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  1. I would try the binaural beats method if it weren't for all those rumours about binaural beats being dangerous and/or the cause of much suicide. I'm joking, I just don't know where I could find something that sounds nice that allows me to control my dreams. And isn't the Lavender Town song.
  2. Don't think I've ever experienced something like this but I've been aware of it for a while. Any tips on how it works/how to control dreams like this?
  3. I like Enigma, Puck, Venomancer, Slardar and Phantom Lancer. Also I've never played LoL. I'm a Dota fan. I'm not one of those guys who hates on LoL players though, I respect both games but I prefer Dota for allowing everybody to play everybody. LoL's 'unlocking' would be a nice idea in another game.
  4. Too much Dota 2 when you have 640+ hours. Oh maan I need a life
  5. I'm allergic to both, sadly, so I have to say neither as I've never drunk either of them.
  6. Again? You need a more interesting avatar, my friend. And no, I'm not kissing that. I'll get some weird disease of some sort. Maybe worms. I bet you have worms.
  7. Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog... in my bed (HAH that's dirty)
  8. Yaay! Ground types unite! Anyway, C-C-COMBO BREAKER, no.
  9. Banned because SO MANY DRAGONS OH GAAAWD
  10. Banned for non-Pokémon avatar.
  11. Banned for kissing me in another THREAD. Yeah, that's how you spell it.
  12. Grumpy? I'm not grumpy. *whacks* But yeah, I might as well. It might be a bit difficult with this skull in the way, though...
  13. Banned for misinterpreting my ban, as I don't even know who they are but they still disgust me with their attempt at being "cool".
  14. Banned for horribly horrible gif in your sig.
  15. I'm insulted. Yes, but only on your hand, because I'm polite and don't go straight for the face (IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN)
  16. Eurgh. It's an ANIME PERSON EEEUGH (i know, sorta ironic seeing as my avatar's a cubone from an anime but YOU KNOW)
  17. I would but I can't. You know what I mean. Blip.
  18. Freaking Morphling used his Shotgun on my before I could burst him down with my Heatseeking Missiles/Laser/Dagon Lv2. Damn you Morphling.
  19. AruGard

    Post Ctrl+V

    Oh. That's... not very nice.
  20. Ah, it's Mr. Noteeth again. I recommend going to dentist, unless you're adamant on sucking my biceps.