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  1. HEY ALL! I found the banner/userbar I made for this fansite, buried in my photobucket. Figured I'd share it in the event you wanted to use it.
  2. I freaking LOVE how unique this dragon is in comparison to other Halloween dragons! It's less "Halloween" and more like Autumn fog, I love it!
  3. May I ask which treat was removed? I just collected them and didn't memorize them x.x
  4. My farm is garbage, because I couldn't decide what I wanted to do with it. Well, I had decisions, but the way some of the stuff behaved or didn't behave the way it should have, took the wind out of my sails and completely deflated me 😕 By the time I had decided what I wanted to do, it was too late and the event was 2 hours from being over so. I could have been fine with the crops not having fully grown, but I couldn't get up enough energy in those last two hours to completely remove some of the other crap I had laid about (i was attempting to make a maze, but that went out the window as well). So..not happy with my farm at ALL, and I do hope that TJ gives us the chance some year to go back, revisit, and replay like he did with one of the Christmas events. Can't recall which. That aside, I came here secretly praying for a Pygmy Halloween dragon, then realized the egg is too big. UNLESS...it IS still a pygmy but the egg was larger by intent to throw us off. And I know we got a pygmy with the Pumpkin dragon, but the sprite size makes it read as "normal" so I forget it's pygmy. I want a proper pygmy Halloween dragon! (..well, all holiday pygmies but LOL)
  5. I think I saw someone mention a unofficial wiki or something for the crop growing stuff? Or is there a uh, guide posted?
  6. Hey uh, how do I get rid of rocks, tombstones, fallen logs and the like?
  7. Title basically says it all. There is a link at the bottom, which - for all I care, can stay there. But having one at the top would be super swell. I have a LOT of groups, so always having to scroll to the bottom to click that link in creating a new group is..kind of annoying. Also, perhaps a paragraph break, or line break, or..whatever the term is anymore, between these links and the groups list. Like -Create Group- group 1 group 2 group 3 group 4 group 5 etc... -Create Group- Both suggestions may seem silly, perhaps the second more than the first, but the second has been driving me nuts just as long.
  8. Man, a whole freaking week to find just the base number - and for the first time I'm SLACKING! Because..life is keeping me busy. I think I have most of the others from previous years? I think?...I'd have to look. To the person that did this egg. I love you I tried the same thing for Christmas on a cookie. I really love what I did, until..LOL The cookie says it all. Sadly, the editor was wonky as hell and was pissing me off, so..yeah..I gave up LOL. But I believe if I would have stuck with it, it would have been amazing! BUT I LOVE THE RETRO SYNTHWAVE EGG!
  9. @Crowsfold_1400105 May I please have the bird one, if it's still available? @Aie If you have any Orca's left or are willing to make more...could I possibly get one fashioned like Keiko?
  10. While I was able to catch all 62 eggs...I feel bad sometimes for people that do not have the time. I really wish, sometimes, that it wasn't against the rules to help other people out. I mean, more or less, if they gave you access to their account - you could help them find eggs. But, I get that counts as multi-scrolling or whatever, and, it's risky, AND...........the risk people would harass you because YOU have a life as well. It's possible people would just get more entitled and think you're their personal egg finding slave and not try to do it themselves :/ Maybe.
  11. When I search for eggs, I normally set a timer of..10..? minutes on my phone I think? And I go here https://dragcave.net/account to look. That way, there are no other eggs to be concerned about like in the cave, any of the biomes (though I know those eggs are blacked out) or the AP. Just super, simple, and clean. For me, anyway.
  12. Uh..this is interesting, but I'm thoroughly confused on how to participate? lol **EDIT** Nevermind, got an upside down egger!
  13. My one issue, in general, with all of the objections to being able to do something like this; I get people are worried about the baby inside. I get it. I really do. However, you have a BSA like earthquake, that has the change to kill....and we were okay with implementing this? We're okay with biting eggs to turn them in to vamp eggs? We're okay with attempting to kill by neglecting an egg to turn it in to a neglected dragon? But we're AGAINST freezing? I'm..I'm just really confused at the thought process of the userbase being against freezing...I really am. I've wanted a feature like this for forever, for the exact same reason.
