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  1. I found a Leetle Tree in the Forest. I didn't even know these could drop.
  2. A wall of purebred Nocturnes. I wish I could take more of them!
  3. I've actually started to hoard CB Pyropes. I can't help it. They feel like polished stone and they're so shiny! <3 They want me to pick them up, yes they do! I have yet to see any of their rare kin, but I'm sure if they were more common, I'd hoard them, too.
  4. Help! I think I might be addicted to Pyrope Pyralspites. I seem to be unable to walk past them in the cave. I read 'This egg feels like polished stone' and all I can think is MINE MINE MINE MINE! I've recently come back from a looong hiatus, and have by no means collected all the dragons that have been released during my absence. But whenever I try to pick up a new egg, another Pyralspite is waiting for me. They're doing this on purpose, I swear!
  5. Where do I find the game? When I click on "play mana alchemy" all I see are the instructions.
  6. Found this amazing 3g purebred red egg in the cave: SjNzo It's not inbred either. Thank you, unknown breeder!
  7. It's hard to remember because it's been so long, but I think they were Earth (Pebbles), Skywing, Gray, Skywing.