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  1. Praying my marks come in high enough to apply to the program I want it's gonna be very tight unfortunately.
  2. Quit for three years!!! :$ I've been working on attaining at least on of every species as of now, and I'm praying I can get some of the holiday dragons I missed
  3. OS X El Capitan ^^ Strangest name ever for an operating system, no?
  4. Awesome! Thanks TJ! Also, does anyone know whether leetle appearances will increase this new year?
  5. WOW the dressed up dragons are awesome! Thanks guys!
  6. Aaand, the "mass" drop at 6:00 lasted all of two minutes. Something needs to be done...
  7. Especially because the Dragon Cave community is growing, some things need to be changed. Eight minutes for each hour? To serve thousands of users, the majority of which are taking at least 4 eggs...
  8. This is quite ridiculous... I haven't seen any eggs at all... I think they need to be a bit more frequent, seeing as even the "mass" drops run out after about eight minutes.
  9. Uggg... Still haven't seen any eggs...
  10. Don't tell them!! I too havn't seen the eggs yet....
  11. I find that parents these days are EXTREMELY overprotective. Including mine . They need to realize that by the time we are at the ages of about 12-15, we have definitely been exposed to most of the things we will see in those games already. HOWEVER, parents do need to pose time limits when gaming, because nearly every video game is designed to be as addicting as possible, and addictions can destroy people's grades, and social life, etc.
  12. What exactly is a checker-board pattern? (A possible link to a lineage please?)
  13. Does anyone know how rare these dragons will be?
  14. It works best if the eggs are under 4 days, I believe.
  15. Thanks. What is the description for each? It's not yet on the wiki.
  16. Is it over or something? Also, what biome are they in?
  17. Everything but a gold one. Seems as if I have no chance of getting one
  18. Woot, I gots a 2nd gen gold. I FINALLY GOT A GUARDIAN OF NATURE!!!!!!!!!
  19. The Tinsel Gifting Event ended. Now I'll never get one :'(