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ALWAYS seeking the following: Spriter Alt checkers and Thuwed lineages with all 1st gen Thuweds (no spirals or stairs)

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    Currently seeking REPUTABLE traders to help me obtain the following:
    * Spriters Alt lines, any generation (the longer the lineage = the more SA's = the better), at least 1/2 of first generation must be SA's (no stairs or spirals)
    * PB Prize lines, any generation (the longer the lineage = more prizes = the better)
    * 2-5G Thuweds, all Thuweds in 1st generation (no stairs or spirals)
    * 2G Prizes

    I'm VERY interested in Spriter's Alt. lines: please contact me if you've got good ones!

    ***2G COPPER TINSEL BREEDING LIST OPEN (limited slots)***

    I can offer breedings to my:
    * 2015 Bronze Tinsel (before the Raffle existed)
    * CB Alt Sweetling
    * CB Metallics of all varieties (Gold, Silver, Bronze, etc.)
    * Original 2009 CB Bright Pink (before the site-wide sprite change)
    * Original 2009 CB Frill male (before the site-wide sprite change)
    * All CB Holiday dragons
    * Several Spriter's Alt, Thuwed, and 3-4G Prize lines
    * All CB Breeds and all possible non-prize CB Alts

    Traders I've had good experiences with (I hope this list continues to grow!):
    * The Evil Doer
    * Master0fPuppets
    * ZzelaBusya
    * aqua17
    * suskekun222
    * rrattts
    * Dragooneagle
    * ~X~
    * moon89
    * purple3485
    * priscel
    * Whentime
    * artiuslove
    * Sinion Kabe
    * snakehands
    * Leneth.
    * HopSketch

    Justie: 4G Omen double arrow Spirit Ward
    Godzalla: Alt Mistletoe X Gold (I traded an Aria X Tinsel 2G)

    Breedings I owe:

    * snakehands: Alt Valentine's X Silver
    (* ~X~: 2G Prizekin Copper X Caligene)