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  1. Oh, thank you! Are they a limited release or will they stick around?
  2. I've been at four 5-minute shuffles at the top of the minute mark so far with no change. Regardless of which habitat. I wonder if it's my internet connection...?
  3. Why am I getting, "As you reach the summit of the mountain, you see many large dragons scattered about, some with hatchlings. You expected to see some eggs, but there are none to be found." when I go to the Cave?
  4. Thank you SO MUCH! If I'd actually paid attention and, y'know, read stuff with my eyeballs you probably wouldn't have had to answer such an obvious question.
  5. So... hi. I'm very new. I was wondering about how the Market actually works. I've noticed that as the days go by, different breeds become available for purchase. Not that I have much in the way of currency, but there it is. For a while I thought the unlocked eggs were based on breeds I'd already found in the caves but then I saw that a Xenowyrm (Pharos) was available and I've never found one of those before. Any wisdom someone can impart to me about this subject?