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  1. Leodon looked around at the men and dragons with threadscores, it was an unerving sight. Leodon nodded to Heedana as she left and went off in search of F'nor. Men were lying on the ground in pain as the thread mycroorganisms ate away at their flesh. A brown rider flew down and alighted in the bowl. Leodon ran over to the man, hoping this was F'nor. he had a sort of leadership presence about him that Leodon recognized. "Hello, I am the new candidate,", Leodon said to F'nor, "I assume you are F'nor, Heedana told me to go to you.". (Sooo, who is going to play F'nor, will you do it lovelost or do you want me to.)
  2. Leodon laughed as they plunged to the ground, his mind spinning at the sheer majesty of Tilleth. Leodon lifted his head and said, "Than the life of a Dragonrider is the life for me!". Leodon felt the wingbeats of Tilleth and her massive heart beat faster. It was all Leodon had ever wanted, and now he had it. (I cant wait to Impress my own dragon, and do i see a love interest with Heedana? ;P i better get a bronze then!)
  3. Leodon's stomach lurched as the dragon took off and he autamatically reached out to Heedana. His chin rested on her shoulder and his arms grasped her shoulders. As tilleth flew higher Leodon became more relaxed and lifted his head to let out a gleeful scream, he had never fealt more alive in his life.
  4. Leodon nodded towards and watched them flit out of sight.leodon smiled and said,"i think I'm ready, they said they would meet us there. Leodon clutched onto tilleth's back and fealt her steady heartbeat, "what would the wyre be like?", he wondered.
  5. Leodon climbed up onto tilleth's back and said with a happy chuckle,"I'm eightteen, I hope that's ok.". (Im srry that the post is short but I'm typing this from my iPod at a party.)
  6. Leodon smiled and said, "That should be fine, i can find some new sand, it wont be that hard.". Leodon then dumped the sand out of the hatcher and wheeled it over to Heedana. "Here it is,", Leodon said eagerly, "I cant wait to get to the Wyre.".
  7. Leodon nodded in Zee's direction and extended his hand towards Heedana saying, "I am Leodon, rider of, well, no one yet.". Leodon laughed a bit then asked, "Were should my firelizards go, and this thing.", Leodon said while gesturing towards his hatcher.
  8. (OOO ok, thnx) Leodon saw how Heedana looked eagerly at the necklace and he gently dropped it into her hands. "I hope its not dirty or anything, i can tell you really like it.", Leodon said cautiously. He then looked around her to the man she had knocked out. He was afraid that if anything had happened to the necklace HE would be next.
  9. (Sorry, i thought they would be able to walk.) Leodon chuckled and quickly told his firelizards to look around. They both flitted off to search, Pterax still glaring at Tilleth. Leodon began to walk around and felt something under his foot. He lifted it and found a beautiful necklace resting there. Luckily it wasnt damaged. Leodon bent down and lifted it from the ground saying, "Is this it?". By now Marneth was resting on his soldier and looking down on the necklace. On the other hand, Pterax was flitting around Tilleth's head, making odd sounds and acting a bit more obnoxious than usual. Leodon told her to knock it off and she gave him a quick glare, glared back at Tilleth, then flew back down and allighted on his other shoulder.
  10. Leodon nodded and thanked Zee before she ran off to the fields. He then turned around and barreled into his house, almost tripping over Pterax. This brought some rumbling from Marneth before he told both of them to stay outside and to not cause any problems. Leodon ran through the house to his room, his siblings and mother were laughing as he grabbed to outfits, one warm weather and one cold weather outfit. He stuffed them into a hide sack and ran back to his mother. He gave her one last hug, and a kiss to his sisters, then walked out the door. When he arrived at the field with the hatcher and his firelizards in tow, he saw a beautiful Queen dragon. Pterax grunted and glared at her bigger cousin and strutted along ahead of Marneth. He grunted in response to this and merely dismissed the childish behavior. There were two riders, one was Zee, and the other was another woman he hadnt met, probably the Queen's rider. She looked a bit disheveled and Leodon tried to piece together what had happened. He decided not to ask and walked up excitedly to Zee saying, "I am ready. Is there anything else you would like me to do?".
