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  1. I hate, HATE when people use "antisocial" when they mean "asocial". Antisocial correlates with antisocial personality disorder, which is most commonly referred to as psychopathy/sociopathy. I also dislike when people use the word psychopath over distinctly non-psychopathic things.
  2. The ring-tailed cat isn't that known in my area, even though it's super cute.
  3. I love tea. I grew up with tea. I currently have in my collection: - Jasmine Silver Needle white tea, along with regular silver needle white. - Some earl grey white tea - Jasmine dragon pearls(green), regular jasmine green tea, and some jasmine green tea tied in butterfly shapes - Japanese green teas - Rose-scented and Jasmine-scented yunnan black teas - Several herbal tisanes, including a sleepytime blend, crysanthemum, and multiple fruit bleds - Flavored milk oolong tea I'm currently in the market for an excellent keemun or yunnan black tea and a good small raw puerh cake to drink and store, but I promised myself I won't buy anything until the big sale holiday season, so around christmas or chinese new year. But I want moooore
  4. I had some excellent kettlecorn at a street fair in New York City maybe a few weeks ago. There's a farmer's marker near me with a vendor that sells popcorn too. I'll probably be having more soon. I'm pretty ok wth the more simpler flavors. Kettlecorn, butter, salt... I don't need anything fancy like lime, chocolate, caramel, etc...
  5. I'm Chinese, so lots of the food I enjoy seem unusual or strange in the US where I currently live. I guess even by Chinese standards, I'm a bit strange with my enjoyment of black vinegar. I could literally drink the stuff. It has an intense flavor I enjoy a lot and have always enjoyed since I was young. Stuff that the US or more western-world would consider weird consist of things like turtle, pig's ear, chicken feet, a variety of raw fish, jellyfish, certain fungi, prawn heads, etc.
  6. My egg turned neglected and hatched with 30 seconds left to live. I'm on cloud 9.
  7. One of the prize dragons. Don't care which. I'd use it to trade for things I need.
  8. How many neglecteds would be worth a 2nd gen prize? Is a neglected 1:1 to CB gold? Is a CB silver 1:1 with CB copper or what?
  9. People who have described me have often used words like 'intelligent' 'strange' and 'fascinating'. All I can say is my mentality is that I am merely only doing the bare necessities to get along with anyone else. In reality it is fairly clear that there is something about me that doesn't quite line up with "normal", in a manner that can come off as either off-putting or endearing depending on the person. Although sometimes I may not make any sense or go off on a rambling tangent, everything is appropriately justified in logical explanation once people understand where I'm drawing my conclusions from. Basically: My personality is fairly straight up bizarre, but not in a creepy or murderous manner. I'm intelligent, but my thinking is disorganized and comes to strange conclusions that follow their own twisted logic that is still followable.
  10. A bagel. 5 hours later, some homemade spring rolls. I think I should be eating more, heh...
  11. I haven't played dragon cave for a year or so and therefore have missed out on a lot. Time to play catchup and learn the market prices again. How much are Copper dragons worth nowadays? Would a 2G gold(x brightink, x frilled, x holidays, x other rares?) be worth a CB Copper? Would a 2G silver be worth a CB copper? Would a 2G Avatar (any pairings) be worth a CB Copper? How much are 2G tinsels worth these days? How much are 2G shimmers worth these days? Are they worth Neglected, CB Gold, CB Silver, CB Copper? How much are 3G tinsels worth these days? How much are 3G shimmers worth? How much are CB Neglecteds worth? Finally: What are considered the rarest dragons these days, and how much do they go for? Sorry for the outdated questions! Thank you for the time!
