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Check my profile for info on silver Shimmer breeding.

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    JULY 2017:

    I am kind of back but real life is still a bit chaotic, so I may be slow to check in sometimes.

    My list is currently CLOSED to new additions.

    To people on my list: you do not have to fulfill your half of the trade as of July 2017, if you have not already filled it. My inbox is a mess and I don't have time to go through it to figure things out past who I promised an egg to. You WILL get your half of the trade from me, no worries.

    The only time I'll ask for an egg from you is if you want a mate that I currently don't have. You can pick a name for any eggs that you provide. You can also pick a name for a mate that is currently on my scroll but lacks a name.

    I will message you a bit before I can breed for you so you can choose a mate. If you aren't responsive by the time I can breed for you, I will bump you down the list but you will NOT be removed. Ditto for if I breed an egg for you but you aren't around to pick it up - you'll just be bumped down the list.

    I have a male silver Shimmer-scale from the December 2012 raffle (oh god that's so long ago now wow). Kawa-no-Kami's name is taken from a river spirit in the film Spirited Away, apparently translating to "river god." He's a picky breeder and likes to make me suffer, so eggs take awhile to breed.