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  1. This is one of his favorite artists
  2. Long_Before_Sunrise eats raw chicken every night for dinner
  3. False, I can't grow anything to save my life TPBM has an Android phone
  4. A weird kind of pale green, that looks darker on the outside than they do the inside. Sometimes they look darker than other times, I'm not sure what causes that, though...
  5. My favorites are punk (mostly pop punk, but still), classical (mostly to go to sleep or relax), and electronic. I especially like early FOB and PATD (less so now than before, but sometimes I get in a mood where I can only listen to A Fever You Can't Sweat Out for two days straight). I also like some songs by Modern Baseball, Sorority Noise, All Time Low, The Front Bottoms (occasionally), TOP (also occasionally), Neckdeep, and a handful of other random artists. As for electronic, I like to listen to it but I don't listen to any specific artists other than All Levels at Once (a fairly obscure indie artist that my brother found when we were in high school) Other than that, I don't really dislike any genres of music. Even the ear-grating machine noises turned music that my bf listen to doesn't really bother me too much. Makes me a little uneasy, but other than that it's not... terrible. For some reason, though, whenever any song has a part that's reversed or something it sends a massive chill down my spine. No idea why, though
  6. I saw that exactly 6 threads mentioned Junji Ito, but there were none specifically for discussion on his manga. I only started reading like... a month ago, most of that was done within one or two nights. So far my favorites have to be Uzumaki and Mimi's Ghost Stories. I also read what I could find of most of his individual stories, and honestly I'm hooked, but I'm running out of stories on the one Tumblr list I found Are there any specific ones you'd recommend? Other artists that're similar? Which ones are your favorites? Least favorites? Do you only like his horror manga, or do you like the funnier ones, too (ex. Cat Diary)? What're your favorite or least favorite aspects of his style? Any specific story that stuck with you long after reading? I mostly just want to foster conversation about his works cause I think they're really cool, and definitely give me a lot to think about while I'm going to sleep at night
  7. I'm personally really excited for the cave update... Wardens seem scary as all hell
  8. Minecraft, I missed when jumping off of a cliff into the ocean
  9. For some reason the entire vibe of the levels scare me in some deep way so I'm not sure if I could play it, but it looks really cool! I don't know much about it, so personally I'd be willing to hear you infodump if you're up for it... Just like lovecats, I've also only ever seen let's plays of it (although very few at that)
  10. I, tuxedocatatonic agree that if it has a face, it has a name This seems like a really nice thing to do! I can't wait until my eggs hatch so I can name them
  11. Added my babies! I really like the look you've got going on here tbh, and I like how there's separate sections for how long they have left... Really cool website!