  12. I'm 20, turning 21 in October. I've been playing since 2006-ish, even though I missed the hollys (I was too new to notice or appreciate! What a missed opportunity)
  13. Ahahaha, this is partially how I feel to a grand extent.
  14. I do believe I am agendered, after some deliberation and discussion. I realize I don't really think of myself in any kind of gender dynamic whatsoever, after much self discussion. I'm not particularly bothered by my physical sex, I just have no real connections with it from a sexual identity standpoint. As far as I'm concerned, it's just a body I'm in. I also have this lack of connection with the other gender identity. I don't appear to follow a third gender, either. To me, gender is something that other people participate in and I, in order to fit in, simply follow along to avoid arguments. Is this reasonable? I don't want to jump the gun and perhaps overlook a crucial option of self-perception here. I also don't know if this sounds like something other agendered people may relate to.
  15. I have new Dragons! Forum name: soullesshuman New Frozen Hatchlings: http://dragcave.net/lineage/03Hv1 http://dragcave.net/lineage/M2CCj http://dragcave.net/lineage/WYOZ0 http://dragcave.net/lineage/12XA9 New Adult Dragons: Link to Sign up Post: clicky
  16. Added a hatchling to my post, that is my 1st hatchling. Tenebrae Redglare messy lineage pebble
  17. I'd like to join! Join Date: July 03, 2012 Forum Name: soullesshuman Scroll Link: Clicky PM Link: Clicky Proof I read the Rules: N Eligible Dragons(Code Link, Breed, Frozen/Adult): 1. Tenebrae Redglare the Green Frozen Hatchling 2. Tenebrae Purpfins the Purple Dorsal Frozen Hatchling 3. Tenebrae PurpWing the Purple Dorsal Frozen Hatchling 4. Tenebrae Stormgust the Storm Frozen Hatchling 5. Tenebrae Leafpaw the Leaf Frozen Hatchling
  18. It started with a celebration. I was part of a large school or organization of some sort. We were having fun playing 'hero' and eating alfredo. The main day's festivities resolved around things that 'heros' did, finding lost princesses that were really hidden plushies. We jokingly sharpened our blades and crafted our armor, really we just had some fun craft times. I carved a wooden dragon and took it down with my foam blade. It was all in good fun. Afterwards, I was sending my friends home with a large backage of goodies. She was leaving the country that day, so we were glad we got to have a good time before she had to go. Like all the people there (and most people in my dreams) she had no face, but I remember she smiled well and wore a dress to the celebration. Once she was gone, I hopped on a different bus. There was a bus schedule in my mind, I was on the second late-night bus that drove me back to my housing. However, it was different there in that the bus didn't take me to my dorm. Instead, it drove down highways in the night as I opened my own bag of goodies to put on some real armor and equip real weaponry. The bus driver asked me if I was about ready, and I said yes. I climbed an open window to the top of the bus and jumped out, rolling into the grass. The scenery changed rapidly as I walked, approaching a large crumbling building. You see, some time ago I had soundly beaten an evil witch. She had stolen a young child from a family, slaughtering the entire family. Despite the girl being a human, the family thst raised her were actually a group of sapient cats who had written me a letter to give to her once I had rescued her. While I beat the evil witch, she gripped me before I was able to get the final blow in. She was too weak to kill me, but she told methat she would hate me, despise me, forever. In a way, I knew that she was pulled bitter by fear and rage. She left with the girl and had holed up here, taunting me. So I entered the dungeon and began. It was relatively easy at first. I was good at avoiding the traps, which was all it was in the beginning. Traps, puzzles, the occasional enemy. I found a particular room where the witch was. If I was caught by her she would flip and alert everyone around her, causing a mess of enemies. If I killed her without getting caught, two birds with one stone. Likely I would have to kill her to rescue the child anyways, so I went about figuring out a way. An interesting thing that happened at this point was that there was a commentary. As if I had done this dungeon before, in this particular spot. The commentary would mention things like 'I've heard that...' For example, 'I heard that if you don't break this chain, but pull this lever anyways, something different happens'. In my 'previous memory' of doing this dungeon before, I had broken a chain to release some gears, killing the witch. In this present, I didn't break the chain but I pulled the lever. The witch, lounging under a large series of gears and pulleys, had the