarm of Blue Eyes later...if that teacher is trying to kill you guys he's doing a fairly good job. Stella, I assume you have a plan?" "I actually have no idea...I sort of wish we took an Effects for Familiars class before coming to this one, 'cause the only thing I can say now is that that Paladin's abilities could become quite useful here." Stella went into a thinking pose. "Two face downs. One of them may be aimed at negating MST. The other one could be a power up or a death trap for one of us. If I could be sure we could use effects...hm, but the Paladin could probably take out the Metal Darkness..." Chaos could practically hear her mind whirring, and while he was glad she was thinking about this, he would have liked her to hurry up. "Hurry. UP. Stella. Don't forget each spell is unlimited use per copy!" "Guys, what if first we had Ryza wipe out the dragon and those two facedowns, but we wait for the Ultimate Dragon, have Mana use his spell to flush out the prof, and then Chance and I could do the Moon-Lightning Combo on the dragon, if that's possible?" Stella said, addressing all of them. She knew it was risky, but she figured this way the greatest amount of damage could be done- and it would take a couple of turns, so barring additional problems, they would be able to deal with the issues without having to worry about Misfortune's side effect.
  8. She was just a tad annoyed at the distractions from earlier. First day of the year and she already felt large pulls indicating that large amounts of people had crossed over. That crazy Jinjekkai... she thought to herself. I can't go check on them now, too, this is aggravating. He'd better be able to take care of those freshmen. She arrived in the classroom and addressed her students. "That is not a problem today, Akira, however, I would appreciate it if you would try to be on time for the next class. May I suggest an alarm clock?" She saw some other students filing in right then as well, so she decided to get right down to business. "Welcome, students- I am Lianne Fong, although if you were at the opening ceremony, I hardly need introduce myself twice. Since you are all levels nine to twelve, I trust that you have learned the basics of spellcasting, trapsetting and strategy- and I trust that your Familiars have already learned how to activate their effects. I will be brief- you've spent at least a decade of your life having the rules of the game hammered into you. From now on, we will be applying those skills." Her Goyo Guardian stepped up besides her. "That is to say that many of our classes and tests will take place in various regions of the shadow realm. Like this one, for instance." Lianne Fong made a subtle movement of her hands and a round portal opened up near her desk. The scene on the other side was the swirling mass of the purple commonly known as the Void. "Shadow Magic isn't just good for duels. First lesson of this term is how to read the currents in the Void. It is useful to know in the case you get lost or trapped by those possessing some variant of Egyptian Shadow Magic." --- Chaos crossed his arms, bored. Aqua Chorus hardly made any impact as far as he cared, and that other facedown had been taken care of. "Welp, nothing I need to do." However, though Chaos appeared to be lazing around, he was wary, alert while looking at ease, much like a cat. Stella was of a similar temperament. She was actually hoping they'd get more time to fight- she could sort of feel that Chaos was getting a little antsy with doing nothing.
  9. ((Yes, you could. Star LVL 5-12 students sometimes do have more than one Familiar- their magic has developed enough to facilitate that.)) "On it! I play Nobleman of Crossout! Target- facedown monster!" Stella didn't miss a beat as she cast the spell. A sword bearing the Nobleman's seal fell from the sky and struck the face-down monster. Stella had a random thought out of the blue. "...Nobleman of Crossout removes monsters from play...but we're already in D.D where those monsters go. So where the heck is that guy going to go?" "Now's not the time to be thinking about that, Stella!" Chaos warned, and Stella, anticipating an attack, edged away.
  10. Stella and Chaos turned in perfect synchronization towards the Witty Phantoms. Weak monsters, hardly a challenge to any of their friends. Which meant that there might be something else going on. "Chaos, I wouldn't trust a Witty Phantom...aren't they always hiding something behind their backs?" she said loud enough so Chansi and the others would hear. Stella bobbed on her toes as though trying to see what was behind them. "No, I wouldn't either." He agreed. "Let's get those two to dance a little, shall we?" Stella smiled. "Does that mean we can Moon them?" Chaos gave her a look of mock disgust, while fully understanding what she meant. "While that would be an effective taunt, I don't think anyone wants to see your back end," he said dryly. "Aww, Chaos, you Crossed Out my joke so soon?" she bantered while slowly moving to the left and when she was in a good position, pulled her eye down and stuck her tongue out. "*sigh* Well I guess we might as well play with them while the rest of them get the guy in the backseat- I mean, don'tcha just hate backseat drivers?"
