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My Scroll/Daughter's Scroll

**My daughter and I sometimes share the same IP. Please don't ban/burn our scrolls!**

Also, please do not steal/use the phoenix graphics. They were custom made for me! I will not approve of anyone using them, even if they ask!

Please do not EVER send me unsolicited trade offers of eggs or hatchies on my scroll unless I state I'm trading them!!



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    BRONZE SHIMMERSCALE BREEDING WISHLIST BEING REVISED! You are free to offer if you have something from the list. Please always check this list first before offering, and also respect any changes that I may make for request that are not immediately mentioned here. I may forget to update this at times. Thank you!



    Absolutely do NOT send me unwarranted trade requests, offers, PM's, etc about any egg or hatchling on my scroll. PERIOD. This is not limited to just inquiring about shimmer breedings. If I wanted to trade anything on my scroll, I would have offered it to someone to trade or posted it for trade. This is ABSOLUTELY NON-NEGOTIABLE! DO NOT DO IT! I will most likely answer you in a negative abrasive way or just block you.

    As far as requests for 2ND Gen's of my CB Raffle Bronze Shimmer-scale. Please follow all below rules/guidelines/restrictions/policies...whatever. Follow them. Failure to follow them will result in me declining your trade, no matter how good it might seem.

    1. Do NOT offer me anything that is NOT on my wanted list. I may update it frequently, depending, so keep checking back before you send a PM! If you are offering multiple egg's, everything you offer MUST be from my wanted list.

    2. The only exception to the above, is if the CODE of an egg or hatchling is nifty, though, you must ask me about it first. I would still prefer CB coded dragon's, but, if it's a nifty enough code and I like it, I may take non CB's. However, you are NOT allowed to offer just that dragon alone unless it's also a CB from the wishlist. You must offer something else. Sadly, codes alone don't carry the value for me that they might for you.

    3. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, JUST SEND ME A TRADE OFFER AND THEN A PM! You must contact me FIRST and we have to agree. Period. I will decline any unwarranted or non-agree'd to trades.

    4. I accept gifts, however, gifts are gifts. If you attempt to throw that in my face later on, claiming that I OWE you something. Well, too bad for you. I don't do manipulative ulterior motive gifting nor people trying to take advantage of me.

    5. BE RESPECTFUL! Yes, I can be abrasive. However, as long as you respect me and are cordial, I'll treat you the same. You get attitude with me and become rude with me or harass me for any reason. You get nothing and I will not deal with your crap. If you can't follow this, don't bother contacting me. You will not win the bully battle. You can't bully me into anything.

    6. Respect any decision I make. If I say no, no means no.

    7. IOU's are tentative, considering I can't force my shimmer to produce a shimmer. If you don't mind having a shimmer-kin, that's fine too. Understand, if I do run an IOU list, it will go in order. Period. If you can't patiently wait for your turn, then don't offer a trade deal or accept an IOU from a failed breeding.

    8. DO NOT EVER BEG OR ASK FOR A GIFT OF A 2ND GEN SHIMMER! The answer will always be no and an instant ignore/block. I will decide on my own if I choose to gift 2nd Gen's. Even dropping a hint you want one will get you blocked and ignored. So, don't do it.

    9. You MUST have your scroll available for viewing, even if only temporarily. This is for me to ensure that you do have what you are offering. I will not accept screenshots. Also, you are NOT ALLOWED to kill a 2ND Gen Shimmer from my Shimmerscale. I'd prefer you not kill any Shimmerkin either, but definitely NOT a shimmer baby. If you do this, I will refuse to breed for you further.
    If you DO have intent to kill offspring for any reason, even after they are adults in an attempt to make Undead/Zombie's - the ONLY thing I will accept as a trade is a CB Neglected. That's the price you have to pay to kill an offspring. Period.

