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  1. (im gonna go to sleep after this, i only have a little bit of school left before spring break!!! WOOT!) Marneth chirped back a reply while L'don said, "Nice to meet you, I believe you were one of the women that impressed a Queen, am i correct?". L'don remembered there had been two queens and he remembered her face. Marneth rumbled and said, Pterax is waking and she wants to come along, should i allow her?. L'don frowned and said, "She is just so stubborn, I guess its her choice. She can come as long as she feels ok.". Marneth shivered and said, She is on her way, be sure to keep an eye on her, i dont want her getting into any trouble. L'don laughed and said, "You should be doing that! Non the less, I will watch her.". Marneth crooned in approval and merely seconds later Pterax flew in alighting herself on L'dons other shoulder. "These are my Firelizards, Marneth and Pterax, Pterax is actually expecting eggs.". Pterax glanced at the other Queen and glared at her, her usual dominance issues coming right into play. L'don sushed then appologized for both of them.
  2. L'don lifted himself off the bed and gave a little stretch. "I think i will go, i feel a bit better.". L'don then tiptoed out of the room as to not wake up Deemeath, waving goodbye to Heedana. Marneth flew after him and landed on his shoulder, explaining that Pterax was resting. L'don smiled and said, "That should be ok, she deserve her rest.". L'don then turned the corner to find K'leb and the two queen riders. "Hello, I am L'don, I was just wondering if i could tag along with you on the tour of the Wyre.", he said happily.
  3. L'don smiled and said,"I was kind of expecting this, I don't blame you for avoiding it.". L'don lifted himself off the bed and said,"that's why I bought the hatcher. Its actually very exciting,I'm going to get to raise some more little firlizards!".
  4. "Thats good.", L'don mumbled, "My head feels like someone dropped a queen on it. Did this ever happen to your firelizards?".
  5. L'don's eyes fluttered open to see the bright face of Heedana. "Wha... What happened?", L'don said groggily. His head still throbbed with the memory of the firelizard passion. Heedana must have thought he was very girly, fainting and wutnot. L'don blushed at the thought of Heedana carrying him to his bed. L'don looked over to see Deemeath still fast asleep, his thoughts seemed a bit shaken up though. L'don sighed then rubbed his temples to stop his throbbing head.
  6. L'don came out of his daze and looked over to Heedana. "Yes, a drudge came to give me oil. I'm so used to oiling down my firelizards it was easy.", L'don said calmly. He gave a soft laugh as to not wake up Deemeath then stood up to look out of his barracks to Heedana. "So how is everyone else doing?", He asked tentatively, fully aware that any one of the new queens, or even Heedana, could be his new mate. At that moment he got a strange chill as his firelizards awoke. His pupals dilated and he went into a sort of daze. Turning his back on Heedana, he walked back into his barracks. Inside, Marneth was chasing Pterax around the room. They continued this dance until Pterax slowed down and allowed Marneth to grab onto her. L'don gave a whimper as they fell to the ground in a wonderful embrace. L'don's eyes rolled back into his head as the firelizard passion overwhelmed him. He fell to the ground and passed out.
  7. (Leodon, Deemeath) Leodon sighed in content as Deemeath began to drift off to sleep. He turned around to face Zee and nodded, quickly waking Deemeath from his sleep. "It's time to go, little one.", he whispered softly. Deemeath grunted and stood up on wobbley feet. Leodon smiled and led the little bronze back to the wyreling barracks. Deemeath grumbled and collapsed to the ground for a short sleep. Leodon nudged him up saying, "I need to oil you.". Deemeath snorted and said, I dont want to, i'm to tired. Leodon laughed and said, "If you dont do it now, you will itch terribly later". Deemeath grumbled to his feet as a drudge walked into the room carrying oil. He explained in hushed tones as Deemeath stretched his limbs. Leodon smiled and accepted the oil. The drudge explained quitly that Leodon had to shorten his name now that he was a rider. Leodon thought for a moment then said, "I choose L'don.". The drudge pulled out some hide and a quill and recorded the name. Deemeath grunted approvingly when the name was written. L'don opened the oil and slathered it over Deemeath. He allowed L'don to slather him completely then smooth it in. When this was done, Deemeath fell to the ground and began to snore quitly. L'don smiled then sat down on his bed, at just that moment another drudge came in with is hatcher. L'don smiled and thanked him, suddenly remembering his firelizards. He called for them mentally and they appeared in front of him after several minutes. L'don apologized and told them to be quite and find somewere to settle down. they did what they were told, even if they both were still annoyed. Now L'don could relax, he sat back down on his bed and let his mind wander.
