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  1. Leo turned around to see ten, or maybe eleven Agnimitra flying at him. He was in no mood to deal with them. He turned around and fired three quick blasts of ice at three different dragons. He turned around and flapped his wings harder. He looked below him to see a beautiful lake. Leo sighed, he could take them. He changed from his dragon to human and plummeted down into the water. For normal people, this would have killed them, but since Leo was a part of the water, he dove into the water with no damage to himself. Leo opened his gills and dove deep into the lake, waiting for the others to follow. Leo smiled, these stupid fire dragons had no idea what they were getting themselves into.
  2. (Haha lol, that was a fun leetle twist! This is getting interesting!) Leo nodded then waved goodbye. At least he would see her soon, he knew it. Leo tried to keep his steely composure, but he couldnt keep down a small sob. He had just seen someone from his past, probably his only remaining friend, and she was on the other side. Leo slowly turned around to hide his tears, blocking his mind from her. He flew into the air, big teardrops rolled from his face to the ground. He blindly flew towards the place were he last saw Puppy, but no one was there. HE wiped his tears quickly with a large slender paw, then wondered, "Were are they?".
  3. Leo quickly changed to his dragon form and stopped Arasi. "Please, stay with us, you know this is wrong. You are the only one i trust, look at me in the eyes and tell me you truly believe in Darks plan.". Leo looked her strait in the eye, he tried to send her a message of all the pain of Dark right to her mind, and then all the love he was fighting for, Leo kept this going, hoping it would help.
  4. Leo stood in shock, "You knew my parents?", Leo breathed in shock. It suddenly dawned on Leo, and he had to ask it, "If you were living in the temple, then you must know some valuable info about the gem, after all, the Amphibios knew more than anyone.", Leo smiled at her. He released the ice bonds and stared her in the eye, "You obviously didnt tell Dark these secrets or he would have found more Amphibio temples, and he may have already found the gem. Why didnt you, if oyu are as loyal as you say?".
  5. "Arasi?",Leo said in shock. He slightly loosened his hold on her as he observed the Agnimitra he knew as a child. "I forgot what you went off to do", Leo said, as the confusion knocked him out of his frenzy of rage, "Why would you turn over to Dark? I thought you were helping to protect me when i was little...". He didn't know what to do, should he let her up, and have the possibility of her turning on him, or should he continue to hold her hostage. Leo kept the ice bonds strong but stepped back, changing back into his human form. "I cant believe i remember now..", Leo exclaimed, but a soldier quickly assaulted him. Leo turned around and took out the remaining soldiers around him, they were so worrisome. He turned back to Arasi and said, "My memory of my childhood is still foggy, i need to know what happened when you left..".
  6. Leo frowned as the fire shield was brought above the army, Leo hated the fire. They then began to send fire at HIM! He was outraged, fortunantly, the fire did not pass through his shield. Leo lowered his shield as a ice cocoon was raised above the army. He quickly changed into dragon form. Leo drew the deepest, coldest water from the earth, and shaped it into his own personal armor. He flew out above the cocoon, and pick a choice spot above it. He opened it above one of the leaders(Arasi). HE flew down and pushed her to the ground raising his claws above her head while simultaneously pinning her to the ground with ice. Leo growled deeply, did he recognize this Agnimitra?
  7. (I was planning on leaving a few.... *turns to army and sticks up middle finger* I hope a lot of them die though..)
  8. When Leo finally saw the troops, he lost all common sense and became clouded with rage. Water flowed up from the ground and surrounded him in an icy shield. He then directed his storm towards the troops with a wave of his hand. The adrenaline pumped through his veins, he was driven by pure hatred. The water rained down upon the troops, at first they laughed, but instead of the rain falling of their bodies, it stuck to them, and hardened to ice, slowly freezing them to the core. The first line froze solid and Leo laughed with glee. He was having the time of his life. ( Sorry, i was on a role, i was kinda thinking that when I was writing but you know how it is when you get on a role... anyways, YOU WILL ALL PERISH, Leo is showing his DAWK SIDE!!! OoOoOoO!!)
  9. Leo sighed as everything went well. This boy was powerful. But he soon became very alert as Stick rushed into action. After few short moments he asked Leo his name. "I am Le...", but he was cut off as Stick warned him of the approaching army. Dark in person? Well, this he couldn't miss. Maybe now he could finally get revenge, and so Leo responded, "No, they may be after you, but they have hunted my breed to extinction, I am going to stay and fight, for it is our war, and no man should fight it alone.". Leo then faced the direction of the noise and felt an unbearable rage build inside him. He felt the waters around him shake and the once cloudless sky grew dark and stormy. Leo's eyes glazed over as the power of the water took him over. He was powered by rage and fury, and no one would deny him his rite to at least fight. The final bits of Leo's consciousness faded away as the water took full control, an army would be the least of his problems, he just hoped on one got in his way.
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  11. Leo removed the red hot tip from the fire. He quickly formed the ice tongs to gloves and slipped them on. As he picked up the tip, he looked over to Golden and said, "Get ready to heal him, when I say so, you NEED to do it.". Leo then turned back to Stick and pressed the wound together with his free hand. With his other hand he quickly burnt the wound shut. He gave it a couple seconds to set in, then released his control on the ice, and let it melt onto the wound. When all the water dissipated he looked over to Puppy and said, "You need to do this now, or the burn will hurt him more than it will help.". As Leo said this he thought of this poor boy, would he be able to handle it? He had already been through so much. He ignored this thought, since he knew this boy would do it, this man obviously meant a lot. Leo slowly watched stick, waiting to take emergency action.