    10. I do understand that most of this list is for 2ND Gen Spriter's Alts, so that may make it harder for other people. I'm sorry for this. However. I will list egg's that anyone can catch in the AP or Cave, first. (listed more CB's than thought, but still keeping this rule here for future purposes)

    11. If, for any reason, you claim that my rules are too long to read and you just ignored them because you CBA or can't be bothered or such, then expect me not to trade with you or do any communicating with you in the future. If you CBA...then neither can I. It's a two-way street.

    12. I may or may not make any IOU lists public. Do not ask me to do this, it's my decision. To anyone on a publicly posted IOU list - if someone further down the list is pestering you to "change positions" in line (which is not allowed on my end, the list goes in order) or pesters you to trade YOUR offspring you got with me, with them (if they are on the list). Let me know. I want copy/paste AND screenshot proof (must have both). Anyone trying to con someone else out of the egg they are to get from me or get an egg faster, you forfeit your egg. You will get absolutely nothing if you do this. If, by chance, someone agree's willingly to trade you their egg - that's fine..as long as you didn't con or bully them into it. However, to the people who willingly agree, if you then want your own offspring, you have to re-request and you will loose your place in line and have to wait. This is absolutely not up for debate or negotiation. It's to be FAIR. If you don't like my fairness, well, we don't have to trade. That simple.

    13. Proxy breeding is not allowed. If I have blocked or "banned" you (which, if I am allowed, I will make a public ban list), you are not allowed to ask a friend to get you an egg. To anyone willing to proxy trade, if I find out you are trading to someone on the ban list, I will also ban you. Nobody on the ban list is allowed an offspring from me if their offense was made before they got their egg, OR, no further offspring depending on when their offense was made. Period. Non negotiable.

    I am free to add, amend or change these rules for any reason. Yes, I know they are long.
    Also, I sometimes forget that certain dragon's, like drake's, cannot breed with other dragon's. If it's on this list, KINDLY remind me of that. I will forget.



    >> CB Neglected - (this is also the only egg you are allowed to offer if you plan on killing an offspring of my shimmer for any reason. But you can offer it anytime in general)

    >> CB Almerald - Must offer something else from this list in addition (multiple, depending)

    >> 2ND Gen Avatar of Change - ASK BEFORE YOU BREED, I would like to choose the parent. Please have a decent choice of parents to choose from. Additionally, I will only accept these pairings - Solstice (rose wing only), Seasonal (Autumn only), Nocturne (male only), Lunar Herald, Aeon Wyvern (female only), Nhiostrife Wyvern, Ridgewing (purple - female only, tan - either gender), Rosebud, Storm (female only), Swallowtail (female only), Arsani, Avatar of Change, Celestial, Desipis, Radiant Angel, Winter Magi, Witchlight (male only)

    >> CB Bauta - Must offer something else from this list in addition (multiple)

    >> ALT Black - ASK BEFORE YOU BREED, INQUIRE BEFORE OFFERING TO TRADE. I'd really like to see the lineage first. Cannot be anything more than 3rd Gen, WOULD PREFER 2ND GEN. I will accept 1 on 1 transfer for 2ND GEN Alt Blacks, depending on parents. I will not accept 1 on 1 of 3rd Gen. You must offer something else from this list if if you offer 3rd gen.

    >> CB Dino - ANY but green.

    >> CB Blusang - Must offer something else from this list in addition. Only one additional egg in addition.

    >> CB Celestial - - Must offer something else from this list in addition (multiple)

    >> CB Cheese - Must offer at least ONE additional egg

    >> CB Chicken - must offer at least 2 additional eggs or multiple chickens.

    >> CB Copper

    >> ALT Dark Green - Same as ALT Black. PLEASE READ THOSE GUIDELINES.

    >> CB Dayglory Drake - - Must offer something else from this list in addition. (one additional egg)

    >> SHALLOW WATER - I would prefer these lower gen or even gen. I may accept other lineages except for Spiral. I despise spiral lineages of any kind. A purebred (save for 1st gen parents) lineage would be awesome! PLEASE ASK BEFORE OFFERING! You MUST offer 3 other eggs from this list. They cannot all be shallows.

