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  1. 55,813 And hi guys! Sorry I didn't notice sooner, I've been switching between this and work 😅
  2. I've got 3d and 19h left for this one, I'd appreciate the help!
  3. Morphine. It's more like an acute neuropathy than an allergy, but doctors/nurses will just assume I'm a druggie if I say "Morphine does nothing but make me shake violently, please give me literally any other painkiller or none at all". 🙄 It made my chronic kidney stones in highschool absolutely terrible.
  4. Books, masquerade masks, and costumes! And maybe a few magnifying glasses to read the books, since, ya know, big claws. 😆
  5. My first 4 are the ones I'm trying to hatch right now! 😅 I only grabbed 1 abandoned egg, the others I chose at random from different regions. It'll be exciting to see what they turn out to be!