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  1. Is anyone experiencing a glitch where you CLIMB DOWN and you get a description of a PATH, but when you type in another command, it returns you to the nest? It's really frustrating me right now.
  2. I, A. L. Aljan, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.
  3. Thanks, everyone, for the wonderful comments about my house - I stopped by when I saw the thread re-opened and wanted to wish everyone a happy new year!!!
  4. Here's my contribution to the fabulous show-and-tell we've been having here: http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/A.%20L.%20Aljan There's been sooooo many creative houses here that I couldn't help but borrow and tweak others' ideas, and this is what appeared... I wish I'd have had it planned out better in the beginning, because I ended up having to do a *LOT* of re-layering several times, especially the dormer window in the front: I've probably had to re-do that a dozen times - not joking! Thanks to T.J., the spriters, and for everyone that's taken the time to share. This has been a fantastic event!
  5. Peace on earth and goodwill towards men! Regardless of your denomination, faith, or simply our collective human consciousness, I wish you all joy, love, and prosperity!
  6. This has been a fantastic Halloween! Not only did I manage to get all 40 items in that well-planned Haunted House event, but all of my past Halloween dragons produced for me, I was able to pick up an additional Pumpkin egg, I caught all 6 Shadow eggs in record time, and I was able to complete my Zombie collection with an adult male and female AND an S2 hatchie (I was only able to get an S1 Zombie last year). That was *EVERYTHING* I wanted! Thanks again to TJ, the spriters, and everyone that made this wonderful Halloween event happen - it's been amazing!
  7. Managed to get a Black Stripe with a Blue Stripe and a Black Marrow dragon = yay! Looking forward to catching the others and seeing the adults!
  8. I feel like I'm being magically whisked back to my teaching days, which is a good thing! I've come up with a loose system to keep things organized in my head and to keep it fair: 1-2 for little to no effort, i.e. very incomplete 3 for very minimal, haphazard-looking trees 4 for extremely overcrowded, very unorganized trees (those that look like they were plastered with no thought) 5 for somewhat minimal, somewhat organized trees 6 for organized, pleasing arrangements on traditional-looking trees or those with some creativity 7 for trees with obvious "theme" or exceptionally nice-looking traditional-style trees with creativity 8 or 9 with obvious "outside-the-box" creativity/theme that was well-executed 10 creative trees that are well-executed with the overall "WOW!" factor! I'm seeing some trees that the decorators have arranged the dragons and parrots to make them look like they are the ones decorating the trees... love it! I particularly loved one with a gold Western-style dragon tree topper that appeared to have tangled himself in lights while decorating the tree, and so far, it's my favorite. I thought that was really cute! Overall, I think people have done a really nice job with these trees, and the artists that contributed did a fantastic job with the ornaments and the lovely border... and I'd be remiss if I didn't thank T.J. for a wonderful idea. Happy belated holiday to everyone and good luck with the contest!
  9. Wow... seriously fantastic-looking sprites with wonderful descriptions! I'm glad TJ did his best to make sure many of got these by adding that second line of eggs during the drop on the 31st - I'd never have gotten them otherwise... and I've had been so disappointed to miss out on these dark beauties! Another big thanks to the pumpkin breeders that allowed me to snag two of them this year: had to work ree-donk-u-lous hours last year and was unable to catch any: thanks to you, I now have them!!! Yay, Halloween!!!
  10. soooooooooooooooooo frustrated.... I've been trying to catch almost non-stop using just about EVERY method here for the last 6 HOURS, and I haven't caught SQUAT. I've never had this much trouble. This is unreal...
  11. I've taken the oath and will happily stand by it. I adhere to responsible breeding practices on all of my virtual pet games and preach the "gospel" IRL, as I'm an avid dog fan/groomer/exhibitor. ~ Amanda @ Aljan