contraption fall on her, looping around her neck and raising her as she begun to choke to death. I grabbed my weaponry and approached her. She, strangely enough, had the appearance of a sapient cat, the same way the girl was raised by sapient cats. She was grinning at me, though I couldn't properly explain what made it a 'grin'. Her lips were pulled back unnaturally, showing a huge row of sharp teeth, spaced out. Though I could not see it, I knew what she was trying to express. It was her clear, eternal, infinite hatred for me and how she would continue to spite me in spirit even if she died now. I slit her throat. Her throat burst into blood and her flesh split easily, in a manner that one would see on TV. It was like the flesh was repelled from itself once it had been cut so that they became flapping halves of tissue, covered in blood. With no neck to support her body, she fell onto the ground. Writhing in her own blood, she still tried to bite me and writhed towards me. Her fur was all coated in blood and she was still smiling in her obsessional hatred. I had already begun walking to the next room, so I wouldn't see her dying in a pool of her own blood.I also didn't want to give her the fulfilment of seeing me in her dying moments. So I said goodbye and left, feeling her hate-filled eyes watching me as I went. In the next room, it appeared 'outside' but I knew differently. It was an artificial ceiling. The sky was a mottled grey. The 'outside' resembled the celebration grounds. There were people standing there, some were walking. These people were clearly under some spell or charm. They meandered or stood still, mindless. I recognized they were people from my celebration. She had taken them, knowing I would have to kill them all. The commentary appeared again in my mind, saying 'I heard that there is an unbeatable creature, it comes from the sky'. I saw a large balloon like creature, light blue in color. Immediately I attacked it from a hiding spot, my mistake. It broke through my hiding spot easily, shattering the stone like it was nothing. It had a large trunk like an elephant that expanded rapidly, inhaling me and drowning me in an extremely strong acid. People tell me that you cannot die in your dreams. I died here, eaten alive by acid. Even when I died, the dream continued. It showed the girl, crying in a room covered in cobwebs and another woman I had to kill in that courtyard thing with the unkillable beast. The commentary mentioned 'I heard that this dungeon gets impossible later on'. I would have to sneak to avoid the flying beast, though I had died, it pretended like I had not. There were some flashes of pictures as the dream began to lose cohesion and I gradually woke up. The first picture was a series of pitfalls I'd have to fall into. There were those unkillable beasts in a series of rooms. I'd have to fall though the pitfalls to get to the next room. However, there were multiple floors with multiple beasts. Each floor had multiple false pitfalls as well and if I didn't make it in time I would be melted alive with the acid. The second picture was the family of cats dying, the flesh of their stomachs slit like I did the throat of the witch, organs spilling out as they died, twitching and flailing in their own blood while the father was desperately writing down, still bleeding with his organs everywhere, that letter that had been eaten in acid. There was a picture of the dying witch, grinning still with the blood everywhere, staining the sharp teeth, her corpse was even hateful. I woke up after that.
  19. http://konachan.com/post/show/92263/ I am maybe a little obsessed...
  20. I'm going to ask because I don't know where else to ask. I'm going to try and swap to a healthier way of living. However, I'm cautious about whole wheat as a flour. I make homemade noodles, dumplings, wontons, bao zi and steamed buns (I'm not sure of this term because I call 'em mu mu). How well does whole wheat flour work as compared to white? Does it hold together, stretch, knead, etc. as well as white flour? I don't want to spend an hour making dumplings only to find that they'll break when I prepare them.
  21. I don't think you've ever heard of that men and women are in fact treated differently even in 'good' countries. It's not small or 'unimportant' details. It's when you look down and realize that you don't even recognize your own body as yours.
  22. So, apparently, my statements about my own gender issues seem to cause in other people the thought that I'm just doing it for attention. How can one approach the subject about themselves without seeming as such?
  23. Guh, I don't like pineapple with anything. Even by itself.
  24. I've never eaten ducks with orange. The idea just doesn't sound that great. Then again, anything so... fruity.. with any meat makes me feel apprehensive.