  11. Leodon's heartbeat raced as he began to think of the excitement he would have as a dragonrider, and he would have his very own dragon! "Nice to meet you, and what a wonder it is to see a Queen.", Leodon remarked. As the Dragonwoman Zee walked over to his mother, Leodon smile grew as he looked upon her. His mother nodded, tears welling in here eyes, "I consent, as long as he is ok with it.". Leodon smiled and walked over to give his mother a warm hug before saying, "Thank you mother, ill visit as much as i can.". At that moment his little sister ran outside and wrapped Leodon in their tiny arms, "We'll miss you little brother.", they said in unison. Leodon hugged them back and turned towards Zee. "I do have two firelizards along with a contraption for them,", Leodon stepped aside to reveal the contraption and his to firelizards. They both had an excited expression on their faces. ", are they allowed to come?".
  12. err were should i jump in... lol
  13. Leodon smiled a bit less aukwardly, noticing his mother looking on from the window. He gave her a quick reassuring nod, then turned back to the dragonwoman and said, "I am Leodon, and if you dont mind me asking, what is your name?". Pterax grumbled slightly, telling him, These dragons make me nervous.. Marneth then replied in a joking tone, Are you developing an inferiority complex, Pterax?. Before Pterax could react, Leodon shushed them both and when on to fascinate over the beautiful Pterax was glaring at both of them, grumbling under her breath. (Do you want me to edit my post?)
  14. Leodon had had a rough day. It was the anniversary of his fathers death, and his mother, like she usually did, morned in her room. This left Leodon to care for his younger sisters, Amara and Annalise, both twins. Pterax, the queen of his two firelizards, made a deep rumbling sound as Amara fell while try to pet her. Leodon scolded her for laughing at the poor little girl, and rolled his eyes when she began to cry. He bent down and picked little Amara up to comfort her, letting her pet the now annoyed Pterax. Just as Leodon got Amara to settle down, his mother walked out, her face red with tears. The twins rushed over to their mother, practically screaming, "Mommy, Mommy!". She reached down to hug her two daughters than looked up to Leodon, and unusual smile on her face. "Happy birthday", She whispered. Leodon had a look of sheer surprise on his face for a moment before he remembered. It WAS his birthday. He had almost forgot with all of the work he had to deal with on this day. His mother rarely remembered until a few days after, when she made up an excuse about the grief overcoming her. Today, though, was different. his mother reached into her pocket, all the while telling him how she was finally ready to stop mourning and get on with her life. After this particularly uplifting speech, she brought a good amount of gold from her pocket. She handed it to Leodon, now almost fainting with surprise. She whispered, "This is for all of the times i have forgotten, your almost a man now, and you deserve this.". Leodon didn't know what to say, he just stood there, shocked, as his mother took the twins and said in a loving voice, "Go out to Ruatha Market and get yourself something.". Leodon gave her a loving embrace before running out the door, Pterax and his bronze firelizard, Marneth, at his heels. Leodon knew exactly where he wanted to go, he ALWAYS wanted to go there. It was a small shop called the Firelizard Shoppe. It was were Leodon had purchased his first Firelizard, Pterax, then eventually his second, Marneth. Over the years the shop owner, Ginet, an kindly older woman, had taking a liking to him and became one of his best friends. She offered a warm greeting as Leodon walked in, inquiring about his firelizards' health. He assured her that they were both healthy, but he felt it was about time they breed. Ginet chuckled and ushered him into the back of the store. "As you know", She said sagely, "Firelizards are much like dragons. They breed the same way, so be careful, there lust could overwhelm you. If you feel you are ready though, you can have this.". Ginet ducked into another room and returned moments later with some sort of contraption. Leodon walked over to examine it. It was a black colored rock, with smooth, warm sand inside of it. It was carved out to form a sort of sand bowl, but underneath, it was supported by wooden stilts. It was equipped with small wheels so it could move with ease, and a fire pit beneath it. Ginet explained how the Queens laid there eggs in the sand, and the fire beneath warmed it to the right temperature. She even went as far as to say the sand was from the Benden Wyre hatching grounds. At this point, Leodon was dyeing to know how much it cost, and he inquired this as he pulled out his birthday present. Ginet smiled kindly and said, "Thats not quite enough, but i can make an exception, it is your birthday after all.". She gave one last warm smile then wheeled the contraption over to him. The journey home took much longer than it had to get to the market place, partially because he had the contraption, which Leodon now nicknamed, "The hatcher", and partially because he was stopped numerous times to be told the latest gossip. Many people whispered to him of the dragons that had landed, and how they were searching for new candidates. Leodon gasped when he heard this, hoping to catch a glimpse of a real dragon. He picked up his pace afterwards, and didn't stop until he got home. When he arrived, a strange woman with thick hide armor greeted him. Leodon greeted him in return, if only a bit uneasy. Than from behind his house, rose the great head of a dragon.