  14. So...this has happened twice and I'm about tired of dealing with this game. I love all the updates to it that there have been, which made it more fun. However, twice now I have editted my fort and removed things, moved things, and built other things. I enter my fort, leave for the night, and come back. Go to edit fort to fix any potential damage and.....all of the edits I had made have been redone. All of them. I can't really take a screenshot as, clearly, the work I did is no longer there and the previous version I had is now there. But, again, this has happened twice. I cleared my cache and cookies (and just did so again) but that does not seem to be the reason this is happening. Anyone else experiencing this issue? It's just really irritating as, now I have to go back AGAIN, and redo all the work I did before AGAIN. **EDIT** And by not saving and having to redo all my work again, I don't mean that people came along and attacked and destroyed stuff and I have to redo that. I mean that I literally deleted things, built new things, and moved things around..and THOSE changes did not save.
  15. I mean, I'm sitting here right next to her when she's doing it. I assure you, she absolutely is bothering with defending and repairing. It'd be completely pointless if she wasn't? Right after I typed my first post, she had her turn at the computer to do her thing. I kid you not, 3 resource piles appeared. And yes, I'm sure that they weren't just "there before and we didn't see them". Before that, there was just one itty snow pile resource. This time there were 2 presents and a snowpile. Me? One stupid snowpile. There is not reason she's leveled up faster than me. I've been sitting here for a fair few hours longer than her, considering I stayed up later. how can she get to nearly level 30 overnight when she was not playing, but I am not even at level 20 yet and........????? Do you get what I'm saying here? There's no logical reason she's a higher level and has more stuff to work with than me when I WAS UP LONGER AND PLAYING LONGER..it makes no sense.
  16. I'm with everyone else that wishes that the resources spawned faster.....one resource an hour is freaking ridiculous - and at this rate - I won't a) be able to build new stuff AND defend b) decorate up...because I'll be spending so much on repairs after I wait around for an hour for one freaking resource to spawn..... Seriously, the amount of damage that a person can take vs the amount of resources they can get to repair is ridiculously out of balance. I like what the one person said about using 1 resource to repair so we're not blowing everything we do end up getting on repairs. What fun even is there in this game? And, my daughter - whom comes over to my computer to do her thing when the hourly alarm goes off - somehow is a higher level than I am? And we both started the same day, and I've played a bit more than she's been able to. Not sure how the hell that happens..
  17. Thank you to the two people that helped, I figured out how dumb I am 😕 I never went back to the house, as, when it said "Go Home" I associated that with "go back to your scroll"..so I never went in the house and checked anything x.x
  18. Can someone give a "from the beginning" step by step guide for the event? I cant get all 24 tokens. And the one guide someone posted is confusing as hell...
  19. Are treats still at 49? I know in past years, they have added more at the last minute, but, I may miss them this year due to work!
  20. I have found all of these codes in the last couple of days, since April 1st. 0h3rd - Bauta rXyZo - Whiptail, kept it for the XYZ order KKap2 - also a Whiptail, I like the Kap thing in it. ko0Ty - pink spinel VINiA - white WURYQ - my upside down mint (may call it Worry Queen idk XD) yGklO - upside down mint offpsring - Yu-gi-oh or sth idk lol
  21. Oh..well I guess I got super lucky. I got my upside down today, and I'm in the AP and just found a cave egg >> EDIT: I guess I didn't. LOL, I thought I did cause I went back and looked at my own egg for comparison. OOPS. Dang EDIT EDIT: BUT, IT IS AN OFFPSRING OF AN UPSIDE DOWN MINT from last year I think? So yay!
  22. How do you tell the difference between a mint found in the legit biome caves over a "cave" mint? (NOT asking about the upside down ones...)
  23. So this maaay have been mentioned already (way too many comments x.x) I have two of these, so does my daughter. Known glitch or intentional?