  12. Leo looked at the arrow tip, it was small but it would have to do. He simply nodded to Golden, as there was to little time to talk. He quickly whipped out a piece of flint and began giving orders to Golden. "Now, I am going to start the fire, I need you to stay near Stick and tell me how he is doing", Leo said quickly. He ran over to the nearby woods and gathered some underbrush, and thankfully, there was an old tree nearby, which he chopped to bits and used as firewood. Leo practically fell out of the forest as he raced against time. He grabbed the flint and began to try to light the fire. It took him several times, since fire was not his forte', but he eventually got it. He threw the logs into the fire and eventually it grew into a raging, barely controlled bonfire. Now, here was the trouble, he needed to suspend the tip over the fire without burning himself. Leo slowly drew water from the ground. He concentrated on the water floating before him and let a small breath escape his lips and touch the water. It immediately froze and molded into the shape of tongs. Now came the tricky part, Leo had to maintain a steady stream of water into the tongs to keep them frozen and solid enough to hold the metal. He drew water from the ground and connected it to the tongs. Leo grabbed the metal with the tongs and placed them over the fire. He concentrated as the water was drawn up and channeled into the tongs to reform the melted ice. As the metal got hotter, it got harder to keep the tongs solid. Leo's forehead beaded with sweat as he concentrated, and the tip became red hot. Leo kept his head down, but said in the most audible voice he could muster, "Bring stick over to me now, and get ready, this needs to be quick.".
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    yeah, i am also having that issue.
  14. Leo surveyed the scene with disdain. Every time he tried to talk he was cut off, and precious seconds were ticking away for the old man. When Leo finally got a chance to speak, he explained his idea. "Now, if anyone has any type of medal, we can start a fire and heat it.", Leo then turned to Puppy and continued his directions, "Then, if you still have any healing magic in you, you will need to stand by as I burn the wound closed. I will then cool it with water, and you will have to restore the skin and some blood. Everything can be done if someone here has at least a little healing power". Leo stopped and, looking expectantly at Puppy, said, "So, what do you say? The old man has minutes left, its your choice.".
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    wow, waiting is really anoying...
  16. Leo was hit with sudden realization, he had just seen fellow Agnimitra. He sighed, as he knew that he would have to get involved. Leo slunk out from the brush and over to the old man. As he was walking over to him, he passed the woman. He shivered as he remembered the scene. Leo continued to walk towards the man who was wounded, but thankfully still alive. Leo was no healer, but as he knelt down to examine the wound, he felt he could at least try something. He slowly drew water from the ground and the air into a condensed ball. He then let it trickle into the wound and cleaned it out as thoroughly as he could. Leo drew the water back out from the wound and discarded it. He had an idea, but he knew that he would need some help. He slowly stood, then acknowledged his presence with a quick "Hello there, I believe i could help your friend... if you are willing to help me.".
  17. (wow, dashidragon, that was beautiful, i hope you dont mind if i join in on that little party...) Leo, as some called him, was swimming through the sea. He loved the sea, he felt that if he always stayed there, he would never be hurt. Of course, he knew this was not true, no were was safe with Dark on the loose, but at least he had some sort of sense of security. Leo finished surveying this area of the sea, unfortunantly he came up blank, like all the other areas he had ever searched. Leo sighed, he knew it was time to surface and search the land. Leo has been searching all over the globe for years looking for the ancient Amphibio Dragon Temple. It contained lots of ancient information on how to defeat Dark and his forces, and it was for this reason that Dark is pushing his species to the brink of extinction. Leo sunk to the bottom of the sea and gathered his strength. He closed his eyes momentarily, then opened them in a quick surge of power. He pumped his webbed claws, then, when he gained enough speed, stopped pumping and began to paddle with his tail. Leo broke the surface of the water and instantly was launched in the air. His body quickly shifted, losing the webbed feat, paddled tail, and gills. He unfurled his wings, extending them to his full height as his scales changed to a deep blue color. He plummeted back to the water, and before he touched the water, he took to strong flaps, and ascended into the sky. He savored the fresh air before he flapped harder, moving faster, and exchanging the fresh air for fast moving breezes. It didnt take him long to get to land since he was very close, but as he flew lower to the ground a scene unfurled. He watched uselessly as a man was mercilessly killed, only to see the murderer get shot by her own arrow. The man was then brought back to life as the old man was revived. This all happened very fast and Leo had limited time to react. He silently ascended to a small forest on the outside of the cemetery, and transformed to his human form, a 17 year old, brown haired, blue eyed, boy. He silently walked through the brush to survey the scene,and got there in time to see the murderess die.
  18. {i am really sorry that i have not been here! I was on vacation! can someone please inform me of what has happened while i was gone?}
  19. {going away for about a month, srry!!}
  20. Leo looked on in wonder as the egg hatched. It was a wonderful thing to see, new life breaking forth from an egg. The hatchlings squeked then reached out its snout to touch Leo's hand. The momentt did Leo felt power surge through his body and as the power seeped through him, it overloaded his body. Leo fell to the ground, his hatchling sleeping on his chest, a silver mark on his right hand.
  21. Leo awoke in the middle of the night. The egg that he heald glowed and he could faintly see a dragon fetus moving inside the egg. Leo stared in wonder as the egg began to hatch.
  22. {I dont know, i am not hatching both, just holding on to the other one. Notice how i only said on e of the colors.} Leo smiled i at the newcomer but grasped his knife tightly, just in case. "I am Leo", Leo answered, "And you are?".