  11. ((*googles* Um. YuGiOh Card Maker? And User Card as in you become your own original monster? Yes and No, I'll elaborate in a PM if you message me. The main basis is that you have a Duel Spirit partner that will accompany you and help you through various dangers of TIGS. For more info, feel free to shoot me a PM.))
  12. Stella stared off pensively, thinking ahead of a possible strategy. They WOULD need to work together, that was sure. "Nobleman of Crossout...hm..." Well, needless to say it was a bit useless by itself if she was faced with Spells or Traps. In fact, she and Chaos were doubly disadvantaged since Chaos had no effect he could trigger if they got themselves into a REALLY tight spot. But Stella wasn't an idiot. She walked over to where Chansi was. Her Nobleman would work best if paired with the Book of Moon for any face-up threats. Ryza's could cover their backs for any spells and traps, and Mana's would be useful to make the teacher show himself...perhaps. "Mine seems to work well with yours, Chansi." Stella said casually. "And Ryza, you have such a useful defense. Mana is lucky too...he will be the one who puts the most pressure on the teacher." Stella drew in the sand with her foot, a Mis for Mana's spell and the arrow to indicate an attack, and a crescent for Chansi, a sword for herself and a little tornado for Ryza as a defensive line behind. She wasn't drawing to lead though, but just drawing out a suggestion. Stella discreetly nudged Chansi and motioned to her dirt diagram. After all, it wouldn't do if Jinjekkai knew what they were up to. Chaos smiled evilly, it was a relief to know that Stella could at least think. "You're not being stupid for a change," he said, poking the other two and motioning them to Stella's diagram. "She has a suggestion."
  13. The last thing that Stella could register before she and Chaos were sucked through was that they were going on a field trip. She seemed a little excited. She always loved wandering through the Shadow Realm- well, except for ONE place but hey, one in like what- a hundred or more locations, what were the chances? There was a good chance they were going to land in a place she would be okay with. So, when they popped out into the Wasteland, she got up, dusted off and looked around. The teacher had vanished? "Huh...this is weird." Stella scratched her head, completely oblivious to the ghostly bow that had materialized on her back. "That crazy teacher," Chaos said in amazement and slight disgust. "If this is his idea of a teaching aid, I don't want to see what he'll do during exams." "Relax Chaos, what could possibly go wrong? Although...I get this nagging feeling we're being watched..." Stella frowned. She couldn't place it but there was this sort of itch like someone was staring at the lot of them. She heard Hera saying something about this being Different Dimension, and she looked around curiously. She'd never been here before. "Different Dimension, huh...COOL." Then she heard Hera say something about a game. She perked- she LOVED games. "A game? That sounds like fun!" Chaos slapped his forehead. "Stella, you'd better not be doing what I think you want to do..." "Chaos, I'm surprised you still think I'm like that!" she said in mock indignation. "Of course I won't go wandering off, do I look that stupid?" "Am I seriously supposed to answer that?" he said coolly. "..." Stella wisely decided to ignore that last point.
  14. Stella looked on as well. Chaos too found something unpleasant about Mana. I don't like that boy. He is too flamboyant, worse than you were at the outset. Chaos privately said. And worse yet I see that he is dangerous, to you, in any case. That Monarch, at least is reasonable. Stella nodded. She didn't really like this fellow too much herself- he was loud and borderline- no, he came off as arrogant to her, and his very attitude painfully reminded her of her earlier time. But still, she watched quietly, trying to figure this guy out, so if she DID end up in a fight she culd at least save herself and Chaos. Down in the Spirits' World... Amir whistled softly as he prepared another load of Spell sheets, and Notebooks for storage of said spellsheets for the new students. There were about 60 for this evening's load, just some simple, low level ones. He tapped the box with his wand and the box vanished, popping up flamboyantly on the podium behind Jinjekkai with a note that said, "To this year's teacher: Try not to blow up the classroom again." Sure, most of the spells were relatively safe, like Mystical Space Typhoon, Fissure, decidedly low-level non-explosive spells...but someone had someone hit an electric line during a lesson sometime before and needless to say...it caused a LOT of problems. He also packed a box full of trap kits and sent them on express back to the trap teacher's classroom. It looked like an innocent pack of boxes...except that they had a trap card's name printed on the top. He left a note on the top of that. "Please refrain from using over any main utilities."
