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  1. Leo returned the hug, surprised at how upset Arasi was. He held a moment longer, then let go and said, "I'm fine Arasi, I managed to survive. I am so glad you even bother to come look...". Leo looked into the sky and thought about Puppy and Stick. He barely new them, but for some reason, deep down, he knew he needed them to help. Most of all, he needed Arasi. Leo looked back into her eyes and said, "I know you believe in Darks cause and what he believes in, but thats not why i don't join him. I don't join him because he kills to get what he wants and doesn't consider other races". Leo grimaced as he continues, knowing this might hurt Arasi, "You can just overlook the fact that millions of innocent Agnimitra are killed daily. Cant you see that they, and the humans, deserve a fighting chance? If we can try to reason with them and stop them from ruining the earth, and yes, i know they wreck the earth, then we can end this fighting with peace!". Leo looked into Arasi's eyes and waited for an answer, he didn't expect her to turn on Dark, but it was worth a try.
  2. Leo had just taken off when his mind was hit with a message from Arasi. Leo tried to jump with joy, but he was in the air after all. He quickly made a u- turn to the direction he had received the message. With egg in hand, Leo flew faster than he had in a long time, making the trip seem far shorter. The egg wiggled slightly, but in Leo's excitement, he didn't notice. He just couldn't contain himself. The thought that Arasi just might come with him was enough to push all of the bad feelings of the day to the back of his mind, bringing forth only Leo and joy. When he finally saw Arasi, he sent out a friendly roar and landed gently. Leo changed back to his human form and greeted Arasi with a warm, "Arasi! I didn't expect to see you again so soon!"
  3. Haha thanks its really helpful! Feel free to tell me what i can improve also, i still need to work on my rping.
  4. Ok, well my rp doesnt have that many people and it gets a little boring, so i would love it if some of you guys could check it out. Its called the true ones and its on teh second page now.
  5. Ehhh, guys, am i allowed to talk about my rp a bit in here or no?
  6. Leo yawned and rose from the ground, completely restored after his long rest. First priority, Leo looked to his egg and was surprised to see a large crack in it. (Me thinks it needs more views, lol.) Leo decided it was about time to let everyone know he was alive, if they could even pick up his message. Leo sent out a small telepathic message simply telling his friends that he was alive and ok, and that he was coming. Next, he would need a more efficient way to carry the egg. He took off his jacket, he really didnt need it, so he ripped it and made the best bag his could. It was shabby, but it was strong and it would hold the egg easily. Leo put the egg gently on the ground and scrounged around for some old leaves, or something soft and warm. Leo unexpectantly came across an old fox den. It had soft warm fur lining it, first meant for the cubs, but it was up for grabs now. Leo leaned in and pulled out the fir, lining his bag with it. Leo then ran back to his little camp only to find something startling. A wolf was sniffing the egg and stuck out it's tongue to lick it. A gutteral roar escaped Leo's throught making nearby birds fly away in fear. The wolf however turned in Leo's direction, an unimpressed expression on it's face. Instead of acting aggressivley, it sniffed the egg one more time, then ran off. Leo ran up to the egg and checked it thoroughly, nothing seemed wrong with it, but Leo was worried non the less and gently placed it in the bag. Before flying again, Leo went back into the forest to hunt. There was nothing for a long while, until a large doe passed through a grove in the woods. Leo silently came in firing range then fired a quick icicle into its side, killing it. Leo proceeded to melt the ice, then drag the doe back to his campfire. He only cooked a small part of it and ate it quickly, then left the rest of it for the animals of the woods to reclaim there fallen brother. Leo lay back against a tree and thought back to Arasi, Will she ever come?, Leo thought. He knew his path was the right one, but he could not deny that Darks cause was not completely flawed. He was right about a few things, like the humans did destroy the planet and were selfish. The only thing he did wrong was killing so many to get what he wanted, and not give the humans a chance. That was a big one. All things deserved a chance, no matter how bad they are. Who knows? Maybe the humans could turn themselves around in a peaceful fashion. In His mind, that was the number one goal of the resistance. Not only to stop Dark, but to bring about peace with the humans and restore the world to the wonderful place it should be. In the end, Leo would always let the humans, just to give them a chance. He just hoped they didn't cross the line, then he might have to make them listen to the things he needed to see. Leo was finally ready to fly. He transformed and grabbed the bag and took to the skies with one thought in his mind. Would Arasi listen?