    >> CB Red Dorsal - I may accept 1 on 1 for this, depending on my mood (sorry for that)

    >> Dusk Pygmy - 2nd Gen. If anything more than 2nd Gen then only even gen, checkered of Crimson Flare x Nilia, Dusk x Crimson Flare, or a "pure bred" even gen of Dusk x Dusk (save for 1st gen parents). NO OTHER PYGMY PAIRINGS OTHER THAN ABOVE LISTED! You MUST offer multiple other dragon's from this list in addition to this.

    >> CB Falconiform - Must offer something else from this list in addition (multiple)

    >> CB Fire Gem - prefer Green, then Blue, then Red. Depending on the color offered, you must offer at least one additional egg from this list.

    >> CB Frostbite - Must offer something else from this list in addition (multiple)

    >> GEODE - I will only accept offspring from STONE dragons. No Green parents in lineage at all. I would love a purebred EVEN GEN lineage of any sort, as long as all 1st Gen parents are STONE. You MUST offer other eggs from this list in addition to this one. The amount of other eggs offered depends on the length of this egg's lineage.

    >> CB Glaucus - Must offer something else from this list in addition (multiple)

    >> CB GOLD

    >> CB Hellfire Wyvern - Must offer something else from this list in addition (multiple)

    >> Hellhorse - 2nd Generations only unless it's an even gen checkered of Hellhorse. Must offer other things from this list in addition (multiple)

    >> CB Lunar Herald - Silver, Indigo, Gold, Bronze in that order. Must offer at least one other thing from this list in addition, depending on which color you are offering.

    >> CB Nebula - Must offer something else from this list in addition (multiple, amount depends on my mood)

    >> CB Nexus - Must offer something else from this list in addition (one or two depending)

    >> CB Nhiostrife Wyvern - Must offer something else from this list in addition (multiple)

    >> Paper Dragon - - Must offer something else from this list in addition (one more)

    >> CB Pyralspite - ALMANDINE only (the pink one). Must offer other eggs from this list in addition (1 or 2 more depending)

    >> CB Red-finned Tidal - Must offer something else from this list in addition (multiple)

    >> CB Ridgewing - TAN ONLY! Must offer at least ONE additional egg from this list.

    >> CB Setsong - Must offer something else from this list in addition (multiple)

    >> Shimmerscale or Tinsel - 2nd Gen only. No -kins. You must offer multiple egg's from this list depending on the color you are offering. I prefer GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE Tinsel in THAT order. SILVER, GOLD, BRONZE for Shimmer, in that order. I know it doesn't seem fair since mine is a Bronze, however, it's preference for what I want colore wise. The rarity, as both are 2nd Gen, doesn't matter to me in this case.

    >> CB Silver

    >> CB Spinel Wyvern - Must offer something else from this list in addition

    >> CB Spirit Ward - Must offer something else from this list in addition

    >> CB Stripe - BLUE, BLACK, GREEN, RED ONLY! In that order. - Must offer something else from this list in addition.

    >> CB Sunsong - I MAY accept Purebred even gen's of these, depending. ASK FIRST! Accept if I say no. - Must offer something else from this list in addition, regardless.

    >> CB Tri-Horn Wyvern - Must offer something else from this list in addition

    >> Two-Finned Bluna - prefer 2nd Gen only. Will accept even gen lineaged as long as the lineage does not contain any other dragon but bluna, water, skywing or deep sea. Would love purebred lineage as long as the 1st gen parents are even checkered (meaning either skywing x water or skywing x deep sea. I will accept both 1st gen parenting if it also checkers. say skywing x water, skywing x deep sea, skywing x water, skywing x deep sea etc..for example) - Must offer something else from this list in addition

    >> CB Undine - I will accept 2nd Gen of ALT's only. I will accept even gen purebred ALT lineages, OR even gen purebred CHECKERED as long as it's alt x green. no other dragons. - Must offer something else from this list in addition

    >> CB Vampire - I will only accept if all sire's or dame's are also CB. I do not accept any CB Vampire with a "lineage" or with predecessors that have lineage (meaning, the dragon that bit it must not be lineaged and also cb. the dragon that bit that vampire must not be lineaged and also has to be CB and so on and so forth. I WILL check...) - Must offer something else from this list in addition

