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  1. Sure about that? 🤔 Also happy Thanksgiving to you (I personally don't celebrate here 🙄) *ignores rest of the post* I guess I'll keep counting, nothing seen here lads and gurls ✌️ Two hundred eight (208) 2 of 10
  2. Banned because you are a book Dragon, not a bookworm 🤔
  3. Hello people ˆˆ Wanted to hear your thoughts on this app that has been around for quite some years now
  4. Banned because nobody (talking about me) has had a meal yet ''btw you are paying next meal right? Right'' Thank youuuuu
  5. As the titles says, this is the ''Xbox One Official Gamertag Thread'' Post yours below 😉💭 Unfortunately I don't have an Xbox ONE, but I'm guessing a lot of you do. I did have a 360 a long time a go... Just saying lol
  6. As the titles says this is the ''PS5 Official Gamertag Thread'' Post yours below 😉💭
  7. Banned for thinking I'm ninjai'ng you 🤔😏
  8. I'm also demanding rain!! Bruh 😢🔮 I would really not ban you, just for the sake you also demand rain, but I have to ban you anyhow. So you're banned for raising more purple eggs 🤔
  9. 62,253 Good Morning to you! @Lagie 👍 It's actually 12:31. Almost 13:00, half an hour to go 😁
  10. I'm scared to be vaccinated tbh you can't trust those jabs FROM MY POINT OF VIEW... I'm keeping safe also. The risk of getting a blood clot with these jabs is very high. Sorry to those that have been exposed to taking a jab. That's all, everybody is free to do what they want 👍 Now then, I don't think I'll be talking about this matter again. I don't feel comfortable with exposing my thoughts. Nothing personal 😙
  11. To all this... You're sig looks pretty nice, also like the quotes. Very inspiring Dragons look pretty dope even thought they are only images 🤔 7/10
  12. Dogs, but I don't really have a pet, I did when I was a kid. Nowadays I don't have a dog because I have a small house and really, it's a shame for my pet not to have some room to stretch her/his legs. If you get what I mean... Not cool to get a dog and not have the room that they deserve 🤔
  13. You do not have to discuss, do whatever you want brotha 👍 ~link removed~(It's in English, you wont have any problems to understand) I'm not sure if i sent this last night, for some reason just can't find it... I will put the link again see what you guys think... Just have an open mind (If possible) Thanks 🙏 Btw take care everyone, don't listen to what everyone says !! Load of crap has been said 🙂
  14. I'm not vaccinated 🤷‍♂️ Just for the reason that I'm epileptic. But really would not have any jab at all... (I have my own reasons not to) Take care everyone! PS: I'm freeking sick of Covid tbh 😕 I don't know why I replied. Just to let everyone now that I haven't had been vaccinated, I guess Not a single time...