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  1. So, if i asked for a white dragon, you wouldnt do it cus you already drew a white dragon right? Or am i wrong? Obviously the dragon idea would be different but... just wondering, if im not allowed then i better start thinking so that im ready to request if i get the chance!
  2. OOOO lucky! I cant wait for the next request to open up, ive always wanted one of those!
  3. I wonder if the biomes will have a different page layout.... like the forest biome would be greenish with trees, and the water biome would have a pond or something.... does anyone think this could be the case?
  4. *throws up from anticipation* i hope something happens tomorrow!
  5. I just came back on after like, four months of not being on, and now i see this! WOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!
  6. OHMAGOSH! Im actually hungry now, but i feel the cuteness filling up ma belleh!
  7. *stalks and waits for next open slot*
  8. now you can be on a baking show AND draw us things!
  9. ZOMG! YOU ROCK! Im also a chocoholic soooooo, i really like it....
  10. Im gonna bring the tea made from adoration and..... tea leaves.
  11. wow, i am crazy obsessive with your art now... cant wait for a spot to open! If i wasnt a teen with no credit card i would be buying your art by the truckload
  12. *stalks thread with application gun ready* Its locked and loaded and ready to fire...
  13. understood.... ZOMG, i NEED one or i will DIIIIIEEEEE!
  14. omg! sooo good! I would love to have one! Do you have any spaces open? and what is the difference between a paid for and free drawing?
  15. (i cant post right now but i will in a little, sorry )
  16. Leodon sat and watched the scene. His mind wandered to the soon to be hatchling firelizards. His queen Pterax had layn her clutch and they were extremely close to hatching. He was also finding it hard to find willing owners of his hatchlings, there were five in total. L'don cleared his mind and waited quietly to offer the hatchlings. (meh, srry, kinda skechy on wats going on. Im sorry i disappeared!)
  17. (AHHH sorry, what has happened? I was gone for the holidays and my parents hid my computer so i couldnt go on. Guess what? They forgot to give it to me until now.)
  18. (Meep, i want my Deemeath to fly with Tilleth.... Will i miss that! OMGWTFBBQ!)
  19. ( Yes yes yes! And by that time would the firelizard eggs be born yet or would they still be unborn?)
  20. L'don introduced himself to the newcomers, getting more and more excited for the tour. Marneth flew back down onto his shoulder, feeling his growing excitement and mimicking it.
  21. (Srry, its a bad habit, i always put periods after quatations ) "yes, I impressed the bronze Deemeath, he is actually asleep now.", L'don said proudly, "I cant wait until I can train with him, it will be amazing." L'don gently stroked Pterax and Marneth before Marneth took off into the air. He flew around, observing the small part of the Wyre they were in. L'don sighed and said, "So, how big is the Wyre?"