  15. Stella politely showed awe at the Gladiator Beast. Hera was truly formidable, and Stella did not want to have what occurred to her in her first visit to the Spirits' World to happen again. She was impressed also at Jinjekkai- how much her favourite spell had said of her, and how truly he spoke. Having a deck built around Ritual monsters demanded time and patience, the former of which she sometimes could not get. He also commented on the other students' spell choices, and something about what he said of Ryza vaguely reminded her of her aunt. The teacher asked for a volunteer and Stella calmly raised her hand. She looked straight forwards and said nothing, only communicating with her expression and body language that she was willing to be a volunteer- for ANYTHING he might throw at her...well, within reason. Even if she were to be the target of a spell, it did not bother her, for she had had worse things than a spell fired at her before. Don't get cocky now, Stella. Just because you brushed death twice down there doesn't mean you're immune to everything. Chaos mentally cautioned her. I'm not being overconfident. I simply feel ready for whatever may be thrown at me. Too much has happened for me to be fazed with something that I am constantly surrounded by. she replied.
  16. Stella looked around. Oh great, she was next. She thought quickly. Well, there was Lightning Vortex, from that time her aunt took her to the Frost Monarch's Palace...but no, she had used that out of necessity. Then there were the Dark and Light Imprisoning Mirrors, wait, those were traps! Ah. She liked Swords of Revealing Light. "I have never cast a spell on this side," she said, indicating the real world, "But I have cast one once in the Spirits' World. I am partial to Swords of Revealing Light, for it has saved me more than once." It was the one she had used to trap the Mind On Air again in the Frost Monarch's Palace...but it wasn't overly destructive, yet so very effective. It was strange, most of the spells she could remember came from that particular incident. Chaos pretended not to be paying attention, but he was steeling himself, in case Stella's memories overtook her again.
  17. Stella was rendered mute by...everything, really. In fact, she wouldn't have moved if Chaos hadn't (roughly) pulled her to go sit down near the front of the class where the duel arena was, and where the teacher was energetically zooming around. Her eyes were as wide as dishes, and she was looking around at everything, since it was just so DIFFERENT to what she was used to. Chaos smacked her lightly on the back of the head. "Quit looking like a tourist, Stella," he admonished. She gave him a sour look, but sat down at a desk, shoving a chair back and motioning for him to join her. She was feeling nervous and excited. A place to learn how to cast magic! Wow. She heard a guy nearby saying something about not wanting to introduce themselves. She herself didn't really mind either way. It might help her get back into the present, in any case.
  18. Stella blinked as she registered the info. "...Swell! We're all in the same Class! Ummm...I don't know this place well, but um, this class is...on the...um, second floor, I think?" she said. Well, the class number had a "2" in the front, so maybe it WAS on the second floor. "And it says the teacher is...Prof. Jinjekkai." Stella seemed a bit edgy still. She was wondering if he was a nice teacher. Little did she know he was almost as exotic as Amir if his earlier antics had been noticed. Chaos stood stiffly, not really taking an interest in most things. Truth was, the whole Spellcasting class thing sounded a little boring. He was a magician for crying out loud, that sort of thing came naturally to him, in this world OR his home dimension. You'd better do well in this class kid, or you don't deserve your status as one of us, he ribbed privately at her. "...Chaos, you're not helping. I'm not Aunt Sayomi." "But you grew up with her nearly-constant presence. No excuses," he said. "Geez, no pressure or anything," she said sarcastically.
