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  1. HAVE: CB Spitfire egg, code Gogry WANT: Not sure! Looking at offers! Not wanting to keep Offer here
  2. My favorite cousin gifted me a grey t-shirt that reads "OK but first coffee"
  3. UGH NEOPETS I played for ages. I was super attached to all my pets and I was totally into css and coding. UNTIL... My close friend irl had played for so long, so successfully, that he had many Unconverted pets. He barely ever played, so he slowly gifted me his UCs 1 by 1 over some time. 5~ months ago he gave me his UC Plushie Bruce. I was trying to trade the little cutie... posting him on the PC and whatnot. Then one day, a girl messaged me, claiming she owned the bruce and traded him away, regretfully. She seemed nice at first but after I denied her trade offers she started harassing me... Every. Single. Day. She expressed how much she wanted the bruce and offered many pets for him, but I wasn't interested in any of them. I was patient, I told her, I'll wait for the perfect trade. She however, was impatient to the max. Her annoying messages soon turned rude. I don't know how to explain it, but the way she talked hinted that I was doing something against the rules. I assumed she suspected I hacked someones account to get the bruce. So, I explained that my friend had gifted me the pet, but still she wouldn't leave me alone. Finally I just stopped replying to her altogether. Only days after, I woke up to all my accounts FROZEN. Like... wth. So I guess since I wouldn't trade with her, she reported me and TNT declared I BOUGHT the pet from someone. I sent them emails and they informed me I'd only be unfrozen if I show proof of who I bought the pet from. Obviously, I have nothing to show them, so whatever. I quit. It's a real shame. I miss my pets terribly.
  4. The Sims 4 is fabulous. I just wish I could afford the expansions~ A downside to Sims 4 is that it's extremely hard to starve your sims, haha. It takes daaaays. Kinda annoying. But there's cheats that will "scare" or "embarrass" your sims to death- it only takes a day to "kick in".
  5. I think beginning with Cata World of Warcraft just went down hill... Cataclysm expansion was decent, but it was clear Blizzard was running out of ideas. I did very much like the dragons though. Panda expansion seemed to be a rushed, poorly outlined, BORING sell out. WoD was the last straw. Like... garrisons, really? A whole freaking community that calls you COMMANDER? Suddenly WoW felt like Sims. Seriously. I unsubbed during this xpack. Legion expansion seems interesting. Demon hunter looks fun and I love love love Illidan. I really hope this new xpack will be good. I miss my belf hunter so much. :'c
  6. The other day in SB my barista was wearing a keyblade necklace... I want D':
  7. I'm playing Heroes of the Storm on the PC. I love all Blizzard games, and I love this one most of all. I like the fighting and the strategies and the types of players you get queued up with. Ragers and afkers. Besides HoTs, I'm playing KH2 on the ps2. I've already beaten it once before, but the nostalgia of the game makes me play it just for the characters and the sound your keyblade makes when it hits stuff. ^-^
  8. I wanted an Undead Dragon so I started killing A LOT of my dragons, hoping at least one would "rise" again as a zombie or whatever. Most of those dragons were hatched in 2008. None of them turned undead, of course, because it wasn't Halloween...
  9. I spend most of my time on this site cave catching. It's my favorite aspect of the game. It's fast-paced and exciting. It's all about timing and patience, and one click. If captchas were implemented... I'd probably not be a successful catcher anymore. I've always been bad at reading the ridiculous fonts captchas use, having to click the "Refresh" multiple times. I'd probably stop trying and eventually stop playing. Furthermore, I don't think botting is a problem. I've never experienced unfairness when I cave catch, or stumbled upon a scroll with 5+ CB eggs caught minutes apart. Even then, I don't care. More eggs will spawn.
  10. Hawaii. Chilly, raining on and off. It's nice ^-^