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  1. I can't wait for this..I really can't. But, you know what MY problem is? I always think the breeding starts 2 weeks before Halloween, not one. I kid you not, EVERY YEAR I'm like "YES, TWO WEEKS PRIOR, GO BREED ALL THE STUFF!" Luckily for me I always check the AP first to see if there are any past year eggs in there >> then realize my dreams are crushed and I have to wait another week.
  2. OH!! Well thank you I feel ridiculous now. I think I missed seeing that in the announcement somewhere? The font itself for the thing is kinda small >< but yeah, THANK YOU!
  3. Not..sure if this has already been suggested but, a sort of custom sorting within a group would be nice :/ I like my FROZEN hatchlings at the top...and then after that, would like to proceed to have my adults listed per the date I obtained them. However, no matter how I set my group - I can't do this..and it's infuriating. To any who might suggest such - I know I can choose to have the sort be "eggs - hatchlings - adults" within the group. That's only -part- of the specific I want, so, please don't suggest this to me. I already know... Basically I am wanting the sort to be. 1. Eggs/Hatchings/Adult (first option) 2. Date (oldest > newest)(second option, w/o it interfering with the first) 3. The option of a "custom sort" like in the account settings, where I can put the frozen hatchies at the top myself. If this is already an option in the GROUPS setting, I'm unaware of it >< *EDIT** The ability for further "customer sorting" options in groups, I like my males and females (save for the frozen hatchies) to be grouped together.....So. Frozen hatchines -> Females (oldest to newest) -> Males (oldest to newest)
  5. Waldo is quite obviously Waldo. As far as the Pumpkinn one goes. Shape wise? It might be kinda pumpkin, but I see it more as muscle...or scars. And, color wise, it's -certainly- not orange so x.x you may have a color defect on your monitor? It's like..deeeep crimson.
  6. Aside from the Carmen Sandiego egg...I too see the other one as Freddy.
  7. I'm sure this question has been asked many times, however.....how does one submit eggs for future FoE events? I've always thought about doing so, I just have no idea of the process. Can someone please PM me this info so I have it for future reference? (As in..I don't have to scour/search for it x.x)
  8. I'm sorry...but, what is the command to cut down the stupid tree? I went down the path and went back, and now I'm stupid at that stupid tree again. I've tried hit tree, chop tree, cut tree, chop down tree, cut down tree...NOTHING is working and I wish that the wording in this game for commands was better...
  9. Game looks fun, however..what's very quickly ruining it for me is the house editing glitch..... also, where is everyone else getting the quests from? Perhaps I have just ran around too much and not found anything x.x but yeah... Anyway, house editing glitch = not fun when it keeps messing up.
  10. Are we completely done with treats now? Only 54 yes?
  11. Kind of remind me of a tardis. And the fact that people have commented on time being ADDED to their eggs/hatchies, makes me wonder if they are some kind of time-traveling dragon.
  12. And I had to sleep for about 8 hours, and I'm still in the process of catching some so... Everyone hopes they are staying, and no, it's not fair, but..that's how it works. Sadly.
  13. I was kind of hoping that it'd grow up to be a lag monster dragon >> ...Still kind of hoping for that
  14. Not sure it's been brought up, but the banner says "can't even breed or release like other dragons", so, perhaps it not that we won't be able to breed them or release them......but perhaps it happens a completely different way. Unlike other dragons. That is, if they are a real thing and not some joke. Editted a million times, because...screw you coding
  15. That's cool and all...but nobody but spriters an tj (that I know of) can "collect a lot of them"..everyone is limited to two x.x I thought maybe people didn't really like them..so wanted them off their scroll. I think they are awesome though.
  16. Are the animated Christmas and Halloween ones going to be updated? And also..why no v-day animated ones?
  17. Why so many of these in the ap?
  18. Wait...scroll lock limit for 24 hours?! Are you telling me that I can get more than TWO 2015 christmas eggs from other uses 24 hours after i pick up the first from the cave or?
  19. CB Christmas dragons are scroll locked to 2 per scroll, I think the dead egg still counts?
  20. It's not the stupidest thing I've done, but I'm not really happy about it. I just got my daughter her own dc account, after many years of her loving to see all of mine. **EDIT** All of my dragons, not all of my accounts lol. I managed to get her TWO hollies for her scroll..and a few other past Christmas dragons. When the new eggs came out, she managed to grab two new eggs........ and, because she didn't really know what she was doing and had an "extra", she killed one of her brand new cb Christmas eggs T.T I wish there was something I could do to get her another or revive the dead one, but I can't. So, she'll only have on cb 2015 Christmas dragon.
  21. I am perfectly willing to breed any of my CB Valentines/Christmases for anyone that asks....usually I just breed them and toss babies in AP though. Sadly I do not have a cb holly or cb of the first year of valentines, and only one cb snowangel but yeah x.x Just letting anyone know
  22. They never said it did. I believe what they meant was, they wanted them to gender a certain way...and because they missed the chance to INFLUENCE waiting on the incubate bsa, they will probably misgender as in...less chance now that they will gender defaulty the way they would want.
  23. Considering it's NOT Luna, but Luna P/Luna P ball, and I don't believe there is an Artemis version of it..I doubt it.
  24. The last waning gibbous was on August 28? So..I guess I'm really..really confused here. I want to catch 6 eggs, but I don't know if any silver ones are coming out any time soon...so I don't know if I want to egg lock myself with 6 gold ones... A bit of a hint (a legit one, not just speculation) would be nice x.x
  25. I'm sorry.........what is this flood people keep speaking of and how is it possible people have more than one of each egg by now? How are they hatching already..?