  19. Ms. Fong gave Ray a wintry smile. "It is my responsibility to keep the school going. I cannot let my great-grandfather down by slacking off and letting his miracles hit the rocks. I believe you should be getting to your own class as well. You have more students than I do, for one." With that, she swept out of the gym to find an elevator. It was all the way up to the twelfth floor today, and then after that she had to go find some volunteers to help watch the younger students when they went on unannounced excursions through the Shadow Realm. She had warned them to let someone know, but she knew firsthand the wonders of the Duel Spirits World. Some of them might decide to sneak off regardless. "He's right, you know, you need to learn to relax," the Goyo Guardian commented casually. "Don't start on me, Dai. You know how much work it takes to keep the place running." she replied stiffly. "Then delegate some of it to that guy. That's what he's here for." Dai said. "I already have- the things I can trust him to get done on time, anyways. I do not particularly enjoy hounding people." "Could've fooled me." Dai said, earning a smack on the back of the head. He only chuckled. She DID worry too much. ----- Stella nodded her thanks to Chance, a habit she had picked up from her Familiar. She however, continued to keep the door open, having noticed Ryza heading towards them, and feeling that it would be rude to let the door shut on the guy. In acknowledgment of her comment, Chaos spared her a glance and a nod, but more or less seemed disinterested. "Ahaha, thank you, yeah, it is my first time here. I've heard stories about this place from my aunt, but I've never actually been to see it. My name is Stella, and that's my friend Chaos. I'm lucky to meet you, Chance." Stella said, offering a handshake and cracking a weak joke. She moved aside so Ryza could get in too. "Wow, I never thought I'd meet two people from the Citadel as well...nice to meet you...?"
  20. Stella flipped out her timetable in a fluid motion as soon as the Vice Principal finished speaking, in an attempt to cover up how badly spooked she was by his specificity of pointing out someone. Why did it have to be HER that the late one sat next to? As if Chaos didn't stand out enough already, being one of the few ritual monsters in the area! "...Spell Casting first..." she muttered, hiding how nervous she was. Chaos flicked the back of her head. "Sheesh, calm down, Stella. I thought you were only paranoid around those guys." he said, meaning Ice Kingdom and Sea Serpent monsters. "Besides, I thought you liked attention." "...Chaos, don't even go there...I'm quite happy enough to be left alone by other people now," she replied tensely. "It's the first day of school, I don't know anyone, what person in their right mind ISN'T nervous?!" "...Kid. It's West of Salem. I'm pre-tty sure they don't have cliques and those San Francisco things you're used to." he said almost lazily, ambling alongside her as she stood up and made her way towards the exit. "You really should try to get to know other people, your aunt would kill me if you came out as antisocial as I am." "*sigh* Chaos, fine, but I'm kinda tired right now..." she saw a girl somewhere in the area that had just let her Marine Dolphin disappear. Stella generally didn't pay any mind to what Chaos was doing or where he went- he came and gone as he liked. She wandered over to the girl, setting her pace to match hers...Stella needed to find her class too, on the...actually, she wasn't altogether sure WHICH floor she should be on. "Er, hello..." she said waving at Chansi. Ms. Fong stepped back and towards the other teachers, thankful that the opening announcements were over. She supposed she should be getting to class- she had to teach what few upper years there were, anyways. "Thank you, Mr. Lau. Good luck with your class," she said.
  21. Stella leaned back in her chair tiredly, looking out the sides of her half-closed eyes at the Dark Paladin. Hm, I guess he's sort of intimidating, but meh. He's not a whole lot worse than Chaos, and I'm REALLY used to him by now. she thought, lazily. She managed a half wave at that guy that was with Dark Paladin. Her pendant was hanging off to one side, the hexagram glinting slightly. Magician of Black Chaos, his greeting delivered, turned back and flicked Stella in the head. "Sit up straight, they're about to start," he said briskly. Stella mumbled and hauled herself into a sitting position. Ms. Fong checked her watch. Well, it was about time to start. She hated doing speeches, and never more so than now, but well, here goes nothing. Just do it like you were trained to, Lianne, and everything's going to be just FINE. she thought to herself, preparing to speak. "May I have your attention please!" she said. The warm chattering that the students had been making died down immediately. "Good afternoon, students, I am your Principal, Ms. Fong. I hope you all had a safe and relaxing summer vacation. To our returning students, welcome back, and to our new students, welcome to the Night Class of Tenebrus Institute. Veteran students, I expect you to assist the new ones in whatever way you can. Do not forget that you were all new once as well. A few announcements before we officially begin the Night Class Year. Night Class teaches Shadow Magic to you and your Familiars, and as always, we must keep this a secret from the Day Class-exclusive students, so do not reveal what Night Class teaches, and most