  7. I read it. It was so good i could feel the emotions of the people when they were feeling them. When falcon and mark laughed, i swear i giggled at my house, and i didnt even know what was funny!
  8. omagod, i cant read that now... its so long!
  9. Merry Christmas! I will only say that, and nothing other than that, so dont force me
  10. Ok, thats fine, if you guys plan something, ill be ready.
  11. YEAAA OOC!! Anyways, ma egge is gonna hatch soooon! O Yeah! anywayyyyyy, what are we gonna do to get this plot rollin! nothin much is happening and its been a while!
  12. Leo flew over land for hours, it was longer than he had expected. The sun began to set, and Leo began to tire, he was more of a swimmer than a flier. It didn't matter now anyone, he was to tired to do anything. He descended to the ground and gently landed, the egg only slightly moving in his scaly arms. Leo lay the egg on the ground and quickly changed back to his human form, only to pick the egg back up again. Leo leaned up against a rock, dreams already swimming before his eyes. But before he completely closed his eyes, he thought he saw a small crack in the egg. Overwhelmed by exhaustion, Leo dismissed it as a trick of the light, and went to sleep.
  13. (*glares* now i have to swim through 90% poo and only 10% water compared to the normal 50 50, i now hate beens...)
  14. (haha yeah, i plan to like, swim through some sort of waste system into the castle. *gags* but anyway, ill wait till you guys pm me. Trust me, i dont expect it to be easy, i just thought it would be fun.)
  15. (Ummm, so what should i do??? I think everyone has plans for puppy getting out... can i help somehow, or if you dont want me to, how can i get involved?)
  16. (that would be great, i dont want to interfere with anything, so just tell me if i do something i shouldnt and ill change it... we really should set up some sort of thing were we find a clue... that would be great!)
  17. (haha lol, i dont think i am going to get involved with the army... my plan is to somehow get in contact with Puppy, Stick, and Arasi, sneek in, then leave quitly and quickly with puppy, Stick, and maybe Arasi to go to the Amphibio Dragon Temple that Leo remembered, and hopefully find a clue to the gem. If no one cares that is....)
  18. Leo awoke feeling better than he had in a while. What he had done was amazing, he had created life! Of course, it was elemental life, which is not as powerful a natural life, but it was life all the same. Leo gently lifted the egg and gazed at it lovingly. As he looked at this beautiful form of his power, Leo had a thought, what if he made an army of these little things? He could kill Dark and his army himself! Leo rushed to pick up the scroll, but as his skin touched it, it reacted violently. The scroll burst in to flames and rose gently into the sky. Leo screamed in frustration, "Nothing ever goes my way!". Leo, something whispered gently. Leo looked around for the source of the voice, but it could not be found. I am Infino, the light agnimitra that raised you., it said quitly. Leo gasped in shock, unable to speak. Could this be his deceased friend? I am coming to you from the spirit realm to tell you about my scroll, Infino whispered, I instilled my life force in it before i died, so that you could one day have a companion to help you, unfortunantly, my life force was only strong enough for one, and it was destroyed when it ran out of energy.. Leo could only muster a little, "Thank you.", before returning to his state of awe. I only have time to say that, Infino said, But you are doing so well, Leo. You WILL defeat Dark and avenge your parents.. Infino's voice faded away, leaving Leo in tears. He had instilled his life to help him, and all he could say was thank you? But this could not go on long. With a renewed strength and determination, Leo lifted the egg from the ground and changed to dragon form. He cradled it gently as he jumped into the air, headed for were Arasi, Puppy, and Stick were.
  19. (Ok, ill have him wake up only to see the scroll burn then rise up with its secrets into the sky... is that ok?)
  20. (Its really the scroll, that later on you will find out the light dragon instilled his energy in it, that gives it life... So in my next post, i am exchanging a life for a life. It uses the light dragons life force in the scroll.. is that ok? If not i will change it.)
