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  1. On 4/4/2021 at 6:23 AM, TheDarkLatias said:

    YES! I'll finally be able to get the first eggs ever released!

    ...I'm going to force myself to get the 60 new eggs as fast as possible.


    Same here! I have 2018, 2017, 2016.... I basically need to catch up on every single year before 2018! 

    Well, time to get to it! I have over 200 to find! :)


  2. Have:

    1 CB Blaze Back Hatch

    1 CB Hydrophidius Hatch

    1 CB Xeno (Coast) Egg

    (Hydro and Blaze Back are both caught the 28th, but hatched the 3rd of April.)

    (There is an option to get a z code Blaze back egg if you would like that instead.)



    CB Purple Floret


    I do not have trading dragons available so if you have a CB Purple Floret (hatchling or egg) send me a two way trade! ❤️

    Thank you :)


    Update update:



  3. @Ruby Eyes @Infinis 

    Oh those guys! I had grabbed those eggs too, looked at them like "oh boy a difficult breeding challenge" and considered keeping them to give them away but decided to abandon them again.


    There are plenty in the ap of sophos x gold, sophos x silver as well its kind of crazy. 


    But I am happy someone who likes them found them ❤️ If you need help breeding that lineage up, I'll happily find some Cantos for you!



    18 hours ago, DarkellaLord said:

    OMG. My second ever alt undine=3  Thank you, mysterious breeder=)

    @tjenni. thank for for this extremely festive Lunar=3


    I almost never like Lunars but that one is very adorable! Nice find :) 



    @Iridescence444 The breeder might've misclicked? Or maybe they had no room for an egg but either way, that is an incredible find! ❤️


  4. Hai everyone, I hope everyone is getting the z eggs they like ^^


    I tried out the z trick the other day and got a w X3

    Oh well, its still a cool code and there's always next week. ❤️