    >> CB Xenywyrm - GAIA or PYRO only. - Must offer something else from this list in addition

    >> CB Zyumorph - Coast (pink), Forest (white), Jungle (yellow) ONLY! - Must offer something else from this list in addition


    -This is where the breeding with Drake's thing will become confusing. Kindly remind me. I will ONLY ACCEPT 2nd Gens, so if the Spriter's are not willing to trade with me, strong chance I will never get these lol. Also, on the one's asking for a zombie as a parent. I know that's a huge thing to ask. If an individual is willing to get a parent and kill it later on (that's not obviously their SA), that'd be awesome. I just think certain dragon's would be cool with a zombie parent. I WILL accept 3rd Gen offspring if all Grandparents have a spriter's alt as one of the parents. I want to see lineage FIRST however. Also, when it comes to Holiday dragon's, I will specify if I prefer one offspring over the other. If I don't specify, I eventually want one of each. I may still accept non-preferred, depending on my mood at the time. For Vampire's, I would like the egg to be bitten if possible, since neither parent (to my knowledge) can actually be a vampire. The sire or dame cannot be lineaged and must be a "CB" vampire. No exceptions. If I don't specify which SA as a grandparent, ask..cause I may have forgotten to include, same as if I don't specify which egg. Basically, ask to be sure x.x just in case.

    >> Valentine (2009)
    *Marrionetta - Purple or Red Dorsal (Red preferred), Green Fire Gem, Frostbite, Khusa, Lumina, Lunar Herald (Silver or Bronze only. Silver HIGHLY preferred), Nebula (Purple only), Purple, Pyralspite (Almandine only, the pink one), Ridgewing (Tan only), Silver Shimmerscale, Silver Tinsel only, Silver, Spinel (violet/pink only), Spirit Ward, Striped (white and red only, red preferred), White, Zyumorph (coast/pink, forest/white ONLY), Black ( I will only accept the offspring if it's an ALT Black though), Blusang, Celestial, Copper (rainbow or verdigris only), Daydream, Valentine (3rd Gen from Sif Grandparent only), Sweetling (both normal and alt. Prefer sweetling egg), Heartseeker (prefer heartseeker egg), Arsani (I will accept 3rd Gen considering this is female only breed. Ask before offering!), Radiant Angel (prefer Radiant egg), Heartstealing (3rd Gen, ask first), Vampire (egg), Shadowalker, Grave (prefer grave), 3rd Gen Caligene only one or both of the Grandparents on one side are Infinis's SA (only caligene egg), Witchlight (prefer witchlight), 3rd Gen Omen from Process's SA Grandparent only (Omen egg preferred), Yulebuck (Marrionetta's SA only, do not want regular YB parent. Yuleback egg preferred), 3rd Gen Ribbon Dancer egg from LadyLyzar's SA Grandparent only, 3rd Gen Mistletoe egg from PieMaster or Tikigurl91's SA Grandparent only, 3rd Gen Aegis egg from Odeen's Enraged (Auron) SA Grandparent only, Gardland (garland egg preferred) - will also accept 3rd Gen Gardland egg from Fiona BlueFire's SA Grandparent.

    SPRITER'S ALT WISHLIST IS CURRENTLY BEING WORKED ON! IF YOU ARE A SPRITER WITH AN SA AND YOU ARE INTERESTED IN TRADING, BUT YOUR ALT IS NOT LISTED HERE CURRENTLY, FEEL FREE TO SEND ME AN INQUIRY. IT'LL TAKE ME A LONG WHILE TO COMPLETE THIS LIST! My only request is that I am allowed to choose the other parent. Also, NOT including future SA's that currently do not exist (which I may forget to update/add at the time they are discovered), if your SA is not actually listed on the wishlist, please, do not offer an offpspring. Chances are, I may still accept at least ONE offspring just for collection purposes, but anymore is probably a no. Please, do not take it personally and respect that.