  15. (OMG! So sorry I broke my arm and the doctors wouldnt let me type(i dont really know why, i just broke my arm..) i just got it off so could someone fill me in? I understand if you kicked me out....)
  16. (OMG! So sorry I broke my arm and the doctors wouldnt let me type(i dont really know why, i just broke my arm..) i just got it off so could someone fill me in? I understand if you kicked me out....)
  17. Leo held a bittersweet smiled as Arasi flew away. When she finally got out of eyesight, Leo broke down and cried. Clinging to the hatchling, Leo sobbed, letting his emotions get a hold of him. So many things were going through his mind and all he could descifer from it was that he wanted Arasi. Suddenly feeling exauseted, Leo pulled himself together and walked to a large oak tree. Climbing to a suitable branch, Leo fell asleep to the gently beating of the hatchlings heart and his own quite sobs. (So much DWAMA :3 I couldnt find the right spelling of descifer O_o)
  18. (sorry i was half asleep and i didnt want to make you wait.) Gently lifting the hatchling into the bag, Leo stood up to say goodbye to Arasi. He fealt another wave of sadness coming on and the only thing that could suppress it was the gentle breathing of the hatchling. Taking a deep breath, Leo turned back to Arasi, staring longingly into her eyes. Suddenly, Leo had an idea. Pulling out an extra pentagram necklace from his pocket, which was identical to his own, Leo handed it to Arasi. "Keep this with you, and if you ever think of me, you can just hold this close to you.", Leo said lovingly.
  19. Leo hugged her back, a feeling of joy surging through him. The hatchling still slept on their laps as Leo and Arasi embraced. Leo would stay with Arasi as long as she wanted him to, it was worth it no matter what the risks.
  20. (Sorry i havent been on! I when skiing all weekend) Leo smiled with sheer joy as the egg cracked even more. As the sun finally set into the horizon, Leo was filled with a bittersweet emotion. As one thing seemed to end, another began. The small life inside the egg found the strength in itself and came into the world, bursting from its shell. It glowed a soft blue as it collapsed into Leo and Arasi's laps, the strain of hatching to much on its little body. The sun was low on the horizon and a moment of joy soon turned. Leo looked to Arasi and said, "I'll try to see you again, I promise.". Leo withheld the searing tears burning at his eyes, he would not let her see him cry, not this time, he had to be strong for her.
  21. Leo smiled as Arasi told him all about her adventures, and laughed as she joked about beating him in a fight. Hopefully it would not come to that. Leo felt something wiggle from inside his bag and looked inside to see the egg beginning to hatch. Gently lifting it from the bag, Leo explained to Arasi how he had come about getting it, and how it would soon hatch. Leo looked with awe and joy upon the egg, wondering what it would turn out to be.
  22. Leo sadly but thanked her non the less. Leo gazed into the sky and began telling her of all the adventures he had had. The time he had run into a kraken, or the time he had accidentally ate a snake. Explaining all of these things to Arasi made him feel better, more uplifted. "Well, enough about me", Leo said slyly, "Tell me about you.",
  23. Leo gratefully took the seat that was offered to him and looked over towards Arasi. He would have to cherish every moment, it might be the last he ever had with her. Still looking at her, he asked, "Did you ever know my parents?". It was one question that had burned inside him ever since he had re- met Arasi. He had never truly known his parents, he only had vague memories, and Leo hoped that she, being older, had known them.
  24. Leo sighed. He knew this would happen, he could expect on less. Leo tried to cheer himself and think of conversations that he could have in the little time they had. Leo couldn't think of anything and said, "Do you know what we should talk about? 'Cus i have no freekin clue.".