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  1. As we all wait, forty two Crimson flare pygmies can be seen flying past us from above, flying at high speeds in cooperation with each other to make it seem like there are flares in the sky. 9 of 11
  2. LadyAngeliki

    Z Project

    A free z-code on trading hub! https://dragcave.net/teleport/32e4344c9dce2e59663d1ccfb05b0c7b
  3. One hundred thirty four 5 of 10 More peeps o:
  4. One hundred and three stars on a Nebula's wings. 5 of 9
  5. LadyAngeliki

    Z Project

    Very do able request for a z code xeno! https://dragcave.net/teleport/80350793df7b59d759fc749df5c297de
  6. Twelve 5 of 7 Is there somewhere I can share Easter and Christmas cookies? :3
  7. Same here! I have 2018, 2017, 2016.... I basically need to catch up on every single year before 2018! Well, time to get to it! I have over 200 to find!
  8. Five 5 of 5 Hai ^^ I won't get confused this time yay
  9. 144 9 of 9 (Sorry, had to make allot of cookies for Easter! ^^; ) Happy Late Easter ❤️
  10. Have: 1 CB Blaze Back Hatch 1 CB Hydrophidius Hatch 1 CB Xeno (Coast) Egg (Hydro and Blaze Back are both caught the 28th, but hatched the 3rd of April.) (There is an option to get a z code Blaze back egg if you would like that instead.) Want: CB Purple Floret I do not have trading dragons available so if you have a CB Purple Floret (hatchling or egg) send me a two way trade! ❤️ Thank you Update update: https://dragcave.net/teleport/2660e3a1ed641ad121ae0279725e6b5f
  11. Have: 1 CB Blaze Back Egg 1 CB Hydrophidius Egg 1 CB Xeno (Coast) Want: CB Purple Floret I do not have a trade dragons available so please send me a two way trade link! Thanks! ❤️ Also, one of the eggs are a z code. Update update!: https://dragcave.net/teleport/2660e3a1ed641ad121ae0279725e6b5f And, traded! ^u^
  12. Took a xeno, thank you! ❤️
  13. @Ruby Eyes @Infinis Oh those guys! I had grabbed those eggs too, looked at them like "oh boy a difficult breeding challenge" and considered keeping them to give them away but decided to abandon them again. There are plenty in the ap of sophos x gold, sophos x silver as well its kind of crazy. But I am happy someone who likes them found them ❤️ If you need help breeding that lineage up, I'll happily find some Cantos for you! @DarkellaLord I almost never like Lunars but that one is very adorable! Nice find @Iridescenc
  14. LadyAngeliki

    Z Project

    Hai everyone, I hope everyone is getting the z eggs they like ^^ I tried out the z trick the other day and got a w X3 Oh well, its still a cool code and there's always next week. ❤️
  15. One hundred sixty four 8 of 10 Anyone here interested in a free Canto egg? Pm me if you are, I have one on cool down for five hours. First to message gets the egg!!
  16. LadyAngeliki

    Z Project

    That is how the z works? Amazing, thank you for explaining!
  17. One hundred fifty-nine stars on a Celestial dragon. 8 of 10 Yep you are the tenth person to post a number after the mod post ^^