  21. Leo had lay in the mud to long. He had showered in his own misery , and if he had learned anything, it was to move forward. Luckily, Leo had remembered were one of the Amphibio Dragon Temples was after seeing Arasi, for she had awoken many deep memories. Leo was going to find Golden and Stick, free them, then do his best to get Arasi to come with him. If that didnt work, then he was on his own, and Arasi would have to live with that her whole life. He reached out mentally to Puppy, he could feel him, but he was far off. Leo tried to speak to him, but he seemed unable to send back. Leo sighed, he should at least prepare. Leo slowly bent to the water edge, whispering strange incantations. The water bent and twisted to his will. It pulled itself up from were it lay circling around its master, finally fitting into his hand. For now this was a lifeless part of water, just another energy filled, but souless, element. But it wouldnt be that way for long. Before the Light Dragon died, he taught Leo how to instill life into an element, making it his eternal companion. First, Leo would have to completely purge the water of all impurities, as if it had never been touched before. It was a long strenuous process, with many rests in between, but Leo finally pulled the last little impurity, leaving a gleaming, tropical looking ball of water. He was exausted, but he had to keep going, no turning back now. Leo gingerly pulled a scroll, old and crinckled, from his pocket. Within it heald the secrets of binding energy from an element into a sentient being. Leo slowly unrolled the parchment, it glowed an unearthly golden light, stinging Leo's eyes, but he had to see. He gently formed the water into an egg shape, letting it stay in that position. Leo chanted a couple of words, and the water began to solidify, taking the luster of a crystal. It still remained partially liquad, but it was not finished. The next step was harder. Leo concentrated and began to chant. Out of the water a shimmering energy flowed. It ran its way up into the water; it sparkled and shimmered, showing signs of life as it hardened a bit more, looking like a transparent shell. And now for the final step. Leo stopped chanting, for only a little phrase was needed. He raised his hand, releasing some of his own energy into the water, and said, "I give you life.". What happened next was marvelous. The energy from Leo danced through the air, all around were it touched, plants grew, and the air became pure, the birds sang, and the animals watched the solemn event, as if they were lending there own energy to the water. The energy drew nearer to the water, it inched its way closer, then touched it. The swirling water inside reacted wonderfully. It flashed a brilliant white, making Leo drop the scroll and stare, wide eyed, in awe. The energy particles scattered, then came together. The slowly formed a tiny dragon fetus. It stood there, motionless inside the egg, almost long enough to make Leo wonder if he had failed. But then, it burst to life. A heart began to beat, sending streams of blood through the new being, and at this first moment of life, the water hardened its shell, becoming an egg. Leo lost control of it, since it was no longer water, and barely cought it. He cradled it gently whispering to it, and to his surprise, it whispered back. You are my master, my father, my true friend, It told him, I am yours now, and I will help you in your most dire of times, for you gave me life in the barren desert of my exsitence, and for that, i thank you.. And with that final word, Leo fell into a deep sleep, the egg in his arms.
  22. (no he cant really, and he is not truely healing himself. He is really just energizing himself with energy from the water to give himself a jumpstart. Im sorry if i made it seem like that, ill edit the post to make it different... Anyway, he is really just hopefully calling out, just to show how desperate and alone he is... O the DRAMA!
  23. (HAha lol i post now) Leo opened his eyes and groaned. What happened?, he wondered. His memory was a bit fuzzy, but after regaining a bit of his strength, it all came rushing back. Leo silently growled, lightning was such a pain. He slowly stood up, his head ached terribly and he fell to the ground from the pain. He groaned again and slowly moved into a meditative position. He let some of the water slowly trickle into the ice force field. It felt sooting against his cold skin, and filled Leo with pleasure. He drew in the energy from the water and slowly energized himself, it took a while, but at least he was well enough to swim to the surface. Leo slowly filled the force field completely with water, the dissipated it all together. He opened his gills and silently swam to the surface. As he paddled through the water, he remembered Arasi, and how she had left him. She probably heard my message and dismissed it, Leo thought angrily. He kicked harder and broke the surface. The air was the most refreshing thing he had ever felt. After being in a stuffy area for a while, with stale air, it felt good to be in the open. He swam swiftly to the edge of the lake(or was it a pond?) and hauled himself out. He lay there in the mud, catching his breath for a minute, careful not to catch any unwanted attention, but after a moment, he realized everyone was gone. Leo sat up, feeling more alone then ever, so he sent out a warm message to any friends in the area. If they were near, they would hear him.
  24. (Ill post in a little, i have to get ready for bed... and do stooooopid homework...)
  25. Leo felt tingly, it was very gentle at first but it got worse. Leo tried to swim away, but the electricity coursed through his body. Leo sent a mental message for help before his body shut down. His body instinctively formed and ice shield around him. He floated in the middle, his body completely useless. The ice floated to the bottom, and sunk into the soft mud. All that could be seen was a slight glow, hopefully somebody heard his message.