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  1. I lol'd. Anyway, thanks, TJ.
  2. It's rare that anything is getting above a three for me...
  3. I don't remember the first four I snatched joining, but the first eggs I caught that survived were a Spring and a Whiptail <3 (Cherry Blossoms in Newleaf and River Flowing Swift After Storm, both of which grew up on my birthday ) Dark Night of No Stars and Petal of Rhododendron were AP grabs as hatchlings. (I also caught a bright pink and a frill as hatchlings, but they died :c) If I think about it, I know one of my eggs from when I joined was a magi because I hyperclicked it when I saw the word "aura" in the description
  4. since I have a small horde of them, I'm just saying my theme. All of mine (That I've gotten around to naming) have a letter of the Greek alphabet, and a form of "blood" in it. Also, this doesn't pertain to naming, but if I were to breed-sort my scroll, all of them go female, male, female, male, female, male...
  5. Just checked my scroll and saw I had a new egg- How in StarClan's name did this happen?!!
  6. Oh StarClan, don't say that. There has to be a Halloween release.
  7. I actually didn't like this quite as much. I've always had the preference of Greek over Roman mythology, and I don't like the swap between perspectives. I also really miss Percy, actually. He grew on me.
  8. This is what I get for having a life* on the fourth of July >.> No badge in the next release! *Doing nothing in a house with no internet
  9. There would be no apostrophe in "story's". In fact, it should be "stories".
  10. Well, when TJ comes to a topic, I think it's probably pretty serious. (almost put "srs bsns", but decided against it, given the nature of the thread...)
  11. You might just throw the whole of PoT and OotS on that platter and throw my name on it.
  12. Could someone please PM me explaining what Pokémon Night is/was? o.O
  13. Day Glory description- Warm or warmest, are you perhaps thinking? I just wanted to point that out...
  14. Caught the two cave droppers! Neither Seas and Cougar or Willows and Glare produced the bred egg though :C
  15. This made accidentally waking up at 5:40 okay