  8. Leodon gasped in excited surprise as the bronze spoke to him, just like the firelizards did. Leodon knelt down and began to slowly scratch the bronze's eye ridges. It hummed with pleasure as Leodon whispered, "Ill get you food soon, it should be getting here shortly, and do you have a name ?". The bronze rumbled and said, "Of course i have a name! I am called Deemeath.". Leodon smiled then said, "Well then Deemeath, I am Leodon.". Leodon's firelizards squeeked and flew over in excitement to look at the new bronze. Just at that moment the meat was wheeled in, Deemeath grumbled then tried to get up to run over to the food. He collapsed in hunger and Leodon laughed. He quickly grabbed some meat and brought it over to Deemeath. He dug in eagerly and gorged on the overwhelmingly smelly meat. Leodon sat down to admire his new, shining, wonderful dragon. (when do we change our names, and thank you!)
  9. (i dont care, whatever way is easier for you)
  10. (@lovelost, are you going to control the hatching of the eggs or do you want us to?)
  11. Leodon gulped as he wondered out to join the other candidates on the hatching grounds. Even through his thick- souled sandals he could feel the heat of the sands. Leodon looked out at the wriggling mass of multicolored eggs. They began to crack and shudder as some of the dragons began to come out of their eggs.
  12. (its a post that "bumps" the thread to the top of the page.)
  13. (Ok, i have decided to rename Leodon as L'don, name my dragon Deemeath, and have an overall AWESOMETASTICFABULISHIOUS character. I already sent lovelost this info and i cant wait for the hatching!)
  14. (OOO new stuff is going on on DC, its down for updates! Anyways, i chose Deemeath((sounds like- D me ath)) Anyways, i like your name to!.)
  15. (errr, was taht some powerplaying, the candidates are still waiting on the dragons to get there, anyways, PLEASE stay for the hatching so that we can get that finished. And Lovelost were issssss yououououoouou everyones heeeerrrrrreeee)
  16. (lol thnx, u to, now we.... wait.... *snores*)
  17. (o your gonna love this, its posted on the first page saying who got what, Soria got gold! Good for you!)
  18. (Im thinking of Argath, Soulath, and Dimeath... I like them all, and yes I LUV THE BWONZE!!!!! *huggles bebe bronze*)
  19. (*has mega spaz attack* BALDGAKSDGfa;sdkjlhfad BROOOOOONZZZZZEEE!)
  20. ( ok..... that might take a while... can u tell us what colors we get though? Lol, just to keep us satisfied while we is waiting.)
  21. Leodon yelled for the other candidates and helped them up onto Tilleth, he did not want to wait any more, it was time for him to impress a dragon. "Im excited to", Leodon said enthusiastically.
  22. Leodon looked around in confusion, he quickly slipped on robes that were thrown his way and hopped up onto Tilleth behind Heedana. His firelizards finally appeared behind him, a bit annoyed that he had not tried to find them sooner. Leodon hastily apologized and told them to try to follow but to stay far enough away from whatever was happening so they would not be hurt. Leodon then turned his head back to Heedana and said, "Is this the Hatching?". (I hope i get a bronze! That way Heedana and Leodon can get together. She independant and wild and Leodon is kind but ALSO wild. They COMPLETE each other. Lolz.)