importantly, do not cast magic on Day Class students unless you have no other option. At this time, if they were to discover us, there would be unnecessary complications. If you are caught trying to use a spell on a Day Class student, you will have to answer to me. Also, Night Class students, I still expect you to achieve at least 65% in your Day Class courses. Failure to do so will result in probation, suspension and expulsion from the school. You may refer to our counselors if you are experiencing difficulty. You are all bright students, otherwise you would not be sitting here today." A few groans rose at that comment. "I must also stress that Stealing other students' Familiars is not tolerated. Those caught Stealing will face severe consequences no less than suspension and expulsion. Those of you in Starter Class, do not try to Steal just to get into the Star Levels. Everyone summons at different times. Do not become too hasty. You will Summon when you are ready and not before. All students with Familiars, you must be vigilant. It is easier to prevent a Stealing than it is to reverse one. If you suspect that your Familiar is being stolen, cast whatever protection spells you have and leave the room immediately. You will be able to tell when you are being Stolen from- it will feel like something essential to your being is being forcibly torn from you." She did not visibly wince, but she knew EXACTLY how it felt...one of her employees had made an attempt on her Goyo Guardian and on a spiritual level, it was painful. Of course, that could be because she and Dai were so close. "I would also like to remind you that as always, if you are planning on visiting the Shadow Realm, to please notify a teacher or a teacher's aide. This is purely for safety, as we generally do not want students getting stuck for long periods of time. It has been known to cause...changes...in the student." And Sayomi Maki, alumni of ...more than twenty years ago, if she were here could stand as testament. "Mr. Lau, I believe you have a few closing remarks for the students?" she stepped off the podium for the Vice Principal to deliver his end of the speech- she usually ended up missing things, so, he could typically cover them.
  22. Chaos smirked. "Well, at least I can't complain that it won't be entertaining. Good news, Stella, you're not the only fruitcake in here!" he punched her shoulder good naturedly...or as close to that as he could manage. "If I'm a fruitcake, and you're hanging out with me, doesn't that make you a fruitcake by association?" she shot back, but alas, he wasn't listening. Chaos had noticed Lomore, and gave him a nod of greeting. He wasn't at all fazed by any attempts of intimidation from anyone- after all, there were loads of guys who were "scary" back at the Citadel, himself included. Ms. Fong gave Jinjekkai an odd look from her place on the stage. It looked like just about everyone was here, so they should start soon. She kept a careful eye on them, especially the ones with the two eight star monsters. Interesting- one of them looked severely disabled, probably because the Dark Paladin also had such a strong effect to support, and that other one was just weird- her attribute polarity was opposite to her monster's she wondered how they got along so well. Normally there would be matching types. She checked her watch. Almost time to start, there were a few minutes left for the stragglers...
  23. ((LET'S GO!!!! btw, new people, ALWAYS welcome.)) Ms. Fong stood at the podium in the gymnasium. It was 4 pm of the first day of classes, and all of the Night Class students had been called down. She was perhaps a little nervous- she was never very good at giving speeches, and an opening speech at the beginning of the year was practically mandatory. She could see some students starting to file in, some were curious, and others were grumbling about how late it was. Well, it wasn't like she could make it earlier- she had to leave enough time for the Day Class students' clubs to conclude, otherwise they'd find out about the Night Class, and that was the last thing she needed right now. It had been hard enough to coordinate everything WITHOUT the Day Class knowing anything about it. The Goyo Guardian behind her, visible only to those of Night Class, those with powers, put a hand on her shoulder to reassure her. "It'll be over before you know it, Li-li," he said good-naturedly. "*sigh* Please don't call me that in front of everyone, Dai. I'm supposed to be the Principal. A little respect, if you don't mind..." she said softly. "Heh, alright, alright Ms. Fong. Do your best." Stella walked into the large room, looking around cautiously. This was her first day here, and normally she wouldn't be so nervous, but...well, this was a new place and she was just a bit wary about it. Her aunt Sayomi had assured her that she would be fine, but she certainly wasn't feeling too dandy. She had no idea who else would be there! "Calm down, Stella, you're making ME nervous. Quit being so paranoid." the Magician of Black Chaos right besides her poked her in the head. She gave him a withering look. "Yeah, that's easy for YOU to say Chaos. Everything else is more scared of YOU than you are of them! And in case you forgot, I'm not exactly going to be in fighting form for a very long time..." "Hey, not my fault I got stuck with you, blondie." he quipped. "*sigh* Why do I put up with this..." she mumbled.
  24. I really should be bugging an approver now, shouldn't I.