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  1. HAVE: CB Gold Precog Female CB Silver Eggs x2 Enough Time To Influence WANT: Neglected, Preferrably Female or Ungendered A Small Army Of Xenowyrms See Signature also~ PM To discuss! Thanks!
  2. HAVE: 2nd gen BRONZE TINSEL from M Bronze Tinsel x F Kingcrowne Lineage WANT: Interested in NDs, CB Metals, Blood Swaps, CB Xenowyrms, CB of Halloween IOU interesting stuff... give me a go! Trading Link Here
  3. I have no real opinion on the sprites (they look fine to me, and at the size of lineages the colors on the Pyro will stand out better/the post matters less) but I want to know does anyone know if Black Truffles will actually be rares?
  4. Om yjsy case I don't have anything against it, even though I think it's not all that necessary.
  5. I'm curious- has instant adult been considered as a way to jump over the scroll limits of having too many hatchlings? You could freeze a just-hatched hatchling, then unfreeze for an adult.
  6. I will note this is kinda strange: I had a hatchling die, so I revived it successfully and hid it after, and it proceeded to die again with no added views... Maybe the views are just so extreme.
  7. I lost a xeno hatchi in under an hour. I didn't add my scroll anywhere though, so someone's bein' malicious. Unfortunate.
  8. I would be ok with one-gender releases, and I'm not unopposed to re-releases. However, I am strongly opposed to raising the limits. The original intention of the 2 eggs is to assure everyone will be able to have a shot at them. Christmas and Valentine's is supposed to be for generosity and giving. Halloween is a completely different animal- hunting and hoarding.
  9. I could still abandon the hatchlings though, which struck me as strange.
  10. I have some hatchlings I've successfully revived, but I actually only wanted them for zombie fodder. I'd like to now gift or trade them, but the system acts as if those hatchlings do not exist on my scroll, see the images. Is this intended behavior?
  11. HAVE: CB Male Grave Hatchi WANT: CB Female Grave Hatchi or Precog F egg https://dragcave.net/teleport/59d16e1c8a0024c427d603e3b90cd64e
  12. HAVE: 1 CB Pumpkin on CD 1 CB Black Marrow on CD WANT: CB Caligene PM to discuss...
  13. I'm entering, congrats on your 101 ND's!
  14. With all due respect, this still seems to just be a boiling down of "it would be easier for me if it was like X, so it should be like X". I for one don't really find the differentiating of words particularly hard, nor difficult to really remember the description I'm hunting for. I'm not really seeing a need for this change. I would agree it would be easier and it would benefit me if it changed as well, but I also don't see why it is necessary for it to be changed just because it would make it easier to hunt. Also, I don't really mind the changed descriptions or whatever. I can see a need to change the descriptions of, maybe the "strange markings" eggs for the one case where there is an overlap in biome. I more have an issue with the completely visually showing each egg drop for the pure reason that it would be more convenient . I am also not particularly worried about speed either; it is in fact faster to prevent images from loading onto a screen with a script, iirc. Add this to a browser like google chrome or an explicitly speed-based browser like pale moon and even a slow connection can make up for without needing images and just going by the description alone. It is partially why it can be very efficient to use bots- bots only need the HTML. Although, image-identifiers for such controlled circumstances are also pretty trivial to code. (That being said, if it was given a separate reason, like to help those with dyslexia or similar, I can get behind this for those purposes.) Also being said, I don't really understand how the encyclopedia works or why it works the way it does (I have raised a few dragons with it on and they repeatedly do not register in the encyclopedia; I find this highly unintuitive but since it is also not necessary for me to play the game I have no issues ignoring it) and I do not believe the encyclopedia fully explains how it works to new people either. A reliance on this for the mechanic is something I'm therefore very wary and suspicious of; this can just be my being an old curmudgeon.
  15. I can't say I really agree with this change purely because what is essentially argued is that it should be easier to hunt if we eliminate something that is intentionally used to mitigate the ease of hunting. If we want to do that then it should be entirely argued that this and any species that use this as a mechanic, such as lunar heralds, firegems, gemstone etc. should essentially be stripped of a mechanic. It makes several variants (tan ridgewings and dorsals) easier to hunt and "lowers" the difficulty for reasons I still don't really understand beyond it's annoying so it should be removed. I don't really see that as a reason to remove something existing behind many species as it is. Am I missing something?
  16. I agree, holiday raffles would also be very useful. It would help DC not favor those who've been around more so strongly/balance it somewhat.
  17. I see. It is surprising to have such an open, well-considered response that engages with multiple levels of this multifaceted issue. Thank you for your wisdom in this community and your eloquence in description. This probably took significant effort on your part and I am grateful thusly.
  18. Well that's the query I've been thinking about. I don't know if I am valid or if I am giving nonbinary people a bad name because my existence feeds into the stigma that nonbinary people are sick in the head or similar. Specifically, I have schizotypal personality disorder, and illness characterized by strange beliefs, expressions, and perceptional distortions. It is a chronic condition with no cure. It is possible that I am nonbinary because I am sick in the head, and thus I am feeding into the idea that nonbinary people are just not normal or healthy. So I don't really know if my presence here, and my acceptance here, is good for the nonbinary community as a whole. I don't know if that makes sense.
  19. When I try for neglecteds, I keep a "kill" tab open a few minutes before viewbombing it. I enter my password and then leave it open to press enter at any time to save it if it can be saved. I pressed enter right after pressing in my password. Muscle memory, damn you!
  20. You know, I always wonder about these threads. I'm glad there are spaces for nonbinary people but I never know if I should be considered a nonbinary person, particularly because I do not see myself as a person due to delusions from mental illness and therefore I do not have a gender. I don't know though. Are nonbinary people who are possibly nonbinary because of illness the same as nonbinary people who are that way as a normal variation of humanity?
  21. I've noticed it's very easy to make eggs sick, too. I just wait for a day or two before dumping them into hatcheries now. They tend to be good after a full 24 hours.
  22. I see, alright. Thank you. Take care and try not to get heatstroke! Also, good to see you're still around and helping out the community. You've always been a gem.
  23. I'm pretty old school and just came back after a long break. I grabbed myself a...One of those "radiate power" eggs, and bred myself a guardian of creation egg. They're both taking abnormally long to hatch, and are currently near 3k views, 500 uniques and a few clicks. My other eggs, uncommons I grabbed from the cave to start refilling the species I've missed, hatched with 2kviews, 400 uniques, a few clicks. Is this normal that rarer or harder to acquire dragons require substantially more to hatch or did I do something wrong?
  24. I hate, HATE when people use "antisocial" when they mean "asocial". Antisocial correlates with antisocial personality disorder, which is most commonly referred to as psychopathy/sociopathy. I also dislike when people use the word psychopath over distinctly non-psychopathic things.