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  1. Took the blue, liked a few and so I offer these back up: https://dragcave.net/teleport/bbce5d617788cd1c817de23eb5e4dc89 Blue From AP Hatchlings!
  2. I enjoy thunder, my body feels no harm. 200 ward dragons surround Trystan and cast ward to forever shield from sickness for 200 years, 1 year per ward. Hehe
  3. Thank you ❤️ 2g Sapo x Rosebud https://dragcave.net/teleport/e62d123247bf31c69477f3053b5b6068[/s] To a good home ❤️ -Claimed! Enjoy!
  4. Have: CB Gold Floret Male Want: Just a gender swap For Female ❤️ Trading Link: (Updated!) https://dragcave.net/teleport/981a04a3cbe8d8d90f51b240284cfd83
  5. I adore blue, thank you ❤️ Gonna look away now for the night ouo;
  6. On it ^-^ Edit: Shall be named Eirene, a Greek name for "peace."
  7. Claimed! I ADORE Soulpeace, thank you ❤️ Would you like it named?
  8. Time for the good apples to be more vocal, I guess. Honestly I never knew of this incident and knowing it happened kind of has me shell shocked. I understand the dislike toward mass breeders, but for me personally; I admire the mass breeders and all they do. Some mass breed BSA eggs and that gives new users easy access to getting Magi dragons, White dragons, Purples or even Pinks and that is good for them. Others mass breed to reset times on their dragons, or to expand the lineages. While others still mass breed so that others can obtain a nice lineage easier. (These are just my gue
  9. A radient angel walks in with a fireworks kit. He lights the kit, and the number 4 in purple then 8 in blue light up the dark night sky. The radient angel sits to watch the rest of the fireworks and to also enjoy the counting.
  10. Seems i can make an opinion on this. After having heard quiet a few sides (not all but it seems a few have been vocal), I can conclude I am the opinion of not really caring about the walls. Yea it sucks if only one kind of dragon egg is there, but the cave is always open. So it dosen't really bother me. Although, I am happy to see TJ care for the game play of the game and making some adjustments.
  11. Is this the same case for holiday leetle trees? Like during February, every leetle tree becomes a Valentine's tree? If so, that is amazing and makes me want a tree even more. Thank you for the encouragement! ❤️
  12. I just wish for a way to hide behind the wall of eggs. That could be fun, just hide behind the eggs and no one can see you mwahaha
  13. Agreed. Only time will yield results, and with it, further discussion and opinions can be made as to what needs changing and what dose not. As it is, I sit netrual with this topic. *shrug*
  14. Good point. It could serve as a reminder then anything else. Well, we can only stand together as a community and report the harassment.
  15. I grant thee permission to kiss the dragon instead. Your animal looks cute too ^-^;
  16. Honestly I support this idea. Mainly because I know if I ever get a leetle tree, I'd want one from March 9th. It's a date that holds significance to me, and would love to have the opportunity for the one tree I own to be of a date that is important to me. Everything else can remain locked on them, such as killing, naming, breeding, releasing, but if we were able to trade them for other leetle trees it would be amazing. However, I do not agree with being able to release a leetle tree. It knocks down the novelty of the tree, because as this point, the tree feels like a mythica
  17. I do not have a tree yet but I might as well fill this out: How long: I joined 2014, been trying since 2018 How many seen: 2 How many tries: 2 I tried both times, but both escaped and scaddled away from me. One was likely a winter tree as it was during Snow Wars 2, and the other was likely a Valentine's tree as it was during this Valentine's event. The first time I was overwhelmed by eggs so I could not snag it. Second time I just was not fast enough. It is what it is, ill get one eventually. I hope for a spring or Valentine's one.