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alabaster_demon.pngWISHLIST: 2nd-gen White with Holly father, before X-mas; a mate for this 4th-gen Blue Stripe; male Alt Black and Alt Vine, 5th-gen or lower; full list on profile, including some easier stuff :3Do you like Arrow-Lineage Tinsels? I will breed any Arrow-Line Tinsel (example) that I can with the dragons on my scroll, in exchange for 1 or 2 hatchlings of any breed-able species and any lineage. PM to discuss.If one of my dragons has a name you want (...unlikely, but possible I suppose), just PM me and you can have it.

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    HIATUS! I do still check my PM box regularly. If I owe you something, please don't hesitate to bug me about it.

    HIGHEST-priority wishlist - will offer big things for this!
    -2nd-gen White (female if hatchling) with Holly father

    Non-CB wishlist; prefer 5th-gen or lower
    -Male Alt Black
    -Male Alt Vine
    -Female Dark Myst Pygmy
    -Female Summer

    If I offer something in trade and ask for 'any CB hatchling', these are the best bets. Not limited to only rares or uncommons, either!

    CBs Wishlist, high-priority
    -Female Gold
    -Female Silver
    -Male Ice
    -Female Magma
    -Spring, either male or female
    -Female Dark Myst Pygmy
    -Summer, either male or female
    -Female Autumn


    CBs Wishlist, mid-priority

    _Either male or female_
    -White Stripe
    -Nebula (all 4 types)
    -Golden Wyvern
    -Tan Ridgewing
    -Red Dorsal
    -Seawyrm Pygmy
    -Bright-Breasted Wyvern
    -Sunsong Amphiptere
    -Gold-Horned Tangar
    -Flamingo Wyvern

    -Spotted Greenwing
    -Purple Ridgewing

    -Day Glory Drake
    -Night Glory Drake
    -Hellfire Wyvern
    -Crimson Flare Pygmy
    -Misfit Pygmy

    -Gold Tinsels
    5th-gen stair from Living in Sin w/ Sunsets
    6th-gen stair from (AGYI) w/ Reds
    6th-gen stair from Gold Epica w/ Vines
    6th-gen stair from Gold Epica w/ Vines (a different one)
    6th-gen stair from Living in Sin w/ Terrae
    6th-gen stair from Apollo w/ Ribbon Dancers
    -NOTE: I can't continue this directly since I don't have and can't get a CB Ribbon Dancer
    7th-gen stair from Apollo w/ White Stripes
    7th-gen crooked-stair from Apollo w/ Ribbon Dancers
    8th-gen stair from Alexandria Aurelix w/ Terrae
    8th-gen crooked-stair from Gold Epica w/ Vines

    -Silver Tinsels
    5th-gen spiral from Polak CB (aobO) w/ Black Marrows & Shadow Walkers
    6th-gen stair from Inextrica w/ Blue Nebulae
    6th-gen stair from Patxaran w/ Sunsong Amphipteres
    6th-gen 'arrow' from Artemis & Penk
    7th-gen crooked-stair from Dawn's Silver Medal w/ Ices
    7th-gen crooked-stair from Penk w/ pink-colored dragons
    8th-gen crooked-stair from CHA0S w/ Whites
    8th-gen crooked-stair from Erno w/ Pinks
    8th-gen crooked-stair from Inextrica w/ Blacks
    9th-gen spiral from Penk w/ Pinks

    -Bronze Tinsels
    4th-gen spiral from Antihypertensive w/ Whites
    5th-gen stair from San Victorus w/ White Stripes
    5th-gen stair from Cayvyn w/ Blacks
    6th-gen stair from Cielatahl w/ Green Nebulae
    6th-gen stair from San Victorus w/ White Stripes & Shadow Walkers
    6th-gen 'arrow' from Galletian Victory & Darkrose
    8th-gen crooked-stair from Bronze Ivy w/ Embers
    8th-gen from Alcoholic (Vein) w/ various