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  1. I think that the Holiday dragons descriptions could be changed if TJ saw fit. Other than that I love the Holiday events. And with that I am leaving this discussion.
  2. So you are saying that, just because you are "very ANTI religious" we all have to remove an trace of the traditions that we hold dear? Just because you dislike certain aspects (or all) of religion does not mean that you have the right to take it away from all of us. Its not freedom FROM religion, its freedom OF religion, and because of this we have the right to express our culture, and the cultures of others, however we see fit.
  3. I'm not saying that we should stop being tolerant and accepting to other religions, because many other celebrations are occurring around the same time. But completely removing any trace of tradition from the events and the new dragons would make it unexciting. I would love to have a Hanukkah dragon one year, I love celebrating all of these different times of joy. I just think that the Christmas traditions are the most fun and vibrant that can be represented.
  4. The Christmas traditions are the most fun! As was previously stated, there really is not much that you can do that is both medieval and secular. We would all end up getting a little badge that says Happy Holidays! and then a bland dragon that lacks any ties to the traditions that we hold dear. I am not Catholic, but I will still give my children a Christmas tree and presents, the love and traditions that may have started with religion have grown into a nationwide time of peace and understanding. Why would you want to revert to a time when people had little to celebrate and religious intolerance was running rampant. If you wanted to be true to the medieval time frame, lets say in Europe, there would be witch-burnings, crusades to wipe out Muslims, corrupt religious leaders, and absolutely no religious freedom or equality. The way our holidays are set up now are, in my opinion, fun and unoffensive. Why would you need to change a good thing? edit You don't need to take offense to something just because it is different from what you celebrate. It is fun to admire other cultures, and if you look throughout history civilizations have grown and prospered based on other cultures that they have learned from. Catholics got many of their celebrations from polytheistic rituals that had previously been in place. The Romans adopted the religion of the Greeks that they overtook and adapted it. The majority of people that celebrate Christmas, in any of it's forms, simply celebrate it as a time of joy. I am wiccan and i still enjoy it! I don't understand how you can be offended by something that is so joyous.
  5. I personally like the holidays the way they are. I am not catholic, but I enjoy celebrating the spirit of those holidays. Also, I don't think that Dragon Cave is from our "world" per say. I think that it is a completely different place entirely, and even though it is medieval-like, our culture and the fun times that we have can still seep through. I understand that the holiday dragons may offend people, but they are meant to be fun! They have always been a tradition and I do not think they should be changed. I love celebrating the winter season with my holiday dragons, even if they are released on Christmas. So a big no from me. I honestly don't understand why people would want to change such a wonderful tradition.
  6. Hello everyone! I was just wondering if anyone knew whether or not baby images will be made for the felis. Kind of like in dragcave how there are different sprites for the eggs, the hatchling, and the winged stages.
  7. Here I am! I figured people should see me after being on for four years!
  8. Hi everyone! I haven't really been following the conversation, but I figure I'd throw my own view into the mix. I think it is evident that, throughout the world's religions, there are certain rules that are ALWAYS taught. Many variations of the golden rule can be found in nearly every religion, and most (if not all) religions frown upon murder, adultery, and nearly all things that hurt others. That is why I believe in the Christian concept of natural moral law. This states that all people are born with a basic sense of right from wrong. However, as one grows and changes, these basic morals also grow and change into more complicated views that differ from person to person based on their experiences. Now that is a pretty secular view of morality, but I also personally believe that all gods exist, or have existed, at some point. (I am in a catholic family, but I consider myself to be an "in the broom closet" Wiccan .) I definitely don't understand the ways of these gods, but I think that human influence is more powerful than most people think. These gods change from age to age, just as human perception of them changes (a good example would be the conversion of the Greek gods into their Roman counterparts.) Based on this, one can see that gods are beings that are fueled and changed (even created?) by human belief in them. We all hold amazing power, and our belief and hope is one of the most powerful forces on this Earth. That being said, I think that people, after they die, will go to the paradise (or hell) that they believe in. If a Catholic was a bad person and believed that he will go to hell, then his essence will be taken where most of his creative energy has gone. This all has to do with gods (lowercase g), but who am I too say that there is no God? If there is, then he/she/it is to amazingly complex for us to even try to understand, so we must satisfy ourselves by worshiping deities that are similar to ourselves. This allows to comprehend a small part of the Great Divine. To conclude, I would like to point out that everyone's beliefs are valid in some way. This belief is simply what works for me, and I am happy to share my views to help others in any way that I can.
  9. I have to say that number one is really based off of nothing. Dragons do NOT take up more space than any other creature! They may be "bigger" in the way that they are displayed in the game, but the data that dictates the way they act can be as simple or as complicated as the game designer dictates. Obviously, if the main characters in the game where dragons then they would probably take up the most space, but they would be no more than any other main character. For example, in "Dragon Age: Origins," the characters and their skill trees are very complicated and probably take up a good amount of memory. If you simply replace the graphics with a different dragons and change some of the dynamics, along with changing some of the skill trees to fit the theme, then you would have a wonderful dragon character that takes up no more space than any other rpg/mmo character. Ok, it may be somewhat hard to come up with a creative and new concept, but with all of the amazing game companies out there it would only be a matter of time before a good concept came into play. Also, why is it an issue if dragons fit into mmo/rpg games? Many people like these games, and seeing as rpg/mmo games are growing in both notoriety and impressiveness, i believe that a well made dragon-based mmo would be widely popular. Obviously dragons don't fit into music, but most games DONT. If a company really wanted to they could make a dragon sim game, and ive yet to see a shooter that has a creature as the main character, seeing as most involve guns. You could, however, be a human character that can transform into a dragon, and while in your human form you could play a shooter-type game. I don't even understand the last one, there is no room for argument. There are, and probably always will be, famous games that are not mentioned in these forums.
  10. This is a lot like minecraft. I didn't really read into it, so i might be wrong, but it seems very similar.
  11. leodoug

    2011-06-10 - UPDATES

    EDIT Never mind, im loving the updates and currently observe no gliches.
  12. YES!!!!!!! Life has meaning once again
  13. Congrats! The forums are a better place because of the work you do!
  14. I have one that has the cod Tbag. YES!
  15. I wonder what the surprise is
  16. omagod. They are so cool. i wuv them.
  17. how do you get rid of the white background on the sprite?
  18. leetle trees back in the cave? Just saw them...
  19. Wow, this is amazing! I think that this is an amazing edition to the holiday fun. Good luck to everyone and i hope you all have a wonderful holiday! EDIT What happens if our scroll names are different from our forum names? For instance, i am leodoug on the forums, but my scroll is pterac. How will we you communicate with the proper winners if the names are different?
  20. It actually started today.... to be technical it started at 12:02 AM last night. I was stalking and waiting for them
  21. Good luck everyone and Merry Christmas!