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  1. Banned for believing that you can't have too many Trotskys.
  2. Thank you so much for the 2nd gen!
  3. I nabbed it, thank you!
  4. I took the Thunder Don't worry, they'll be well taken care of and named.
  5. Banned for adding vegetables to the brownies.
  6. Welcome to DC! I think I've seen you around TFO forums, so I hope that you have a good time here as well ^^
  7. Banned for having a pfp that activates my fight or flight response.
  8. Banned for not being specific about my wrongdoings.
  9. Banned for having poor eyesight.
  10. I took the Sapphire, thank you!
  11. https://dragcave.net/lineage/Yardl This is probably my first perfect code yet.
  12. 2g Ice from Ice and Magma parents- Give 'em a home
  13. I took the little magma hatchie. He'll be well taken care of
  14. *Intense fearful screaming*
  15. The way that pelicans and shoebills push their spines out of their mouth has got to be the most disturbing and best thing I've seen.
  16. I snagged this dragon a few days ago that's chock-full of SAlts. https://dragcave.net/lineage/Km92b
  17. Snagged the egg, thank you!
  18. Banned for revealing their nefarious plans to everyone.
  19. Would NOT want to be on the receiving end of those horns
  20. 6G Gold Shimmer from CB Mag x Shimmer Give 'em a home