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    Too much DOTA. It's corrupted me. AAAH
  • Birthday 12/10/1995


Send me a PM if you wanna be friends on Steam! Also, give me your Wii Friend Code and we can play some Pokemon Battle Revolution or Super Smash Bros. together!33xeydt.jpg

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    England. Little place called Kent. Specifically, Maiden's Stairn.
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    Dota 2. It's a lot of bloody addictive eye-gouging fun.

    Other video games. I don't play them much after Dota arrived but I still enjoy the classics, ie. Patapon 2, Mario 64, Banjo, and especially Ocarina of Time.

    Music. Not pop, or metal, or emo rock or all that ****. I like proper music. Like dubstep. OH THE IRONY

    Playing with my teddies. Seriously, this is what happened when I got bored once - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8VfiYcqSEQ
    (Naughty words!)
    Filming. Filming what, you ask? Filming me acting like some sort of mental patient - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dBMwO6sI48&feature=relmfu
    (Also naughty words!)
    Garry's Mod. For some reason I got ****loads of views for THE most retarded thing I've done yet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-ayzcdEzb8&feature=relmfu
    (Adult content warning for above!)
    Being a furry. And proud. And also a brony. So screw the haters.

    Drinking tea and eating shortbread like a true English gentleman.

    Pokémon-ning. Send me your Wii friend code in a PM and I'll play you in Battle Revolution. I warn you, you won't beat me.

    Brawling. Same deal goes. You send me your friend code, I'll kick your bottom.