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    Z Project

    I usually want to keep the z codes i find unnamed. Kind of wish there was somewhere the code could be displayed so we can name the egg but the code would still be somewhere we can see it. ^^
  2. I agree with this stand point and support the notation of having Revive added to eggs. As I was reading this fourm, my knee jerk reaction (as Marie put it) was to agree to only Revive the accidental and not intentional deaths. I was even in the midst of typing up why and explaining how it might devalue Vampires, because now there is Revive that can give you maybe 1 or 2 more chances to making an egg into a Vampire. But as I thought about it, do 1 or 2 chances more (Revive has a small chance of success so I am being optimistic here with the chances) really affect the value of
  3. *looks at glaceon* Nah she just napping 122 8 of 9
  4. I think it should be a BSA. But not a BSA of a time warp, as that makes no sense. I can understand going back in time, taking the egg that was once alive and bringing it to the present. But then there are complications of how far back the time warp can go, because if the egg died overnight while you were sleeping and it died let's say 8 hours ago but time warp can only go back 6 hours, well the egg cannot be saved. It is a unreliable method of magic and logic to be used. A more sound way to do this bsa is to have a life or death dragon that already exists to gain a bsa action calle
  5. One hundred and six newly released dragons running across the plains, scattering away from everyone trying to catch one. Wait where did my newly catched eggs go? 8 of 9
  6. When you have no room for the potential upside down mints coming in April, I must have room! And so I shall forbid myself from looking at the cave
  7. ninety-eight 8 of 9 Thanks for pointing it out Lagie
  8. As the Crimson pygmies fly over head, you can count ninty-three of them dancing in circular patterns, as if they were dancing? 8 of 9
  9. Ready? Steady! NEW RELEASE EGG FROM VOLCANO! https://dragcave.net/teleport/9e2e3db9189da7c671dfb25ea343ca83 Go! Go! GO! I swear I keep grabbing too many eggs.
  10. A new release egg for anyone who wants it! This is also a rJ code for whoever values that code! https://dragcave.net/teleport/b323865f783cc4a1b854386ac01b2e2a -Gone! Thank you!
  11. Fifty four 8 of 9 Yay I'm no longer the last one 😄
  12. For now, we have a cute glaceon. This will do until I can find smaller gifs so I can have a nice signature set up soon. Forty-nine! 8 of 8
  13. I plan to wait until midnight to snag a few eggs, might be easier by then. forty-six 8 of 8 Edit: Also I am finally on PC and can see my signature mess. Time to fix it up... But how dose one shrink a gif? Oh I'll find a way. Eventually.