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  1. 2g Undine https://dragcave.net/teleport/2a7073603e6a1165634677fe92f74e97
  2. Thank you for the Aquilo!! messy bronze tinsel https://dragcave.net/teleport/598746b41e40521462d582fc1f18ad69
  3. 1/4 earth, 1/4 hourglass, ½ orange diamond
  4. Correct me if I've got a dead end in here, but I think I have the answers for all the puzzles.
  5. Nevermind! I found it- perception
  6. I'm just missing the second of Two Loves
  7. For only human, I got heal, invisibility, turn into a frog, charm, courage, death
  8. When do the eggs in the cave refresh?
  9. My dragons used to sort by color, which was my favorite thing about them. But I've taken a break from drag cave and I don't remember how I got them to sort by color. I feel like they did it automatically? Now all my new dragons pile up in order of hatching above my eggs. This is frustrating because it makes the eggs sink to the middle, but most importantly it's frustrating because my now my dragons look ugly. You can see what I'm talking about on my scroll. I only see a way to sort by default, name, age, and breed, none of which sort it into the rainbow (except for my older dragons on default). I thought it might sort itself as my dragons age, but it hasn't. How can I fix this?