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  1. Leo walked through the forest. He had been wandering around the world for years now, but he has stopped here. Leo kept walking up a steep hillside until he came upon a cave. It was getting dark, so Leo made a fire with branches from outside the cave. As Leo sat huddled around the fire, he finally took in his surroundings. It looked like a normal cave, except that towards the back there was an odd bone. Leo got up to exam it, and to his surprise, it was a dragon bone. Leo looked around to try to find the rest, and he found small tunnel. Leo crawled through into a large cavern with nests littered all around. It seemed like all the eggs were crushed. Then Leo saw the body of the dragon skull that he saw earlier. It was huddled around a nest. Leo ran over to examin the nest. In it were two perfect eggs. One of them was a dark navy blue. Leo picked both up and placed them in his bag, he then proceded to leave the cave and rest around his fire.
  2. {I quite, i am sorry, but this is way to rude for me.}
  4. {can someone please tell me what has happened??}
  5. {what has happened so far?? nothing happened when i was here a while ago}
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  7. ( were are all the efen heroes!!)
  8. Leo sat down in the hallways of the Hero School, waiting to find out what to do.
  9. "I am Leo" Leo said "Nice to meet you.". Leo surveyed the group of so called "Heroes". He thought about what classes they would have...
  10. Leo nodded and said "I will ask the principal if w can have a 3 person group.". He then walked up to her and asked that exact question.
  11. Leo quickly put his claws behind his back and let them disapear as the principle walked in. Leo smiled inoccently at the principal and nodded his head in respect.
  12. Leo looked at the blood weapon and said "Cool.". Leo turned to the person who had just walked up to them. "Yes, we are in a group" Leo replied "But you can join if we are aloud to have three to a group. " Leo turned to his partner and asked "So, can we have three in a group?". While Leo was waiting for an answer he stretched out his hand and a blue ball of energy formed in it. He smiled, thankful that he had recharged his energy last night. Leo formed them in to razor sharp claws and said "Ready now!".
  13. {and no, i do not make siggies!! WHO TOOK MY PICTURE!!!!!}
  14. Leo smiled and said "Sure, that would be cool.". Leo frowned as he remembered his wings. "I hope you dont mind about my wings..." Leo said sadly.
  15. Leo smiled and took a flyer from the woman who was in charge of the school. Leo walked down the hall, trying to conceal his wings. Suddenly, they broke out of his shirt and his whole wing span filled the hall. Leo groaned as many of the students began to stare at him. He quickly folded his wngs back into his shirt then walked on. "OOO, PLEASE dont let anyone come talk to me about my wingss!!!" Leo thought urgently, he soon began to walk faster.
  16. {ok, i am starting} Leo flew down to were all the buses were parked "Damnit!! I'm late!" Leo screamed. he ran into the building, and after taking a few wrong turns, he found the auditorium. Leo silently crept over to a seat so that the Head Mater couldn't see that he was late. He relaxed then waited like the rest of the "Special" children.
  17. Username: Leodoug Name: Leo Dorm floor: F3 Dorm #: 3 Power(s): He can fly with his wings, he can also harness energy{he recharges under the moon} and he can use it to shoot beams and mold it into claws. Personality: He is charming and muscular. He was a jock at his old school but was made fun of for his... "Special Abilities" description:(pics allowed)- Teacher/Student: Student Hero/Villain: Hero Nickname:(ex:superman(cannot be used))- Moonburst {Please accept this!!}