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  1. The World of Drawcia. Look it up yourself. Reminder: this is from a Kirby game, and the 'music,' if you can even call it that, is making me feel like I have tinnitus when I really don't.
  2. Favorite Types: Electric Favorite Pokémon: I have a lot of favorites, but my absolute favorite is Mewtwo Favorite Shinies: I haven't really found any shiny Pokémon that I find appealing.
  3. (Is this still going? If so...) Kirby (Kirby series) Main Abilities Inhale - ...if you haven't played a Kirby game... you disappoint me. Before Kirby inhales, he holds his breath, screws up his face, does an "on the spot" run up, charges at the enemy, starts inhaling and steps backwards. If Kirby inhales for extended periods of time, he becomes exhausted. Copy Ability - ...has anyone here ever played a Kirby game since Kirby's Adventure? If so, you know what this is.
  4. Hi. May I join? If so, are these acceptable? If not, I'm sorry I asked. Name: Mirage Species: Machine - sentient electronic Mewtwo figure Gender: male Age: 14 Appearance: a Jakks Pacific electronic Mewtwo figure wearing a small bandana with the "Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon" logo on it, and Mirage wears it like a scarf Personality: Mirage misses Emily and wants to see her again, but he wants to help stop the world's downfall before he can go back. He won't hesitate to spend his energy to help the world and fight any machines that hurt him or any friends he
  5. Hi, everyone. I'm Dragonlover2. I just joined today, and I'm just hoping that this goes well. If I ever get to roleplay, I'd like you all to know what my favorite series are. My favorite series are Pokémon, Kirby, and Splatoon. I also like crossover RPs because I can play as characters from those series. I sincerely apologize if this doesn't meet anyone's expectations.